Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lightning Rider by Jen Greyson

Alterations, Book 1

What a surprise!

Lightning Rider is about Evy Rivera. A latina woman who builds motorcycles for a living. For as long as she could remember, storms were her enemy. She would be completely riddled with pain when lightning would tear through the sky and never knew why. When her mother receives a package in the mail, and it is opened, Evy finds herself transported to 1927 Spain, THEN Spain 143 BC, while her father is taken to New York in the 1930s.

The lightning serves as her vessel to time travel and effect timelines. Her ability to travel and lightning ride throws a hell of a job in her lap. The lightning will pull her to where she's needed, to effect a timeline for a certain outcome. Evy's first 'alteration' is to make sure someone dies. What will happen if this person does or doesn't ... I shouldn't reveal, but boy did Evy have a hell of a time even getting to a place where she and Constantine could get the job done. Most of the problems are due to a certain 'guide' who may have his own agenda in place. That's the book! Of course this makes it sound boring but it was quite interesting. The world building was great, Constantine was hot, and Evy is a woman I like. I got to the end hoping something new would happen but *sigh* I must wait for book 2.

4 Stars
IR: Evy (Latina) Constantine (Italian)
Publication Date: May 30th, 2013