Monday, November 12, 2012

Wolf's Haven by Ambrielle Kirk

Wolf's Haven is a romance based around Tamara, young woman escaping an abusive relationship. Just as she decides to break from her abusive fiance, she meets a wolf who helps her flee to safety. The wolf turns out to be rising Alpha, Devin. A protective instinct possesses him upon meeting Tamara, that takes them all the way to claiming and then bonding with her.

I'm not a mushy girl so I take no interest in these types of romances but I am certain romance fans will love it. Their's foot rubbing, steamy baths and growling. I, personally, love reading wolf shifter books because of the growling. That just turns me on, lol. Not quite sure how it would work out for me in real life but hey ... For this ... It works.

Only one criticism I have is the the big fight is a bit anticlimactic. Our villain didn't seem much like a villain. He was just a guy with a big ego who wanted to be the boss and was quickly squashed. But their was no grand fight to read about. Just that he was pinned ... Then Devin and Tamara bonded ... The end. Literally.

It's a short read but a good one. I do encourage you to get it because, like I said, romance fans will love it. But when you're borderline boy/abusive man/alcoholic husband like I am ... That dog don't hunt, lol. HOWEVER ... I will say that Devin was pretty hot. In the beginning, he had sort of a distant honesty. His emotions never over took him so everything was said with that straight face, maybe a head tilt to think, and then he would answer. I think that's too cute.

3 Stars
IR: Devin (W) Tamara, (AA/NA)

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