Monday, April 8, 2013

A - Ariel

I saw a blog about an A to Z Blog Challenge. Went to sign up, but the sign up was closed. However, I still want to do this. On to the blog!

A is for Ariel. Growing up on Disney, before things became complicated, I have a million fond memories of The Little Mermaid. Even now as an adult, I still know every single word, every single song, every facial expression ... Just ... Everything. I didn't realize how much I'd missed those Disney movies until I was waiting in a pediatric office with my kid, and this movie was playing. She kept shushing me because she couldn't listen to the movie and me at the same time.

And let's face it, how much more diverse can you get? We have a human Prince in love with a Mermaid who has a surrogate father who is a crab ... A Jamaican crab at that.

I blame Disney for my need to escape reality and pour myself into a world that makes no sense, and is completely real at the same time.

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