Thursday, November 29, 2012

Embrace the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

Highland Warrior, Book 2

First I will say that this book is maybe the last in a series. I'm not completely sure actually. It came out in November of 2011 and the only other thing that's come out recently for this series is a prequel so I'm not sure if this will continue or not.

This book got tons of great reviews but I don't know why. Well ... Ok ... It was a decent read. I didn't really mind it but the heroine was the most annoying and hardheaded broad on the face of the planet. That is the reason why I literally took my Kindle and chucked it across the room.

This is the type of romance I can deal with. The sex scenes only last 2 pages or so and it's not in detail. Plus! The characters were interesting but I still didn't grasp the concept of a Highland Warrior. I mean ... I know what it is. I grew up watching The Highlander on TV but hadn't seen it touched really since then. Then again, this is book 2 and it's possible all that you would need to know is explained in book 1.

Shay finds out she's been lied to and protected her entire life. Cody is the boy who loved her, still loves her and is part of the clan of warriors that protects humans from dark forces like demons and vampires. Shay and Bree exhibit some really interesting abilities, we find out a lot about parentage, get to 'see' fine men in Kilts, and a crazy old lady who is really the only reason to continue reading the book. Anyway ... Their is a book missing. The Book Of Battles. It contains all the battles of old and battles to come. Dark forces want it because they need the edge, and both sides want Shay because she's important. The details really aren't important because it just goes back to the lies Shay was told that she spends about 70% of the book being mad and stupid about. Well yes the details are important but I never felt like it really took me by surprise.

Now, the reason why I say I'm not sure if it will continue is because I had no plans on continuing the series until I read the end. A warrior was captured by the Dark Forces and they're running tests on him. And it seems to me like the one person who isn't mentioned at the end of the book is probably the one they got. But I doubt we will ever find out. It's been a year since this book has been released and all Clenney has announced was that prequel and a brand new series that has nothing to do with this one.

Meh ... I won't miss it.

It's fast paced ... Not super fast, but it does keep you interested. The Scottish men are so very manly. I love. The female warrior is great and I would love to know about her. The old ladies are funny as hell and the villains were decent. The fight scenes were really lacking ... Really lacking! The last scene was done fine but all the ones before were just poop. Other than that, it was ok, but I wouldn't recommend it.

2 Stars
IR: Yea right ...

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