Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, Book 3

I skipped on doing a review for book 2 because I felt as though my review for book 1 still stood. However, I'm doing a review on book 3 because it was much better than the first two.

In book 1, we dealt with the wolves in detail, in book 2, we dealt with the vampires in detail, in book 3, we're dealing with the fae. Some fae end up dead and Mercy is called in by Uncle Mike, and Zee, to give them a clue as to who could have done it. How? By using her nose. In coyote form, she has an excellent sense of smell. So good that she found out who killed the fae. When Zee went to confront the killer, that's when things hit the fan. A fae walking stick keeps finding its way to Mercy and she doesn't know why, but gets good intel from Tad, Zee's son. Tony is proving to be pretty useless and I'm wondering how his character will continue in the series when I feel like he doesn't even need to be there.

Her 'relationship' with Samuel is dealt with as well as Adam. Ben changes his tune and it also gives us a big AH HA moment as to why Ben is the way he is. By the end of the book, Mercy's will is taken away and she suffers horrible because of it. But I'll give her a big pat on the back for taking the time she needed to herself, then deciding it wasn't going to affect who she was.

The story was more interesting for me this time. I didn't feel like the author tried to make it complicated and just make something up where something didn't need to be there. That was a big problem I had with books 1 and 2. It just seemed like she made the reasoning up. All of Mercy's breakthroughs in information came in the form of her hunches that really made no sense in the first place but, by the end, they did, only because the author needed them to. Meh ...

The culprit, I thought was a little obvious, but still this was way more exciting than the last book.

3 1/2 Stars
Fully Diversified

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