Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Taste Of Fire by R. Tezak

What a surprise!!! This was the darkest, most lustful, sensual, gritty and sexiest book I've ever read. It was just ... I don't think it was categorized as erotic but it's one hell of a romance. The way the author pulls you into the words and how they wrap around you ... It was ... I felt like I was sitting in a room with a guy that I wanted, quite badly, and he was just taking his time in coming over to me. The closer he got, the more heat my body produced and the more I wanted him.


The feeling was so intoxicating.

Zara is a tall, gorgeous, African American woman with no memory. Her memory extends to only 4 years ago. However, during the last 4 years that she's been 'awake,' she has worked on earning herself a PhD, gotten herself a great roommate/bff , a set of 'parents' in her professor and his wife and ... Found a man she can't resist. That man is a Russian vampire named Jonah. He's rich, he's pale, dead sexy, a bit of a smart ass and the king of the double entendre ... Especially when it has to do with something sexual. Anyway ... Zara is attacked in an alleyway after work and that is where we're introduced to Jonah. He saves Zara's butt. It's obvious to us that he's a vampire but it takes a while for Zara to be open to that possibility. When she does become aware that he's a vampire, it becomes even more harder to find out that he is not only connected to Zara's past but IS her past. Her past love and everything in between.

As I said before, this book is dark, gritty and very sensual. The passion shared between the two is never nasty, the sex is never nasty ... For a person who despises reading anything with a hint of eroticism (me), I was gripping my chair and enjoying every single word of it. I have always been a fan of the LA Banks (RIP) wrote the sex scenes in her Vampire Huntress series ... This is about as close as I'm gonna get to that. This is so much darker and just so f*cking sexy that I couldn't think while reading. Damn.

Anyway, lol ... It had a few spelling and punctuation errors. Not many. Everyone was characterized and written beautifully, even annoying Detective Hadley. Their are some historical references ... Not a lot ... But their is a historical part to the book in the form of flashbacks. When you're dealing with really old people and you need back story, this has to happen. It was so wonderful. This is the first time I've dealt with a book that did flashbacks involving slavery and they didn't pull any punches. The book did slow down just a bit when the flashbacks started but did pick back up. They were all pertinent to the story. The ending was great. Our main problem was resolved and it gave us a small taste of what's to come in book 2. I freaking can't WAIT for book 2. CAN'T WAIT!

By the way ... I am completely a fan of vampires ripping neck chunks out ... It was done. *drops mic*

New favorite author on my list ... R. Tezak.

5 Stars
IR: Zara (AA), Jonah (Russian ... Well ... He spoke a bit of Russian and some French ... He's definitely white)

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