Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sleepy Willow's Bonded Soul by Dicey Grenor

Narcoleptic Vampire Series, Book 1

I cannot express my gratitude, to myself, for finally reading this, lol (and shout out to Chinyere for the suggestion. Best one yet). I bought it quite a while ago after I got the recommendation on goodreads. On to the good stuff.

Sleepy Willow is her stage name. Sleepy Willow is a narcoleptic vampire who works has a performer at a fetish club. Our first introduction to Willow is her set on stage. She's coming out of a coffin, as a mummy, unwrapping herself and then stabbing herself to death just as she has a narcoleptic episode, passes out and is dragged off stage. At first, I was like ....................................... And then I was like ............................ and continued. The more I learned about her, the more her job just fit and the more I liked it. Anywho, theirs so much that goes on in this book, it's nearly impossible to not give anything away so here we go.

Remi, fine as damn hell, is one of her biggest fans. He's a little stalkerish but each of his hearts are in the right place. I word it that way because well, he has a multiple personality disorder. You will soon come to find that he's the best companion for Willow because she ends up getting the best of every man, wrapped into one. Not only that, but seriously, how else would this kind of pairing work? Big ups to the author, Dicey, for even considering this. It just works so well that it feels normal.

The big thing going on is Max. Max is Willow's maistre vampire, basically her husband and maker. She willingly went to him to be turned in order to cure her Narcolepsy but that didn't work. Even so, she found the best way to deal with it. Not only is this an issue, but their is VET, the Vampire Extermination Team. Basically, being a Vampire is illegal, dealing with them is illegal and humans can basically do anything to Vamps that they want and get away with it. So once a VET agent gets on Willow's back, it adds a whole nother bunch of stress that I feel pushes her more towards the protective feeling she gets from Remi.

I'm feeling really scatterbrained right now, so bear with me. I'm just so excited about this read that I can't get my thoughts together.

Willow is an odd one. She's a Christian vampire who is hellbent on going to Heaven. Remi is even more odd because of how his personality disorder started and how it manifested as a grown man. They develop this love and trust that really has gone beyond a lot of pairings I've read. Why? Because it's complete. Every personality Remi has, fully accepts Willow by the end of the book and Willow, fully accepts all of Remi's personalities with in reason and control. I honestly feel that if Remi were turned, he would be with her for eternity.

This book isn't erotic but the sex is pretty explicit, however it isn't nasty and didn't make me cringe. It wasn't as tasteful as some LA Banks type of stuff but these are vampires we're dealing with and people who are into necrophilia ... So what's written goes with the theme and I loved every word of it.

Dare I give this book 5 stars? Yea ... I think I will.

5 Stars
IR: Willow (AA), Remi (Israeli), Max (Celtic)

Normally I do casting choices for books but the one Dicey Grenor has on her site is dead on! Well ... I'm a little torn with Willow's face but could definitely see her in that role if I force myself. Can't wait for book 2. I will now be stalking this series.

Monday, April 2, 2012

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My Post at IRMC Books

I found this blog, IRMC Books, not long ago and was more than overjoyed. Not only does it give you a weekly update of all Interracial, Multicultural and African American books that are coming out, but they allow authors and the lowly bloggers (like me, lol) the opportunity to speak on things that constantly haunt those that support the genre. Please check out my post and also that blog as a whole.


--- Deva

To Balance The Gray by Janet Eckford

Goddess Chosen, Book 1

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by this. It's a shorty on Kindle but I absolutely loved it.

Dev is a fiesty black female assassin who, somehow, found herself taking care of 3 adorable children. When the oldest child, Jett, comes to her apartment to ask for help, she complies and ends up taking them on a journey to find their family. Half way there, we meet Duke who is a wolf shifter Alpha that drops some major knowledge on Dev about the children. Blahblahblah, the kids settle with him, blahblahblah, Dev is fitting in, blahblahblah, let's go kill someone. BTW, it's gently erotic. You know I normally stay away from those but thankfully this author has realized that a short book needs to have substance and not just a ton of effing. Ive read short books where their was so much effing I forgot what I was reading about. It's also not nasty, THANK GOODNESS. I don't even think I saw the word 'cock' once. Thank you, Janet! You kept things balanced perfectly.

Sure it sounds very boring with how I described it but you would not be disappointed in Dev. She's got a mouth on her that tickles the crap out of me. I am interested in finding out what is to happen as the book leaves you at a bit of a cliffhanger, I will be purchasing book 2 (after a wait to see if it will drop down from it's $3.99 price tag. This book is 109pgs but book 2 is 75. It's too short to cost that amount.), and do strongly urge you to grab this short book and enjoy it as much as I did.

3 Stars