Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graveyard Child by MLN Hanover

Black Suns Daughter, Book 5

It seems like a lifetime goes by before another BSD book comes out. Geeze!

It's time for a family reunion ... OF sorts. Jayne heads back home to get some questions answered but is met by resistance from her father and some others that decided to crash the party. This is a book of really revelations. Jayne finds out what's inside her, details about the Black Sun and the Black Suns Daughter, why it's there, how it was put there and questions if what went on was the work of something else or the bad person she thinks, Eric.

Jayne's brother, Jay, is getting married. His girlfriend, Carla (who is latina), is pregnant. You can only imagine how that went over with the Hellers' super religious upbringing. What's the problem? Something visits Carla and tells her something about Jayne, then Carla is kidnapped and shit hits the fan. Moving on ... Graveyard Child is the name of a rider. A scary strong rider with tons of personality that had me giggling when the battle took place. During that final battle, Jayne gets help from an unlikely source ... Because, let's be honest, she was getting her ass kicked. Their are lots of twists and turns in this one. I love that Jayne will be on her way to sleep, and sit up remembering something or realizing something that means a whole hell of a lot.

If I say one little thing, it's going to give away everything and you'll probably figure it all out before getting the book yourself.

I must say ... I complained a lot about Jayne during the beginnings of the series but the character has grown and matured into someone I like. So if you are like I was and hated the series after book 1 or 2, I promise that it gets better.

4.5 Stars
Carla (Latina), Chogyi Jake (Asian)

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