Monday, April 1, 2013

Captured By Kenya Wright

Vampire King, Book 2

I just realized ... Just now ... That I didn't post the review for book 1. It kind of doesn't matter since I'm putting this review up and it's basically the same so here goes.

From book 1, Samuel is an undercover vampire prince who helped a domina escape the confines of the Quiet King's castle. According to this vampire tale, domina's are certain women who can have children by vampires, and can hold 6 fetuses at once. The Quiet King uses the births to raise the number of his army, but their is a catch ... If a male is born with black lines down his legs, that means one day he will be strong enough to over throw the current king, so the Quiet King has them killed. One, however, was smuggled away ... Samuel. Now, in book 2, we learn that Brie's red hair is significant. Turns out she's a blood mage. A blood mage is basically a woman with very special blood. It can make a prince turn into a king at a very fast pace and also SPOILER make humans turn to vampires END SPOILER. Now because of this new information, Samuel, Brie and a few others are going back to the castle to sniff around to get answers about the Quiet King's first queen, Phinova, who had hair like Brie and blood like hers as well.

Now ... On to the review. This is an erotic book so I'll just skip over that part. I like the way the vampire is depicted in this series. It's different but not so over-the-top different that you can't even believe it (despite the fact that they're not even real to believe in). It's written well, of course. Kenya Wright does a fabulous job with everything she writes so I don't have an issue there. My issue is with Samuel. I feel like he just completely underreacted. Have you ever met a person who overreacts at the stupid things and almost doesn't react when it really counts? If your woman was caught with a man with SPOILER two dicks, END SPOILER what would you do? Would you ask her what was going on? Ask him what was going on? Back down at all? Well that's what he did ... But yet ... He ripped someones head off for even voicing a desire. That aggravated the crap out of me. After that, everything was smooth sailing. I will say that I'm not a fan of Brie. She brings nothing to the table. She's just a woman. Lol. I suppose in these types of romances that the big strong men want the meek gorgeous lady ... Reminds me of Black Dagger Brotherhood. Another comparison ... Maybe I missed it in book 1 but ... Is everyone white? I guess since this isn't Urban Fantasy (even though BDB is urban fantasy and Ward happens to be racist with a slash of sexist) that Wright may have decided to craft a world where everyone is one color. I hope I'm wrong. Someone correct me and I will edit this.

Overall ... The series itself is good. I was hoping for the worst for Brie by the end but I guess I can hold onto that feeling until the end of book 3. Can't wait to get into that one.

3 Stars