Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison

Elder Races, Book 5

First ... I want to say that I am happy that The has introduced 2 new black characters that we will certainly be hearing more from in the future.

Second ... One can't speak correct grammar.

Third ... Their was also a third black character but I can't imagine hearing from her again.


I vowed not to read another Elder Races novel simply because Dragos and Pia were the only 2 I was interested in. I think I may read book 3 because, if memory serves me correctly, the heroine is an Egyptian vampire (i could be wrong but I remember the rest being Egyptian or some type of northern African) that will end up mated to one of Dragos' Sentinels. I haven't decided yet. I did get the book from the library and have roughly 10 more days to make up my mind before it's returned, lol.

A friend lent me this. She told me it was worth the read and it sort of is. Dragos is still stellar, dead sexy, angry as f*** and very much a dragon. I love that Dragos hadn't changed simply because he mated. Hasn't changed a bit. He's learning compromise with Pia, but he's still himself. Anyway, Dragos has lost 2 Sentinels to mating and he now has to replace them. So he renovates and rents out Madison Square Garden to hold to-the-near-death fights between any wyr who want to be his new Sentinels. He gets 488 applicants and basically has to narrow them down to 7. The great part is, he makes his current 5 Sentinels fight in order to keep their spot. The big surprise? One of the applicants is Quentin, Pia's former boss.

While the games are going on, Pia goes into Elf land to repair the damaged relationship that Dragos broke when he went into their territory to capture Pia (book 1). That is how we meet a new band of wyrs who are all some kind of shape shifting canine (except 1). Eva is the captain of the group. She's described as a kinky haired (rolls eyes) Venus Williams-esque type with lots of muscles and closely cropped hair.

'I don't know nuthin about nuthin, Tink,' or 'I juuuust sayin.' All I was waiting for was for her to say 'boss' or 'massa' at the end of that statement. It wasn't that way with her all the time but when it was, it grinded on my freaking nerves so hard they almost snapped.

Eva was virtually perfect but Harrison had to establish that Eva is not the alpha, Pia is. So of course, she has cute Pia buck up to Eva and Eva back down. Not only does she back down but she ends up liking Pia. I'll let you make your judgement for yourself. I only like it because that means we get more Eva in the future.

Anyway, all hell breaks loose when she goes in to Elf land because somebody has decided to use a Deus Machina (God's Machine) to create themselves an army using the power of persuasion. It's pretty drastic. This thing, that's being wielded by a very old Elf, basically has these people walking around like puppets. It was pretty funny and a little unnerving at the same time. Now ... The name of the book being Lord's Fall ... Dragos actually fell from the sky. I will say that the big fight at the end was very lack luster and could have been better. The Sentinel battles could have been written out because I was more interested in that. Pfft ... Can't always get what we want.

Anyway ... I won't reveal the 2 new sentinels but it's kind of not a surprise. However, is 5 old sentinels did keep their jobs :-)

As for the other Black character we meet. He's a Pegasus. Freaking cool! He didn't speak but I'm hoping that in books to come, he's a regal bastard. They're supposed to be peaceful mediators or something of the sort so I look forward to the future.

BTW ... Prepare for the arrival of Peanut. The kid has chosen his name and when he will be born :-)

3 Stars
IR: Potentially one of Pia's new guards, Miguel, would have gotten with the black Elf girl but that quickly fizzled out. *sigh*

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  1. I had a very different take on Eva. I thought she used a number of personas (with different accents) to very purposeful effect. Sometimes she talked like an over-the-top stereotype, but it seemed to me she did it mostly to needle Pia. When more casually leading her group, she tended to have her swear a lot, but without the ebonics-ish grammar. And when she got into situations where she needed to be professional, she would turn on the command voice.

    I think page 58-ish is a good example. She's talking telepathically with Pia and says stuff like, "Shew, don't get your fancy knickers in a twist...I know who I work for, and it ain't you but he be bad." But when she talks out loud to command her team, it says "her voice [turned] crisp" and she laid out the plan using precise military terms and clear explanations.

    Taken that way, I kind of like the idea of Eva purposefully subverting the stereotype for her own amusement to make others uncomfortable, although I'm not sure if I'm reading more into it than Harrison intended.