Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Haunted by Jeanne C Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 8

I can't believe this is book 8. I feel like I just started reading the series last year. I think I DID start reading the series last year but that's besides the point.


Anna, Max and Culebra are tasked with taking on a boss in a Mexican drug cartel. This time around, we get loads of information on Culebra, say hello to some new family for someone and say goodbye to a person I'd silently complained about since book 1. And just in true fashion, when you start to think this person isn't so annoying, they're gone. Bummer too, I had a little hope for something good to come of the cartel experience.

Ramon, a close friend of Culebra, shows up not far from Beso De La Muerte, warning him of a coming danger. Culebra sends Anna away and she becomes worried. Calling in help from Max, they follow Culebra and Ramon, then begin a journey into Mexican drug territory where stories and alliances are flipped 5 ways from Tuesday.

I don't know what to say about this mess ... Not mess ... The book was great. Damn good. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. In the beginning, Anna is being high and mighty and I'm ready to beat her to death, then she turns into the bad ass Anna that I like so much and all is forgiven. Despite all the good things that happened, all I can think about is the one who left us. Lord knows I didn't want this. Well ... Had this happened a book or 2 sooner, then fine, but not this one. I think because things were finally at a good point did it become harder to say goodbye.

Stephen ... This bitch. I hate it. I hate his sister. I hate Stephen for not allowing Anna to get a word in edgewise. I hate his sister because she's a bitch.

I loved the ending. It warmed my heart a little to know that Anna had something positive waiting for her.

I honestly don't know what can happen in books to come ... Yea no ... No idea ... But I'm anxious to see. Do we have to wait another year? Looks like it. All of the books have been coming out around the same general time frame. *sigh* What a wait! Anyhow ... Thanks to the author for making this book worth the wait. Can't wait for book 9.

4 Stars

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