Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thunderbird Falls by CE Murphy

Walker Papers, Book 2

It seems to be odd that I'm starting out a brand new series from book 2 instead of book 1. Theirs a reason for that.

I continued to hear so much about Joanne Walker ... About this beautifully tall and kinda thick Native American/Irish woman who was ruling Seattle with her Shamanic works. I was feeling some separation anxiety from Jane Yellowrock, and since Joanne Walker and Jane Yellowrock are like kindred spirits, I figured I would talk myself into the series. Not to mention, CE Murphy is the same author of the Negotiator Trilogy that features a black female lead. Anyhow ...

I began reading book 1 about a month and a half ago. As the weeks went on, I realized I had no desire to continue. I ended up DNFing book 1. I felt like Urban Shaman (Walker Papers, Book 1) is a great example (in my own personal opinion) of why I say that beginning a series is difficult. Information is chucked full in book 1 that you need to survive the rest of the series, and sometimes that information overload may turn some people off. I'm one of those people that is turned off by that information overload even though I acknowledge that it's incredibly necessary. However ... I'd already gotten books 1 and 2 from the library, and since I still had time left before I had to return book 2, I decided to start it.

Joanne begins looking for her spirit animals. She's new to Shamanism and this whole new world and needs a lot of guidance. Judy, a NA woman she meets during her trances, is guiding her and helping her find her way as a Shaman. However, that guidance becomes questionable as this book presses on. During the course of book 2, a dead woman is incorporated into the entire premise of it. It's what kicks off all the shit that hits the fan. In order for me to give a proper review, I would have to give you some bits of information about all that happened. So keeping it in the nutshell as much as I possibly can, I will say that a coven needs Joanne to help them complete a task. It's a task that Joanne has to decide, on her own, if it's right or wrong and how to go about dealing with it. The ending actually turns into this beautiful 'trip' we're taken on with a Thunderbird.

The main thing that really stuck out to me was Gary. Gary is this 70something year old cab driver that Joanne met in book 1. Apparently, over the course of book 1, they forged kind of a BFF/FatherDaughter type of relationship that speaks volumes. I love how beautiful it is without it being weird or awkward. Secondly, their is Detective Billy Holliday and his family. Billy is a crossdresser who is married with 4 children (and 1 on the way). What I liked most about Joanne's interaction with he and his family is that it's genuine. The way his children respond to Joanne is great, plus, it doesn't hurt that Billy's wife trusts Joanne which is refreshing considering how women can get.

After the beautifully written lessons taught by Judy and the conflict resolution, I'm looking to get book 3 from the library and can't wait to get started on it.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Nothing yet to report other than Joanne being NA/Irish

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