Friday, December 14, 2012

Don't Call Me Angel by Alicia Wright Brewster

Forsaken, Book 0.5

I always struggle with what rating to give books that are so short ... I really don't know.

Anywho ...

It seems like it took me 18 years to get to this. I'd been wanting to wait until it was almost the release of the actual book 1 so I don't get all antsy if I really like this prequel. I should have just not bought it. Six is a fallen angel who escaped from hell with her 'friend' Alden. Since this is a short book, I will try not to give away much ... It literally only took me an hour to read (is that fast for this? Slow? Who knows ...). Anyway, Six has to come to grips with the fact that she's been in hell for centuries since being cast out of Heaven and now is on Earth trying to decide how she feels about all the ungrateful people walking around there. Not only the people ... But she's not comfortable with any type of compassion she may have for whoever. However, she really can't help it since she used to be an actual angel before she was Six. The significance of her name being a number is important so I won't go there, lol.

I'm quite interested in how this series will play out. I absolutely love Six and everything she stands for. I love her internal struggles the most because it really plays out well in her day to day life; this new day to day life that she's living. I want to know more about her new friend, Cara, as well as the relationship she had with Luke (*fans self*). I'm sure our author will give us all that info in book one. Thank you for the prequel ... How it relates to book 1 is yet to be seen. I think this is the very first time I've actually read a prequel before the actual novel came out. Yay me!

4 Stars
IR: Six (brown skinned ... I'm calling her AA because she's not a sugar coated brown, lol). Luke (some kind of White but since he's Luke it kind of doesn't matter, lol ... I have a feeling I'm gonna love him).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Guild Hunter, Book 1

I'm probably VERY late to the party as far as being a fan of Nalini Singh. I've heard lots of good things about how diverse her series' are but never got around to it. I checked out the e-book from my library and was really surprised at how much I liked it.

Elena Devereaux is a white haired born hunter. She has an ability that allows her to really be good at hunting vampires whether they be rogue or need returning to whoever 'owns' them. Elena is needed on a hunt by the Archangel Raphael. Raphael is mister badass that you don't utter a bad word to or he will kill you without having to blink. We find that he hires her to find an archangel that has undergone a rather interesting transition. A transition that without Elena, they would never be able to find him and put a stop to him. Why? Elena has the ability to smell a vampire. And even though this guy is not a vamp, it proves to be very useful.

This romance that takes place between Raphael and Elena is rather interesting. It's definitely not a run of the mill romance which is what I liked most about the pairing. It's not mushy and overindulgent ... It's literally two stubborn people who are into each other ... And it really feels that way.

I loved the book and am looking forward to getting book 2 from the library. My only gripe is that their wasn't enough action. Well ... I mean their was ... Lots to really wet your senses with but I think I just wanted more combat. Maybe that's not it ... It seems like their was just 1 small thing that's keeping me from giving this 5 stars ... I just don't freaking know. Maybe it's Elena's family situation. Maybe it's Dmitri. Maybe it's Ransom Whitewolf. And none of these things are bad ... Something is just missing. I don't freaking know what. But at any rate, I'm definitely going to continue.

4 Stars
IR: Lots ... Elena is some kind of Persian/Moroccan. I believe Sara and Michaela are some form of Black. Ransom is half NA and half Dutch.