Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out For Blood by T.P. Miller

What is the best way for me to start this?

Members of my goodreads group had been telling me to read this. I went to amazon with the intention of buying it but it told me I'd already bought it ... In May. Great! I skipped a couple pages back in my Kindle and there it was! Once I found it, I realized why I hadn't dealt with it. The cover art ... It's horrible.

I'd been really wanting a good vampire read because I hadn't had one since May when I read the second Sleepy Willow book. Even though this book was riddle with a bunch of head scratches, it was good.

Let me warn you. Their will be eighteen thousand spoilers in this review.
Let me warn you. Pt2. If you are as big a fan of LA Banks' Vampire Huntress series as I am ... You will have trouble reading this, I guarantee it.


This book reminds me of what a Vampire Huntress rough draft would be. The similarities were so overwhelming that I ended up comparing EVERYTHING. Annoying as hell too when I was really trying to enjoy it ... Which I did at first ... But then these things happened.

1. Apparently, somewhere along the way, they were deemed as the Chosen couple who would basically save the world. Sound familiar?

2. Weapons of choice. Ramsses, in this book, has a weapon that reminds me a bit of Carlos' weapon. And in similar fashion, Nef's weapons will remind you of Damali's weapons.

3. Battle bulking. Ramsses battle bulks ... As does Carlos Rivera.

I promise the book is good. Their are just a few things I have to get out before I scream.

4. Friends. While Damali had an expert team of friends/guardians, Nef/Ramsses team of friends/guardians are kind of a bootleg version of them. Very bootleg.

5. The Kings and Queens. Nef, Ramsses, Carlos and Damali all had relationships with the Queens and Kings of old who were advising them on their journey.

Is that all? Ok I think that's it ... Their may be more but I can't grab it all right now.

On to the review!

The book itself is good. It's a relatively quick read with your basic vampire stuff thrown in. I think one of the few problems I had (that had nothing to do with the VH similarities) was that the planning was terrible. Have you ever read a book where plans and stories were woven so smooth and executed so nice that you just nodded your head? Yea that won't happen here.

Their was literally a scene where the new guy offers to hook them up with someone who can help them get some weapons. But the thing that tickled me was that he told them he'd let the dude know and then get back to them. And then a week later, they get with the dude to talk shop.

So if you're going to deal with a threat right now ... Don't you need something right now? I wouldn't have minded if they had to wait the week to get the weapons but they had to wait the week just to TALK to the dude who could get the weapons.

As I was saying ... All plans made to take down Damion, a senate level vamp (who's position is a lot like Master Vampire), were just elementary.

Cleo ... Predictable.

The vial of powder stuff that slowed down Nef ... Terrible.

Ok ... I know this sounds bad and had I not ever read a VH book, this would have been great.

So again I say ... If you were not an LA Banks fan or not a Vampire Huntress fan, then you will like this book and I absolutely recommend you get it.

But if you are an LA Banks or VH fan, your brain will be put to work. The similarities will drive you mad and ultimately make you put it down just so you can clear your thoughts and start a clean slate.

Get it? Yes.

3 Stars.

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