Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Clarity by D.T. Stubblefield

The Society, Book 1 (?)

You know how when you go through so many books you can find similarities in covers. The cover model on this book is the same as the cover for a YA book not yet released called Echo. And that was the reason I purchased it.

Anywho ... Dark Clarity is about a biracial (b/w) 18 year old who got a full scholarship to college in Charleston. When her father drops her off, he gives her a gift. A ring that her mother wore. A ring that changes Vera's life. We meet a dreaded muscled up Bryce, mousy Claudette, and emotionally detached, but fine as hell, Gabe. The ring she was given allows her to see dark entities like demons, and also grants her power that had been dormant. Vera finds out she's a Watcher. She has special powers that allow her to battle demons. Yea this seems very cool but I just couldn't make myself really like the book.

All the elements of a great book were there but ... I just didn't like it. I don't know why. I just didn't like it. Vera is hard headed and snappy. I don't mind snappy but when you pair it with hard headed, it makes your eyes roll. Bryce was way too cheesy for me and I actually liked Claudette a great deal. One of the things that I didn't like was the fact that once Vera had to deal with the fact that she had a new life that demanded her attention, she never mentioned school again. At first, their was no way she would allow herself to forget how hard she worked to get a full scholarship, but then later so much goes on that she just says 'forget it,' and moves on to the current issue.


Their is a traitor in her midst. By the end, we find out who it was and it really wasn't surprising. But now, after a night with Gabe, she finds herself pregnant with a child who is half Watcher and a fourth demon (courtesy of Gabe). That poses a huge problem to The Society when they find out.

I'm not sure if their will be a 2nd book. Hell, I guessed at calling the series The Society. Their is virtually no info on this author out there that I can find so anything else with this series is up in the wind. Their are plenty of typos. Well, they're not exactly typos but it's easy to put PASS instead of PAST and their were a lot of those kind of mistakes. Words were missing and time was a big issue. It was never clear on how much time went by between events. But, even if their was a book 2, I won't be reading it. No shade to the author at all ... The characters and plot just don't keep me interested.

2.5 Stars
IR: Vera (b/w) Gabe (w) Bryce (b)