Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blood Trade by Jane Yellowrock

Jane Yellowrock, Book 6

Helloooooooooooooo Faith Hunter fans! Thanks to a giveaway, I won a copy of Blood Trade but I just couldn't wait to get it so I bought the Kindle version anyway. Hehe. Now ... where do I start?

Jane, Eli and the Kid are in Natchez Mississippi dealing with Big H. In Death's Rival, we never got to meet Big H but we do this time. He has some Naturealeza vamps that Jane is being hired to deal with for 40k a head. Also, some witches have gone missing and ... Do you ever think about what would happen if Vampires could be "Zombies?" Oh it's something freaking cool. So now Jane has to deal with all this shit on top of being depressed about her failed relationship with Rick.

All Jane Yellowrock books seem to have some riddle that needs to be figured out before Jane can rescue someone or do what she needs to do. The one we're dealing with here has to do with ... Ah crap I can't say ... But the one piece that remains busy, I'm sure will be dealt with in book 7. So ... Jane has Eli running around with her, trying to kill these crazy vampires and find the witches but now she has a child in her care. Someone came back into her life that she was familiar with in her childrens home, and now that woman's child is in Jane's care. It produced a lot of 'real' moments for Jane. The biggest one being Beasts' desire to have kits, and Jane's desire to have a child ... Knowing it can't really be possible based on her life so far. The other 'real' moment is when ... Rick ... *smiles* ... *sigh* ... And then she and Evan Trueblood work their shit out. FINALLY. I mean ... Jane finally said the things I felt she's needed to say for a long time, and because of that, she may have gotten Molly and Angelina back. I sure hope so.

Since Eli has been downgraded to brother-status, I won't hold out hope for he and Jane anymore. However, Bruiser now has an interesting life to lead since he's Onorio now. :-) What will that mean for him and Jane? What will that mean for Rick and Jane? I think they just need to have a threesome and gtfover it. OH and Jane has yet to deal with the binding. CRAP ... So much still to do.

It seems like every time I get my hands on a Jane Yellowrock book, I can't even think straight after reading it enough to give a decent review. It was just awesome. I wanted more action earlier on but it was still good. Awesome. I love you, Jane.

4 1/2 Stars
Jane (NA), Eli (B/W), Soul (B), Rick (French/NA)

P.S. I am super interested in finding out what's up with Soul.

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