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Awakened by Khadija Craddock

Wak, Book 1

Hello all, it's been a while ... Or it just feels like a while. Anywho, I got an email from Khadija Craddock who sent me her book for review so thank you so much for this.

Awakened is the story of Alaya, a track star teen with a heart condition. During a race, she went into cardiac arrest and has been struggling ever since. She sleeps through her classes but bursts open on the track. Thanks to her best friend, Tori, their is at least some bit of normalcy. But that's where things get fuzzy. We meet Octavious, an intense dark skinned young man. Her crush, Shemroy, who is nothing but a ladies man and an array of teachers who just want her to be her old self.

What is a Wak? SPOILER --> A vampire. <-- END SPOILER. I couldn't believe it. This book references African mythology and Waaq ... Things I'd never heard of ... But I thought it would be something cooler than this. Not that these aren't cool ... But I didn't see it coming. That could be seen as a good or bad thing. For me, it was a bad thing because I thought I was going to find out about something I had no idea about. I know nothing of African Mythology references outside of what I've gotten from LA Banks and Seressia Glass so I thought I was in for something new and exciting ... But it's just these guys. Granted ... The details are interesting ... But still just this. Anyway ... Once Alaya is 'awakened,' her life changes and things she previously didn't notice before are front and center. I can't give you more information than this because it would give away too many things about the book and the ending.

This is book 1 so I won't be too harsh because first books in series' usually hold tons of boring information that is pertinent for you to understand the books to come. But the book did a lot of dragging. A lot. I had a very hard time getting through it and I basically forced myself when I had nothing else going on. Theirs lots of typical teen things going on like the mean girls and the hot shot guy ... That doesn't change.

I didn't feel like the mean girls were very mean ... They were more annoying than anything and not even that annoying. I felt like Alaya was quite hard headed but I guess teens usually are. I haven't been a teen for a very long time but I was never that hard headed, lol. I do, however, appreciate that their was no sex going on. The last thing I need in a YA book is raging hormones. That just pisses me off. Some people were incredibly obvious with their 'difference' so when some things happened, I wasn't surprised at all. Their were other things but my memory is not working with me right now since it took me a while to read it.

I think maybe I would have enjoyed the book more if it weren't riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors.

Examples of Errors:
"It was so quite ..." <--- Should have been 'quiet.'
"Right on her tale ..." <--- Should have been 'tail.'
"His words managed to singe the fine hairs on my arms that which makes us mammals." <--- What?
The use of the word PARISH instead of PERISH in terms of death.
"Holding onto the balcony railing for dare life ..." <--- 'Dear.'

After a while, I got tired of marking things on my Kindle but you get the idea.

Overall, I know some folks that will enjoy this. It's the first in a series and the abrupt ending really leaves you hanging but they should enjoy it and probably really want to get with book 2, but I don't think I can.

2 Stars

EDIT: Corrections:
*Authors name is Khadija Craddock (I'd misspelled her first name)
*Author thinks I don't know the difference between Cardiac Arrest and a Heart Attack. I do. I apologize for the misinformation.
*Author also wanted me to make a note that the synopsis does not indicate African Mythology as I stated earlier. It is merely a reference. I think I mixed it up when in her initial email to me she said she INCORPORATED african religion and mythology. Again, I apologize for the mix up.

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