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10 Reasons why I choose SPACE DRAGONS (and other ramblings of a teenage girl)

Hiya. In my stories for The Society On Da Run, there are three main species that dominate the world (and humanity): alien Owls, Crotonians (insectoid-aliens) and Space Dragons. Yes, DRAGONS. The series is not primarily romance. There is a lot of sci fi, some very obscure fantasy elements (very very minimal because I don’t like fantasy that much), multiple references (especially to Brony fandom, which I am a part of), and much much more. I’ll admit the romance is becoming a bit too strong, but the series is worth a go.

I collected all of the stories into a single book called Dragons & Cicadas, which is also called Tarnished: Tales of Broken Dragons and 300 Other Stories. I’ve been working with it since age ten and I’m going to tell you why I chose space dragons, dragon shifters and interracial relations.


  1. They’re downright awesome
  2. Nobody has ever done a book with ACTUAL space dragons, and by that I mean they have all of these qualities: dragons that pilot spaceships (in human form), dragons that have created an interstellar empire, sapient dragons, a dragon that is NOT MEANT TO BE RIDDEN (I’m a bit sick of people riding on dragons), dragons with their own lingua franca (language), dragons that have built a city and complex civilization. If your dragons have all of that, they are space dragons.
  3. I’m fascinated and obsessed by them. There doesn’t seem to be any quality dragon stories out there, especially short stories.

The space dragons can also shift forms into humans. Here are three reasons why I choose dragon shifters:

  1. Everyone uses them as sex things. I wanted to change that.
  2. Being human makes piloting a dropship convenient.
  3. Shifters are cool

Now I make sure to fully flesh out my dragons so it doesn’t look like I threw them in there ‘cause I wanted to make some space dragons. I wanted to make them memorable. I wanted every teenager to think: these dragons are awesome! I want to be the person that initiates a trend of dragon stories, and by doing that I must make them quality. I must give them a purpose, and not be lazy with them. Maybe that’s why the stories are over 500k words.
One thing I’ve always hated about dragon stories was the fact that most of the dragons were evil (Skyrim, The Hobbit, I could go on) or sissies (they were pets). I wanted to change that. I made sure my dragons were varied in every way: I wrote about good dragons, bad dragons, vile dragons, humanitarian dragons, sissy dragons and pet dragons. Now instead of being one-sided, they are colorful in emotions, actions and personalities!


  1. There aren’t enough quality dragon short stories out there
  2. I’m sick of seeing bad dragons, pet dragons, telepathic dragons and cliché dragons
  3. There are hardly NO science fiction stories featuring dragons that aren’t one-sided in the way they act

  1. I love ‘em to death~! C’mon, how can you not love a creature like that?
When I write about dragons, I try my hardest to make them dragons. You can write dragons all you want, but most of the time it won’t feel like a dragon, especially if it’s talking.

One of the hard things I did for my dragons was crafting their language. I wanted to make it as plausible and realistic as possible. Heck, ‘im not even sure if I did it right, but I know I made it speakable. I learned from the Conlang wiki that when making a language, you can’t just convert English letters into a dragon word. That makes it “encrypted,” so it’s not a real language. I did some major googling and research, and learned lots of new things about language. There is a part of the language for human speakers, but it’s pretty much just encryptic the language. Inside the book is a table for plosives, trills, fricatives and other things needed to learn the lingua of space dragons!

Another interesting thing I did for my dragons was give them a language for their computers. I already have some PC coding knowledge in my history, so it was very fun to type up error codes and binary messages. Since they’re an advanced species, I thought, “hey, give ‘em computers!” thus came the Number Language!

The phantasy—er, Fantasy—elements that I added to the book was…um…fairies! But they’re aliens, too. I also decided to make some religious references by adding snipplets from the Dragon Bible and the concept of a High Divine. Inside the Divine, each alien race has a god and goddess that will watch over the population. If they choose, they can spend their lives on Earth or any other planet. In the dragons’ case, they have Ashuton Karrucci.
At first TSODR didn’t have an aim nor core plot. After some debating with myself, I decided to weave all the stories into a single core plot: The Annihilation. The dragons, Crotonians and Owls have signed an uneasy cease-fire treaty that is being tested by constant terrorist activities from both races (these stories will be in Update 5). They don’t know a malevolent race of aliens is trying to kill them. The Alma Maters are gods of science and were once benevolent. Now they want to kill everything (but I gave them a reason for that). As far as the reader knows, dragons cannot be killed, until the Alma Maters show up.
At first I didn’t want to write that in, but it makes the series more grounded instead of it being “just a collection of stories”.

This is the last part! I promise! I snag most of my inspirations from anime. I love anime and it’s complexity (Code Geass, Death Note, Rozen Maiden, etc). I also get inspiration from video games. I’m a hardcore gamer and love the stories that I can immerse myself in when I play a game. In my earlier days of writing the series, inspiration came from pretty much anywhere. I hope you enjoy my book, Dragons & Cicadas. I love all of my fans.

For more information on where to buy the books and other sites, click the link: http://dragonshortstories.wordpress.com/social-sites-fans/

Note: Dragons and Cicadas is updated monthly with newer stories from it’s original version, so it is recommended you buy it from Smashwords or Barnes and Noble to receive the latest update. Amazon does not allow that feature.

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