Thursday, January 10, 2013

Echo by Alicia Wright Brewster

The day has come and Alicia Brewster graced me with an e-copy of Echo. Thank God, cause I was in a reading funk!

Echo is set in the future where Earth was so jacked that the rich left for Earth-Two, and everyone who wasn't rich ended up winning a lottery to go. Ashara (freaking love that name. I may name a child that in the future) is an 18-19 year old Ethereal. She has control of Ether. The only problem is ... She had no idea she could do that.

Now ... A bunch of Elders are trying to avert a major disaster. That disaster being the end of days. Because of a vision of it, they decided to rewind time in order to devise a proper plan to avert it. Several rewinds later ... it didn't happen. Not because of poor planning ... Well some was poor planning, but their were just a lot of factors that allowed it to not go as planned. That ties into the title of the book Echo. After so many rewinds they began to refer to themselves as Echo's because they're not the original being their were ... In the beginning. All the resets have weakened them a bit and are now only an Echo of their former selves. Anyway ... Now, in this current timeline, Ashara has Ether powers and she's been called to the Council to be trained to kill the things, Mages, that are going to destroy the place.  This becomes a huge problem because she's never done this before and gets trained by her eX, Loken, who is a Bender (manipulates metal).

Along the way, we meet Rey, Ashara's cousin who I absolutely adore. He's a Breather (manipulates air) and is very charismatic. Krin is another Ethereal that Asha meets but by the end, I hate her guts and want her punched in the face. We also finds lots of animosity for Ashara coming from the Elders. That's where we realize their's some huge secret surrounding her and why she was set on the Ethereal Task Force to begin with it. I would give you a hint but I want you to be as surprised as I was. I gotta say though ... After finding out what the deal is with Ashara, and why she's such a big deal, I should have known that's what happened, but apparently the author was so crafty that I overlooked that possibility completely. Point to Brewster.

I loved it. I'm wondering if it's a series ... I completely forgot to ask. The ending suggests not, but could also mean that we'll pick up somewhere else. I think not. Maybe totally not. Not. Anyway ... And that reminds me of the only problem I had ... The ending. Not the entire ending, just the very end of the ending, lol. After the big brawl at the end, I liked how Ashara was handled as far as that went but right after, the ending was so abrupt. No epilogue or anything! I want to know how people fared at least a week down the line or something. But it doesn't take away from the story at all ... It's just me being a nag.

4 Stars.
IR: Ashara (B/W)

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  1. Thanks for the review, Deva!

    Lmao@ "I hate her guts and want her punched in the face"