Friday, January 18, 2013

Concrete Savior by Yvonne Navarro

Dark Redemption, Book 2

Disappointment has set in. After reading book 1, I just knew book 2 was going to be even better. Yes, book 2 was good but doesn't come close to the first.

First problem is that their are so many characters' POV's to keep up with. That's really the main problem. In book 2, a different demon is using a Nephilim and a seer to get the dirty work done. I liked the concept a lot ... Here is this woman, Georgina, who sees things but is being used for her ability. Why? You would need to read it to find out but her visions involve saving people who are slated to die. A whole host of problems erupt from that. Aside from that, we meet the Nephilim involved, someone connected to Georgina that is the fire behind her help, and a relative of Eran's that pops up deciding to take Brynna from him.

This book jumps around A LOT from POV to POV so the meat of the book isn't even focused on Brynna and Eran anymore. Most of it is set up to where Brynna and Eran would really come in. I still like Brynna as my heroine even though she nearly lost a fight ... But come on ... She was outnumbered. I didn't like the way the big fight ended AT ALL. I thought it was just too easy and a cop out and it has me wondering how a big fight will end in the next book ... Whenever it's released.

I'm really on the fence because I should have enjoyed it but I just didn't all that much. I think I may keep with the series but it won't be on my stalker list.

3 Stars

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Highborn by Yvonne Navarro

Dark Redemption, Book 1

Hello Yvonne, it's nice to meet you. I'm a new fan.

Brynna Malak is a fallen angel ... Demon ... Who is on Earth working towards God's forgiveness so that she may re-enter Heaven. Although Brynna isn't her real name, it's a name she created when she was confronted by a cop, Redmond, who questioned her about a murder that took place directly in her face. Now, Brynna hadn't spoken or dealt with people in a very long time so her being socially awkward was very cute.

On to the nitty gritty. Dozens of random murders are taking place and the cops are stumped. Brynna figures out that all killed were Nephilims (half angel, half human) and it was orchestrated by someone she knew in Hell. That right there is the entire gist of the book. Don't think this isn't enough because it is. Brynna is a badass in it's truest form. She's got major hands. Hot hands at that, can speak all languages and goes a long way to helping the cops close a case.

She would be great in law enforcement. Bashing in skulls. Yep.

The action is good. I love the fights between demons. The fight at Wrigley Field is one to behold. Their was a foot chase that was actually pretty well written. Usually they're all over the place, but not this one. Everything about the action sequences were done quite nicely actually.

Despite the sad ending, something good comes out of it and I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

The only problem I had with his is that I couldn't 'see' our heroine until probably close to the end. I find out about half way through that she's tall and then that shes lean and then that she's pale (which is a far cry from the cover) but it doesn't take away from the character at all because I actually really like her.

Overall it's a definite keeper and I'll be starting book 2 probably tomorrow.

4 Stars
It's not white as rice ... Lots of different ethnicities represented here but our main characters are ... Well ... I'm not quite sure about Redmond. We'll see.