Friday, December 7, 2012

Until The Sun Falls From The Sky by Kristen Ashley

The Three, Book 1

I felt like I was on such a roll with this stalkerish domineering type thing (after reading Consequences) that I would branch out a little more. Thank God the library had it ... This is about a woman named Leah who is part of a family of human female concubines who have serviced vampires with their blood for about 500 years. Each woman is chosen by a vamp and Leah was apparently chosen by the head vamp, the one everyone wants their hands on.

Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you.

Leah pouted and whined and back talked ... She groaned and taunted and whined some more ... She did everything a 5 year old would do EXCEPT stomp her foot if she doesn't get her way. And this is the kicker ... this b!tch is 40 years old. I went through the first 10% of the book thinking this girl was 15 at the oldest because that's how she was acting. That was strike one. Strike 2 came when the head vamp, Lucien, was made out to be some badass but he actually liked Leah's childish ways. Strike 3 came when it seemed as though everyone had to respect Lucien EXCEPT Leah ... And the maid, Edwina. Shouldn't the maid be especially grovely? That's not even a real word but it is today. It's been a long time since I ran across a book I couldn't finish ... This broke the streak.

0 Stars.

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  1. This book was good, but you have to read the second book; With Everything I am. The romance is HOT HOT HOT and the story is still a little out there but i think it's a little more on the believable scale and i think you'll enjoy it. Plus in the last chapter they give you a little taste of the third mates and all you hear the guy say is "MINE." =)