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Aleatha Romig GIVEAWAY!


If you would like to win a copy of both books in this amazing series ... Please leave a comment just telling me why you're interested. One will be randomly chosen and the winners info will be sent directly to Aleatha who will send you copies of both books. Yay!
Deadline: Dec 24

Aleatha Romig - The Interview


1. I'm one of those weirdos who looks for books where taboo things happen. Consequences starts out with some heavy heavy stuff, and though it's written beautifully, it is a shock, but a good one that sucks you in. What prompted you to write Consequences?
First, Deva, thank you for having me on your blog!!!
Consequences started with an “idea” a “vision” of the opening scene.  It was heavy... I really don’t know where it came from.   I decided to write it down.  In my original thought I didn’t know why “Claire” was in the bedroom – I just knew what had happened to her and what was expected of her.  I know the subject is “heavy” and “taboo”... but I honestly read and watch a lot of stories that explore similar things.

2. How long did it take you to write it? How many re-writes?
Once I started writing “openly”, at first I thought my family would think I was crazy, I wrote the entire book in about five months.  Then the re-writes started... that went on for four to five more months.

3. Is there any part of Consequences you think you could have done differently?
I love my story.  It was my first attempt ever at writing!  Every time I went to a seminar or listened to a writer speak, I came home and added and subtracted.  Over and over I heard, “show -- don’t tell”.  To that end, I wanted people who read to “feel” like they were there with Claire – like they could “see”, “smell”, “touch”, “hear” and “taste” everything as she did. 

Honestly, I may have – okay, on some occasions, I did – overdo it.  One reviewer (I really do try to read them all) made a comment about  x-number of unnecessary pages about wedding dresses  Claire didn’t choose.  I went back and reread it.  She was right! Even I didn’t care about all the detail.  Funny thing, I told a friend and she said, “Oh, I loved the wedding dress part.”  So, I guess even though I would now probably write some of it differently, I would do it because I thought it made the book better, not because someone else didn’t like it.  I know I can’t make everyone happy.

4. John Hamm seems to be the Anthony Rawlings of choice among his fans. Is he also your choice? Also, is there any one thing about Anthony you think readers overlook (I personally appreciate the fact that he has a bit of chest hair)?
Honestly, I do like the pictures of Jon Hamm people have posted.  But, as I wrote Consequences and Truth, Joe Magellano has been Tony.  I even have pictures of him above my desk.  He will always be my Tony.
Something about Tony readers overlook... hmmm, the chest hair – I like chest hair! I like how soft it is and how it tickles your cheek...  so yes, I put that in my writing.  I regress, what I think is overlooked by many readers is Tony’s blind trust.  He doesn’t want to trust anyone; yet, when he does trust -- it is 100%.  Take for example his trust of Brent and Courtney.  He still has no idea what they did.  They are his best friends, he told them to stay away from Claire.  He never suspected they’d do anything other than what he said.  I won’t even start with the obvious person he has trusted for a long time! Poor guy – no wonder he has issues giving that trust to anyone else.

5. Since this series is a trilogy, do you have anything in mind for another series after this piece of amazingness is done?
I do have some ideas.  Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll handle writing “The End”.  After all these years I have a difficult time imagining not thinking about Claire and Tony.

6. I'll be honest with you. I generally stick to African American and Interracial books. However, a Goodreads friend was going on and on about the Consequences Series in her update feed and that caused me to purchase and now obsess over it. What would you say to those potential fans who just haven't decided to branch out of their comfort zone and check out your book for whatever reason?
First let me say – thank you! Thank you for giving Consequences a chance.  I guess that is all I can ask -   give Consequences a chance.  I feel bad when I read a review that is a DNF... or someone who “skims” and “the end makes no sense”.  Although I may use too many adjectives – all the information is pivotal.  It is there for a reason and if you pay attention as you read, at the end you will say, “OH MY GOD!  I GET IT!”  But that can’t happen if you don’t “give it a chance”.  So, when I say “I feel bad”, honestly, I feel bad that, that reader missed out on the experience.

There have been many discussions on the genre of my books.  According to my agent they are:  contemporary dark romance / psychological thriller.  Amazon lists them as thriller / suspense.  I believe the problem stems from me – I have issues with “following the rules”.  I’m a member of IRA and have been told a romance needs a HEA, I can only write in chronological order, I can’t have more than one POV in a chapter and my book wouldn’t work.  Well, I’m not sure, but according to the reviews, I think some people are liking it?  So, maybe it’s working?

Therefore, even if Consequences isn’t listed under a genre you usually read... or even if it is... I promise it is like nothing you’ve read before.  “Give it a chance.”


Until The Sun Falls From The Sky by Kristen Ashley

The Three, Book 1

I felt like I was on such a roll with this stalkerish domineering type thing (after reading Consequences) that I would branch out a little more. Thank God the library had it ... This is about a woman named Leah who is part of a family of human female concubines who have serviced vampires with their blood for about 500 years. Each woman is chosen by a vamp and Leah was apparently chosen by the head vamp, the one everyone wants their hands on.

Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you.

Leah pouted and whined and back talked ... She groaned and taunted and whined some more ... She did everything a 5 year old would do EXCEPT stomp her foot if she doesn't get her way. And this is the kicker ... this b!tch is 40 years old. I went through the first 10% of the book thinking this girl was 15 at the oldest because that's how she was acting. That was strike one. Strike 2 came when the head vamp, Lucien, was made out to be some badass but he actually liked Leah's childish ways. Strike 3 came when it seemed as though everyone had to respect Lucien EXCEPT Leah ... And the maid, Edwina. Shouldn't the maid be especially grovely? That's not even a real word but it is today. It's been a long time since I ran across a book I couldn't finish ... This broke the streak.

0 Stars.

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Truth by Aleatha Romig

Consequences, Book 2

I said I wasn't ready for book 2 but I just couldn't help myself. Truth was just that ... the truth! Every thing you may have wondered ... All the tidbits of information ... Those small things you may have overlooked but shouldn't have ... the motives, the lies, the truth woven into the lie, who really is behind what ... Everything is here, in this book. The only thing it seems like is left for book 3 is to figure out how it will all be handled in the end.

A reconciliation occurs between Anthony and Claire. That is all I am going to say. Jesus help me. I got through this book so much faster than book 1 and my mind is spinning. I feel like my head is going to explode. When a certain big thing was revealed close to the end of this book, I literally started screaming about the person involved. I was so shocked, excited, confused and angry but so damn happy I jumped on this when I did.

It seems as though more goes on in book 2 than does book 1.

Claire gets bold. Mysteriously, she ends up out of prison and a new Claire emerges. This Claire is cheeky, brazen and more determined than ever before. Their were moments where she dealt with Tony that I wanted to clap. Their were moments where I shook my head and of course those moments when I was distraught and felt like she was making the wrong decision.

The mystery of Marie Rawls is uncovered and it will knock your socks off. Your socks will come off, feet will get frost bite and then fall off of your body. I am completely serious. Get ready to have your mind screwed with just as bad as book 1 but in a completely different way.

I can't tell you anything. I feel like I've told you too much already. This is ... Such an amazing follow up. Just ... Please please ... Please get this!

Book 3 is due out late 2013 or early 2014. The author, Aleatha Romig, sent me a message on goodreads and I nearly forgot to breathe. She graciously offered to do an interview and giveaway so stay close by ... You don't want to miss it!

5 Stars!