Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jack and Djinn by Amber Sweetapple

Houri Legends, Book 1

I've had this book for a while and am finally finishing it up. My summer has been a lot more fun than I anticipated, lol.

Miriam is in an abusive relationship with Ben. It's a typical abusive relationship ... Pretty standard ... He beats her and she stays because she's afraid he'll beat her some more. But then Miriam meets Jack. An Irish boy from a big family who is immediately drawn to Miriam and vice versa. I always hated those 'I just met you and I think I love you' type of deals. Goes beyond love at first site and it was never believable to me, even in a book. That's what happens here. Now here comes the interesting part. Throughout the book, while we're going on about Miriam's life, their is a set of detectives investigating a murder that has to do with Miriam. The thing that I really like about this book is it's going on at the same time. If Miriam and Jack are in a scene where they're interacting with his grandfather, then in the next scene, the detectives go to interview him. Everything goes hand in hand. Yea it seems like something so simple that I wouldn't need to point it out but I looked forward to it. Back to basics ... Once Jack comes into the picture, that's where things pick up. Not only for their relationship but for the magic involved that we finally get a taste of. The information on what Miriam is, a Djinn, comes close to the end after we've kind of already figured out what's going on. It also gives us another character to look for more of in book 2.

Anywho ... Outside of the fact that this book is good, I'm not a fan of our lead character. Miriam Al-Mansur is a doormat. Usually when a woman is experiencing physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse, I always want her to come out on top. With this, I just felt like I wanted her abusive boyfriend to kill her and keep on going with his life. I felt no connection to her, nor did I want it. Jack is that hopeless romantic, mushy as hell, captain save-a-ho that I found myself rolling my eyes at. But in the end, they were made for each other. I mean literally ... With the way they are, no one else would be right for them so kudos for Amber Sweetapple for crafting a perfect pairing.

Book 2 is titled Djinn and Tonic and just came out last month. Be careful when purchasing because their is another book with that same title. Anyway ... I linked books 1 and 2 for you so make sure you go and purchase. I'm quite happy someone is finally tackling the Djinn.

2 Stars
IR: Miriam (Iraqi) Jack (Irish)

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