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Queen Of The Storm by Molly Diamond

I've never been a fan of the black man/white woman pairings which is usually why I stay away from those. Why? I like to keep what I'm reading as close to my own life as possible, lol, so black woman/white man speaks more to me. I figured that while reading this I would get over it and I did.

Queen of the Storm is a futuristic sci-fi that takes place on Sister Earth. Sister Earth is just what you think ... A planet that KIND OF reminds you of Earth. Earth has been dubbed Wasteland Earth because man destroyed it. It's something I see in most sci-fi books that I read and it's something I completely agree with. Man is so greedy and power hungry that they end up destroying the thing they want control of the most. Anyway ... On a ship called The Red Storm, Jordanne Saunders is a first time Admiral with a big ship and crew under her belt. During the course of the book, we encounter quite a few Red Storms, some crazy sea creatures called Delphs that are no joke, a diary her grandmother left her, and some very snippy people who don't believe that Jordanne should be Admiral ... That the title was handed to her because of her famous family. A big secret gets uncovered that changes her life forever.

Now onto my review ... I must say that I really like the book but I despise Jordanne. If you're HBIC and walking around like you're HBIC and putting people in check like you're HBIC ... Then why all the whining!? She's one of the most insecure heroines I've run across and that is why I dislike her so much. She questioned everything about herself ... 'Did they hate her ... Would they listen to her ... Why are they listening to her ... Am I going crazy ... Maybe I'm not cut out for this ... I'm going crazy.' No, Jordanne, I'm the one who's going crazy.

Wesley Cofferdrake is her love interest. A dark skinned man with deep blue eyes and tight body. I never thought much about how dark he was until I realized how fair Jordanne was, so then I figured maybe the author wanted that drastic contrast of shades. After all ... My man is as pale as they come and I love it. He is found out to be deaf but it has no bearings on his job as a Delph Hunter. And by the end, him being said to be deaf is simply to throw you off his scent.

The writing is really good. I felt like I was on the ship with them. I could see, hear and feel absolutely everything about my environment which is incredibly important with a sci-fi. The only thing I had a problem with was the lingo. I don't know anything about ships and sails so that new environment was difficult to get used to but worth it. The Red Storms were magnificent as were the battles with the Delphs.

The characters ... That's where things kind of go to mush. If no names were ever mentioned, you would never be able to tell the difference between Wesley and Jordanne. Outside of the fact that Wesley had to read lips ... Everything was the same. Even with Bernice (the ships cook and bff to Jordanne's grandmother) and Dr. Elliot, the character work was lacking between the four simply because everything about them was the same. The way they spoke mainly ... It kind of felt like everyone was manufactured like a doll. Sure the bodies are different but they're all made out of the same material. The only person on that whole ship who had a real personality was Dot. However ... By the end ... When Jordanne got some really good information about herself, that's finally when she realized she was HBIC.

I'm not sure if this will be a series. I kind of feel like it won't because the ending was so final but I would LOVE to continue Jordanne's journey to her new home. That's where I want to be taken to next. So ... Molly ... What do you say? Do my old heart some good, lol.

3 Stars
IR: Wesley (dark skin), Jordanne (fair skin)

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