Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

A Novel Of The Elder Races, Book 1

I was looking for some IR dragon fiction to read and this was a suggestion in my goodreads group. I'd started the book about a month ago thinking it was IR ... I don't know why. But when I realized it wasn't, I put it down and figured I'd start it again another day when I had nothing IR or AA to read. Thankfully, that day was yesterday and I finished it today. It was wonderful!

Dragos is a rich and hot tempered son of a gun. Pia is a gentle and trusting half-breed wyr (what she is, I won't be telling but it's cool) young woman who stole from the wrong dragon ... Dragos. When Dragos finds out something from his hoard was stolen, he goes dragon crazy and vows to make whoever stole from him pay. After finding Pia and deeming her interesting, he began to question whether he wanted to kill her for stealing from him. And during the time he needed to decide, many wonderful things took place.

This is a dragon! The cover model on the book is fine but he doesn't do Dragos justice at all. I'm pleased that an author has given us a white man with short dark hair and dark eyes. Such a turn on for me. I also love that Pia is a blonde/white haired woman of 5'10'' in height and 140 pounds ... And Dragos called her scrawny. I laughed so hard because that was my exact height and weight up until I was about 20 years old. Scrawny definitely cuts it for me. Dragos was written beautiful. His characterization was flawless. The things he said, his head tilting, his matter-of-fact tone or his dead serious one when Pia would be half-joking ... Everything about him was absolutely flawless. I came to like Pia. I didn't like her much in the beginning but the more I read, the more I liked her.

This is book 1 of a seemingly successful series. I'm not familiar with the author but she definitely isn't a novice and it showed. Now if only she would give me a BWWM full length novel, I would love her forever.

Anyhow ... I have no complaints about this book. The sex wasn't annoying or nasty ... The author didn't over do it either ... Everything flowed well, the story was great. I love that their was no crime to solve (you know how other paranormals have some other underlying issue like a murder to solve). Their was a PROBLEM to deal with, lol, but not a crime to solve other than who stole from Dragos ... But we're given that in the beginning. Damnit ... I don't even know how to really say how much I enjoyed it. I am definitely sticking with the series and am hurrying to purchase book 2.

4 Stars

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Sleepy Willow's Loosed Soul by Dicey Grenor

Narcoleptic Vampire, Book 3

Oh ... My ... F*ck!!!!!!!!!! That ending ... Oh my F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ... In this Sleepy Willow installment, we pick up where we left off as Willow was being kidnapped. From the very beginning of this book until chapter 3 or 4, I went through this rollercoaster of emotions with Willow. I was afraid for her, angry for her, nearly in tears for her, enraged with her ... Just everything. It was seriously emotional. I never thought things could get that 'serious' in this series. Of course, it's not like full on tear jerking drama, but I guess since I'm so invested in Willow, I feel for her completely. Once that moment passes we pull up on a lot of sex ...

Sure, Willow seems to be fueled by sex but this book seems to have more of it than the last. If I'm wrong, blame it on the fact that I have a terrible memory but I felt like this had more sex than story. Yes, the story that was there was great, but I felt like we were given sex to pass the pages. I never mind reading the type of chemistry Grenor creates but it just seemed like too much this time. But I will say ... Her fun with Conda was definitely worth the read.

Thankfully, she becomes that Maistress Vampire she's been wanting to be but with it comes massive responsibility  We get more info on the prophecy, what is expected for her and how she may react to it. I will say again ... That ending ... Was ... WOW ... I don't know why it rocked me so much but I feel as though since Willow has a lot of issues with religion in this book ... It's a big deal. The ending was love ... I wish their was more sustenance in this book but still good and can't wait for the next book.

4 Stars
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