Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lawked Flame by Erosa Knowles

I will admit ... The title ... I hated it. I almost didn't purchase based on the title alone. Well it wasn't JUST the title but the series name ... Lawke & Kee. I rolled my eyes so hard months ago. I also hate the cover. Anyone who follows my reviews or is a member of my goodreads group knows that I'm a cover whore and this one didn't spark my interest at all. Despite that, I'd purchased it during a time when I had nothing exciting to read. Summer was starting and I always liked to read during the school semester because it was a stress reliever. Seems like now that school is coming back around, I'm back to reading again ... Go figure.
It may seem like I'm about to start this review off horribly but no ... Hard to believe but I actually really enjoyed this book. It was a page turner for me. I saw the words 'cock' and 'pussy' and just kept flipping, lol.
Anyway ... Master Khayden Lawke is ... Well ... A Lawke. He basically rules a group of people who have settled on Earth from the planet Lawkmeria. Apparently, 200 years ago, their planet was overrun by some aliens called the Geleet, and they were forced to settle on Earth when Nature's Mother secured a Harven (small town that was unseen to human eyes) for them. You may be thinking 'well that was nice of her to do,' but no ... Nature's Mother is a bitch.
Lawke and Kee ... Basically ... Khayden needs to be 'unlocked' to reach his full potential and make sure his people flourish. Until he is unlocked, his people are kind of dull and grim looking despite smiling and being friendly. The way it was explained in the book is it seemed like their 'colors were muted.' One thing I loved about the book was that everyone was racially ambiguous. Well not so much ambiguous but completely screwed up. A natural blonde with asian eyes or a black man with red hair. Stuff like that. I thought that was neat. I like when you can't really figure people out, lol. BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING ... During this time that Khayden is waiting on his Kee, a human wanders into town. Alayna. Alayna is biracial, divorced and bitter. She quickly makes friends with Lorenzo, who takes the time to tend to her once she arrived in their Harven. Why? Keeping an eye on her. Skip through a ton of stuff and we find that Alaya is Khayden's Kee and they begin to unlock together slowly (not just sex, but power wise).
The big picture is simply the fight against the Geleet. They want Khayden out of the way and begin using Alayna against him. Apparently, their were things not considered when Nature's Mother decided to create human Kee's instead of Lawkmerian Key's.
Read the book for yourself. I won't give away anymore than I already have :-) The writing isn't a 10 but it isn't bad either. It's ......... Simple. Yea ... Simple. Some character descriptions were lacking. Some were not but I never could 'see' the person. I pictured Khayden as this big hulking figure but that's about it. I pictured Alayna much more brown than I think she was intended, and I still have no idea what Lorenzo looked like other than obviously handsome. Their were some tear-jerking moments that you will definitely feel as I did and a couple of awkward instances between a Lawke & Kee pair.
Still ... Check it out. Not sure how you would take to it but I liked it. I'm hoping the series continues as I'm a little bit invested in them getting back to Lawkmeria and how that would go once there.
3 Stars
IR: Alayna (b/w)

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