Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Burning Bush by Kenya Wright

Santeria Habitat, Book 2 (release date Sept 19)

First, I want to say thanks to Kenya for providing the ARC. I would have purchased it anyway had I not been given it because I'm addicted.

Book 2 is chucked full of shit, son! It definitely outweighs book 1 all around and was so happy to read it. A definite page turning that took me only 1 day to get through because I had nothing to do and wasn't going to do JACK until I finished it.

Annoying Habbie Rivera is back again, giving Lanore a new crime to solve. Why? Because he's painfully incompetent and likes to blackmail mixbreeds apparently. A burning bush with a girl in the center is put on the doorstep of the 'police station' and Rivera calls Lanore to figure out what's going on. I will remind you that living in the Santeria habitat, race isn't an issue, but what kind of supe you are is. If you're a mixbreed, you're at the bottom of the pile and get no recognition. The same goes for the police work. A well-to-do pureblood comes in, dead, in this burning bush and that's when Lanore gets called ... Not when the mixbreed, dead, inside the burning bush came days before. B!tch. Lanore is now out dealing with these murders while a cute blonde, Cassie, is tailing her. Cassie happens to be a big fan of Lanore, proves to be helpful, and is the little sister of Zulu. Watching her with Lanore was so much fun and I wished I could get more in the future.

The lingering issue of Zulu's claim is still hanging in the air and KIND OF gets resolved ... Yea kind of but not so much. I like it that way. I sense hesitancy on her part but satisfaction on his. And then ... There's Meshack ... Who still claims Lanore is his mate. Yall know I'm team Meshack but after Zulu is rocked with a tragedy and goes into Prime mode, I fell in love. With Prime. Prime is intelligent and dead sexy with it.

Aside from Cassie, we finally get some Graham. Oh yes, you're gonna love Graham. Graham is Lanore's dad and a strong-as-sh!t son of a b!tch. I just kinda felt like NO ONE could do anything with this man. Granted, what was going on annoyed me ... I still like home and hope to see more of him in book 3.

Hey Kenya, when's that gonna come out? :-)

Dante is a big part of this book and for some reason, I actually ended up liking him by the end of it. Weird ... I still don't know how but I want some!

Keep your eye on a couple of familiars, have some tissues handy and put on your big boy pants!

Dare I give it 5 stars? It's more like 4.75 due to the fact that Lanore can't fight. But I'm giving it 5 stars anyway.

5 Stars
IR all over the place

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