Thursday, September 27, 2012

Santeria Habitat Series: Zulu's Interview

Zulu is the founder of Mixbreeds for Equality and a huge character in the Santeria Habitat  novels—Caged View (Book .5),  Fire Baptized (Book 1), and The Burning Bush  (Book 2). He’s here today to answer some questions for us.

Welcome Zulu!
So we all know you founded Mixbreeds for Equality (MFE). What did you do before starting MFE?
Sadly, I was a big addict back in the day. My favorite drug of choice was Red Rum (Vamp blood & cocaine). When I wasn’t snorting crap, I spent a large time trying to find other interesting ways to destroy myself.
I did a lot of underground fighting in Merc Dome (Lanore actually visits that unsavory place in Wildfire Gospel (book 3)). My pseudo-uncle Ray would bet large amounts of money on me during the fights. I won’t brag too much, but I won us at least a million during those years.

What can we expect to see in The Burning Bush?
In Fire Baptized (Book 1), readers are introduced to my supernatural caged city of Santeria. Lanore must discover a murderer before the sicko kills her. She also deals with MeShack and me as we battle for her love.
In The Burning Bush (Book 2), readers need to buckle in for an intense ride. Lanore and I are fighting a war against the Vampires. As you know, there are never any winners in war. All participants lose. There are also a lot of new characters in this book: my sister Cassie, Angel, Lanore’s dad Graham, Vee, and unfortunately a few of MeShack’s fraternity brothers.

Why do you think so many readers are Team Zulu?
MeShack had his chance with Lanore and ruined it. In fact, MeShack was in a relationship with Lanore for several years. It is only fair that I get a chance to spoil and treat her the way she was meant to be treated.

Have you been in love before?
Never. Lanore is not only the first person I’ve been in love with, but she’s the first woman I’ve been in a relationship with.

What’s two things fans may not know about you?
1.      I hate wearing boxers, boxer briefs, and pretty much anything under jeans/pants. I free ball as much as possible.
2.      I’m afraid of clowns. I don’t know why. Perhaps, it’s a repressed memory from my childhood, but anytime I see one I want to sprout claws and rip the clown’s heart out. I usually avoid supernatural circuses and kids’ parties if I know clowns will be there.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
That’s easy. Lanore, Ben, and I should be outside of the habitat, living somewhere out in the world, free of concrete walls and a barred ceiling. I would love to have a child with Lanore by then. Knowing MeShack and his premature mate claim on Lanore, I probably killed him already or trapped him in a place where he couldn’t get free.


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