Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ryder by Greta Maloney

This will be an odd review. Why? I'm not going to rate it. Why? Because I didn't like it, but think you will. This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. In this book, our red riding hood comes in the form of a biracial boy, Ryder, that wears a red zip-up hoodie and our wolf comes in the form of a young teen girl with nowhere to go. The writing style is very poetic. No, it doesn't rhyme, but what poetry has to? But still, you will feel a rhythm. Piper, our wolf girl, was 'attacked' at a young age. When she changed, she killed her parents (well, her wolf did), and was sent from home to home before winding up in some kind of medical facility/nut house. She breaks out and finds her way to Ryder. Ryder was born a crack baby, was picked on and virtually alone with his grandmother until he met Piper. Once they met, they kind of glued themselves together thus beginning a YA love story that I found a bit weird. Why? Because this girl was 13-14 (I think. Passing time isn't super clear but still there and I very well could have missed it.) and he's about 17 by the time the book is over. I just found it weird because there is no way I would allow some 17 year old boy to push up on my 13-14 year old daughter ... But hey, this is a book, she has no one so I'll let it slide, lol. Anyhow ... Ryder finds out Pipers secret of being a wolf, he doesn't care one bit and she begins to get worried that she'll hurt him during a full moon change. By the end of the book, both she and Ryder go through something gorily huge and then we skip more time and learn something else. Yes, I'm being vague, I'm just trying not to tell you what's up.

 I read it relatively quickly because I was just flipping Kindle pages like crazy. I was bored after I got passed my initial 'this is a really cool concept' because it just felt like this long game of cat and mouse between Ryder and Piper's wolf and then Piper's maker. So I mean ... I didn't like the book at all but really think the majority will so I definitely encourage you to get it. 

 IR: Ryder (Biracial) 
No Star Rating