Friday, September 21, 2012

Dragon's Heart by Laverne Thompson

Brethren, Book 1

I have been, for a long time, looking to get my hands on a really good piece of dragon fiction. I've been met with 2 dragons in other series' that I adore but would love for them to get a spinoff of their own. CE Murphy's 'Negotiator Trilogy' has a dragon named Janx that I really like. Also, Allyson James' 'Stormwalker' series has a dragon named Mick and his story was touched on really nicely during the course of the current series. Both dragons I really freaking love and am stoked to find out that CE Murphy is expanding her series to dig more into those sub characters.

I'm a little off topic.

Dragon's Heart is the story of Mya and Draakar. Thousands of years ago, dragons roamed free on the Earth, only to be pushed out by man with the help of a dragon they end up calling The Betrayer. When the dragons decided to leave Earth for their home realm, Akgon, some decided to stay behind and assume normal human lives. Skip ahead a few millenium and we find that The Betrayer, who was thought to be dead, is alive and on Earth. Along with that, the Dragon Lord, Draakar, and his son, Talon must travel from Akgon to Earth at great expense to find their truemates. When a Dragon finds his or her truemate, their powers are intensified and they become completely interlinked. Mya is a business owner visiting Ireland who walks up on a boy, Talon, laying in an area surrounded by some raised stones. Soon after, her inner dragon is awakened and after a ton of annoying questions, she gets over it and the story moves along.

1.) First, Mya annoyed me to no end. I swear she asked 25 versions of 'who are you' and 'what am i' and 'huh' to the point where I was ready to throw my Kindle away. Thankfully, she became bearable as the book went on.
2.) I loved the hero, Draakar. He was a massive man with jet black hair that fell waaaaay down his back. The same went for Talon. Though younger, he had long blonde hair that I would probably want to roll around through naked. Thank you, Laverne.
3.) I thought The Firsts were utterly useless. Basically, they served as the royal guard. They were hyped up so much but when it came down to it, they couldn't do jack.
4.) All you romance lovers out there will love all those mushy moments that come later in the book when Mya's guard is let down. I hated it, only because it REALLY slowed the book down to an unbearable speed. On the flipside, the sex scenes were nicely done and I could get through those with no problem but JESUS ... If you're gonna be mushy, don't slow down my life to do so.
5.) I'm not a fan of the ending. It was pretty anticlimactic and could have been done much better. I think getting to the end slowed down too soon and way too much. Their was still time for something else to kind of gut punch you with before the book ended but it didnt. I mean ... They dropped some nice info about the next generation but it still didn't help with the ending. The only thing that saved the ending was the Epilogue. That Epilogue is the only reason I'm really looking forward to book 2. I would, of course, buy book 2 anyway but I am very interested in Talon and his truemate.
6.) Someone finally met me on the court. I always talk trash about how if a guy is so badass and all powerful, why can't he just do wtf he wants? Drakaar hits the ground and creates himself a castle ... Like a boss. He creates money ... Like a boss. He creates a company to back up that money ... Like a boss. He implants memories and work experience and the entire 12 freaking yards ... Like a boss. If you're gonna be a boss, do it the right way and Draak did it the right way.
7.) Their wasn't enough time spent in dragon form. The authors description was dead on because I could really see the dragon forms and my mouth was watering but I never got to eat my dinner! Well ... The appetizer came and it was hot and nice but not the entree. I still want my food, Laverne. Bring me my food!

**) One tiny complaint I have is about Mya. Yes she annoyed me but the way she looked bugged me even more. This is no shade to the author because PLENTY of authors cop out this way. Why does Mya have to have those nice bouncy curls for hair? Why can't she have regular black folks hair like I have but lay that mess with a relaxer from time to time? I've always felt like authors either go completely natural and rock the locks or they go with a hair type that's anything other than the hair type I have? I, in no way, have that 3C or 3D type hair. I'm a definite 4A and want to see some relaxing going on or some straight textured hair. Dang! Come on authors, meet me on the court for this one!

Overall, it's a decent piece of dragon fiction and a series that I will stick with.

3 Stars
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  1. Have you read Thea Harrison's "Dragon Bound"? I strongly recommend it if you're still looking for good dragon fiction.

  2. No, I've never read it. Thanks for the suggestion, I just checked it out and will add it to my TBR pile!

  3. Deva thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it and yeah Maya annoyed me while I was writing her but she served her purpose she couldn't be perfect because Draakar was well Draakar. lol And just a hint book 2, Dragon's Blood Talon's story will be a tad darker.
    As far as the hair when I first wrote this I actually envisioned my oldest daughter and I'm describing her hair. But I agree with you I do tend to do the curly or wavy my kids hair types and looks when I do descriptions. But you are correct there are many different hair types out there and I'm working on another fantasy right now where the heroine will actually have very short hair. Think Mary J Blige when she wears it short.