Monday, September 3, 2012

The Queen's Howl by M.T. Harrte

Alexis Wolfe Series, Book 1

The author, MT Harrte, sent me an email with this book as the attachment and asked for a review. I was actually quite happy she sent me the email because I was in a reading funk. Seems like I read and read and read and then I stop because nothing captures my attention. So thanks to Harrte for sharing her debut novel with me.

This book focuses on Alexis Wolfe. She's the Alpha wolf who is next in line to be Queen. Now when I say queen, I say like big time sh!t. She's ruling over basically all supernaturals in her jurisdiction. This book starts out with Samirah who is the queen at the time and has no intention of stepping down. This vampire is a b!tch tried and true so I continued the book waiting on this heaux to be killed. Alexis has a mate, Mason, and then her Beta's are her best friend Olivia and Palo (who is the brother to Mason) ...

Theirs some scandalous mess that goes on all through this book. I thought I wouldn't like it in the beginning but it ended up being a page turner which is why it's almost 4am and I'm typing this review. It simply couldn't want until morning.

Anyway, our first big problem is presented in the form of Samirah, who is the queen and a vampire, who doesn't want to give up her seat as queen even though her 1000 years of rule is over. Alexis begins to garner the support she needs to get Samirah off that throne but Samirah ends up going missing and that leaves Alexis to take the thrown despite her 'medical condition.' Also, the author has given us a new 'breed' to work with called the Xithor who will prove to be a worthy ally (or enemy depending how you look at it). I'm going to stop with this botched synopsis because anything else that I can say will ruin so much else in the book.

First, let's start with the bad ...
1) Their are quite a few grammatical errors that are noticeable because it messes up the flow of reading the line.
2) The character descriptions were lacking. I really had no idea what anyone looked like. I kind of had to figure it out myself. Alexis was said to have dark brown skin, almond eyes and locs. I do believe something was stated about her having nice hips but other than that ... She could have looked like the werewolf she turned into for all I know. That was a problem seen across the board.
3)This was a relatively quick read and I can dig it but the word count could have been expanded had we gotten more world building. This book really needed it when dealing with the other supernatural colonies. She did a good job with what she wrote but more would have helped to give us a better feel. This could also be seen as a good thing because of the fast pace of the book.

The good ...
1) Alexis is a character that I like. Because of that, I'll be staying with this series however long it runs. She reminds me a lot of myself. She's nice when she should be, tries to be nice when she shouldn't be, and when you 'take her there ...' That b!tch is bad! Heads will roll when you piss her off. Love her.
2) I love the men she has in her life. Ethan, Thadius and Palo really grew on me as her go-to guys for everything.
3) This book ended way too quickly. It's not a good thing but not a bad thing either. It's a bad thing because we get a lot of pertinent information so close to the end so we've got this cliff hanger (the kind I dont like) that will rock my brain until book 2. But still ... I like 1 of them a lot, the other is just ... Meh.
4) Even though the writing could use a little work, the book was never boring. It was fast paced with no dull quiet moments ... *claps* ... Their is nothing worse than a great book that continuously slows down for whatever reason. Although, some things weren't explained well enough and I ended up having to go back and re-read some scenes to make sure I caught all of what happened. But still ... Good fast moving story that kept me entertained.

This is MT's debut novel. I thank for her reaching out and sending this to me and I really look forward to book 2 and the series as a whole.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Alexis (AA), Mason (Samoan) And plenty of other folks.

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