Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cimmerian City by Rae Lori

Cimmerian Duology, Book 1

As a fan of Rae Lori's Ashen Twilight series, I was looking for something just as good and I got it in Cimmerian City. This is a sci-fi that literally throws you for a loop. You don't get to ease into the futuristic world, you're thrown into it.

Raven Blackheart has her life taken from her. She and her love were minding their own business when they were viciously attacked by what folklore would call a vampire. Fast forward a decade and everything has changed. Coolest thing that made me giggle? Sound waves in place of water in your shower. Freaking freaking cool! I just WISH that could happen. Anyway, when Raven 'blinks,' she's in the future and being used by an ambitious guy with a lot of money, a lot of power and a lot of secrets. Why? Because she's 'special.' Special enough to do his dirty work. Just as she starts to settle in the dirty, two breaths of fresh air enter her life and help her sort out the truth from everything else going on.

The premise is cool. I love sci fi that makes me say 'that could totally happen.' A giant technology corporation is basically starting a voyage to a new world because something in the current world is seriously screwed up ... Seriously ... How many times have people said, in general, 'let's go live on the moon ...?' If I could get away from all the bad of this world and start completely fresh somewhere new, I'd totally go for it. And in this books case, it's what may end up happening.

I'm going to stop the cap there because I don't want to give anything away so I'll cut to what I really thought of the book.

I loved it.

But ...

And there's always a but ...

I hated our lead ... Raven Blackheart.

God ... The mushiest woman on earth who cries to herself every chance she gets ... Drove me crazy. I put the book down for a day because she was getting on my damn nerves! How can she be called the 'heroine' when she's always crying? What's worse is she's a total badass. She's got crazy skills but I can't get past her awesome skills because of her mush factor. It was confusing me! You can move this fast ... Whoop this much ass ... And then go cry about it? What? How does this work?

I love the fact that when people were threatened, they actually were killed. Their was no 'all bark and no bite' in this book. They brought the pain. The sci fi elements were really cool. Enos is the new love of my life but I can't seem to hold onto Russell. He got too mushy too fast and that bugged me but hopefully it will keep Raven from crying so much in book 2.

Definitely recommended. Will be purchasing book 2 when it comes out and trying not to cringe at Raven the whole way through.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Raven (NA? She seems a little dark for NA) Russel (Asian)

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