Monday, November 5, 2012

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

A Novel of the Elder Races, Book 2

The reviews on goodreads for this book have been overwhelmingly good ... But I have no idea what book they were reading because I was obviously reading something else.

I was so excited to get to book 2 because book 1 was a great start. I was even excited to catch up with Tiago and find out what he's all about. Native American ... Huge ... Thunderbird (has thunder and storms in his body ... cool) ... Great! He's a hard ass with a nickname of Dr. Death. Fine and dandy. I loved it. But it started off soooooooooooooooooo slow. The book literally dragged until around 47% through. The whole deal with this book is getting Niniane (Tricks) to Adriyel (faerie land) so she can take over as Dark Fae Queen. That is a whole set of issues. Like I said ... I love that their was an issue and not just an off handed murder mystery to solve that may or may not have anything to do with the characters development. I love that Harrison stays with her characters 100% in that aspect but damnit ... Once Tiago decided he wanted to keep Niniane ... He turned into a freaking parakeet.

Not literally, of course ... But ... Jesus .. Even big bag Dragos (book 1) didn't turn into a damn puppy after he got his woman. He still remained a hot man with an attitude and temper but Tiago was virtually unrecognizable with his woman. It was disgusting. Where did all the man go? I couldn't even say AWWW. When the ish hit the fan at the end of the book, I didn't even freaking care. What kept me reading? Aryal and Rune ... Oh and the vamps.

Ok ... So what I know is theirs a novella (3.5) that features an African American (or so I'm told) and I'm wondering if I should buy. The complaints have been that it's short, even for a novella. And then here's my other issue. Another complaint is that I think he's a wolf shifter ... Why can't he be something cool like the other guys? *rolls eyes* The vampires in this current book have been Egyptian ... Thank God we got some color because apparently all the faeries in this book are pale with black hair ... You mean to tell me we can't have an Asian faerie? Black faerie? Latino? What the hell ... AND THEN .. When we do get a black person ... Why do they have to be a ghetto thug using slang? *hands thrown up*
:End Sidebar

Anyway ... We meet a group of vampires who are Egyptian so I'm kind of looking forward to that but after this insufferable book ... I don't know if I can continue. WELLLLLLLLLL ... The new Elder Races novel that came out yesterday features Pia and Dragos again. Since I like that couple, I may beg the library for it but ... Don't expect to see any more Elder Races reviews from me.

2 1/2 Stars (only because of the action)
IR: Vampires are Egyptian ... I just don't even care anymore.

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