Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caged View by Kenya Wright

Habitat Series, Book .5

I generally don't like to review Novellas because I felt like their wasn't enough to review and therefore my star ratings were always low even if it were good.

I finally met my match.

It's no secret that I stalk the author, Kenya Wright. I've had the pleasure of being a beta reader for her upcoming book, Burning Bush (that review will follow), and served as an extra set of eyes when it comes to artwork (along with other people but I still feel special, lol). With that said ... Even though I love her work ... I didn't plan on really getting into this Novella.

Caged View serves as a prequel to Fire Baptized which is why it's labeled as the .5 Habitat Series book. It's free on multiple websites so you don't lose a thing by checking out this free quick read. We get into the minds eye of 4 people: Meshack, Zulu, Lanore and a new character from her upcoming YA book, Cameo, who is a mixbreed with a really cool 'talent.'

First up, Meshack ... I didn't think I could love him more than I already did. We get some gritty background info on him, some that was already touched on in Fire Baptized, but having those details drives the point home. I felt for Meshack every step of the way. Even when he was 'distracted' by Lanore, I still felt he should get everything he wants, do whatever he wants and suffer no consequences. You will not be disappointed with this story.

Next is Zulu. The Heart Ripper is his street name and it speaks volumes in this novella. It's actually quite poetic the way he gets things done and thinks it's no big deal. In Fire Baptized, with Zulu, we got Ray ... A fairy who kind of takes Zulu under his wing but ends up kind of working for him. The relationship they have is actually heartwarming and really makes me miss Ray when I remember book 1. The thing I love most about Zulu is he reminds me of just a guy whose clueless when it comes to women. Despite his look and demeanor, he really seemed to be a fish out of water when dealing with Lanore and I loved every bit of it.

Lanore. My home girl. Anger management and all. We're kindred spirits apparently. I didn't enjoy her story as much as everyone elses but it was still good. I love her 'fast hands' and how she deals with Meshack. I even enjoyed the moment she decided she wanted to date Wallace. Why? Because I could completely relate. There comes a time in every woman's life when you decide to deal with whats in front of you to make the best of it, and hope things go well.

The newest star, Cameo. Her story is the shortest of the shorts because this is actually an excerpt from the novel Chameleon. So of course, you can guess what Cameo's deal is. I don't really like to deal in YA. Theirs no reason for it considering I stick to Paranormals where none of that is possible but completely possible at the same time, lol. But because Wright has given me some good material to start off with, I will give the YA book a try. Besides, I loved the excerpt and am now waiting for Cameo to get on her 'job.'

If you've never read Fire Baptized and don't know if you want to invest yourself in this series, this free read is a great way to start. I, for one, am glad this came out after Fire Baptized as a prequel. It gave me something to hold onto while waiting for book 2, Burning Bush (which is out Sept 19). I am begging you to give this a shot if you haven't already. I know many of you have, but if you're new ... Check it out. Plus ... Book 1 is .99 for your Kindle. Can't go wrong. Come on guys, get with Santeria!

4 Stars
IR all over the place

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cimmerian City by Rae Lori

Cimmerian Duology, Book 1

As a fan of Rae Lori's Ashen Twilight series, I was looking for something just as good and I got it in Cimmerian City. This is a sci-fi that literally throws you for a loop. You don't get to ease into the futuristic world, you're thrown into it.

Raven Blackheart has her life taken from her. She and her love were minding their own business when they were viciously attacked by what folklore would call a vampire. Fast forward a decade and everything has changed. Coolest thing that made me giggle? Sound waves in place of water in your shower. Freaking freaking cool! I just WISH that could happen. Anyway, when Raven 'blinks,' she's in the future and being used by an ambitious guy with a lot of money, a lot of power and a lot of secrets. Why? Because she's 'special.' Special enough to do his dirty work. Just as she starts to settle in the dirty, two breaths of fresh air enter her life and help her sort out the truth from everything else going on.

The premise is cool. I love sci fi that makes me say 'that could totally happen.' A giant technology corporation is basically starting a voyage to a new world because something in the current world is seriously screwed up ... Seriously ... How many times have people said, in general, 'let's go live on the moon ...?' If I could get away from all the bad of this world and start completely fresh somewhere new, I'd totally go for it. And in this books case, it's what may end up happening.

I'm going to stop the cap there because I don't want to give anything away so I'll cut to what I really thought of the book.

I loved it.

But ...

And there's always a but ...

I hated our lead ... Raven Blackheart.

God ... The mushiest woman on earth who cries to herself every chance she gets ... Drove me crazy. I put the book down for a day because she was getting on my damn nerves! How can she be called the 'heroine' when she's always crying? What's worse is she's a total badass. She's got crazy skills but I can't get past her awesome skills because of her mush factor. It was confusing me! You can move this fast ... Whoop this much ass ... And then go cry about it? What? How does this work?

I love the fact that when people were threatened, they actually were killed. Their was no 'all bark and no bite' in this book. They brought the pain. The sci fi elements were really cool. Enos is the new love of my life but I can't seem to hold onto Russell. He got too mushy too fast and that bugged me but hopefully it will keep Raven from crying so much in book 2.

Definitely recommended. Will be purchasing book 2 when it comes out and trying not to cringe at Raven the whole way through.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Raven (NA? She seems a little dark for NA) Russel (Asian)