Sunday, July 8, 2012

Promo Spot: All Or Nothing

Every now and then I do read books not associated with paranormal or interracial life ... Ryan Whetstone reached out for some help promoting his book. It falls into the category of urban fiction or street lit ... That being a genre I am not fond of but still want to support any author trying to get their work out there. Here is some info about the book, click the links to purchase, then drop me a line to tell me what you thought. More will soon come from Mr. Whetstone so stay close.

All Or Nothing

Title : All Or Nothing
Author : Ryan D. Whetstone
Book Description : Stoney is a kid with big dreams and wishes. He's headed down the right path. College is the only thing that he's focused on. His best friend and roommate Sonny, is a West side Cleveland hustler. Sonny does it all from stick ups, all the way to murder. Stoney tries to keep his focus while living in the concrete jungle. Sonny hates the fact that Stoney doesn't lead the street life like he does. One day, a robbery gone wrong turns Stoney and Sonny's lives upside down. Stoney ends up being placed in the middle of a street war, and losing three close friends to violence. Stoney had a easy way out, but he had to be hard headed. He wanted to see why his friends were so fascinated with the streets. The streets ended up teaching Stoney a lesson that he could have never studied for. 

Price : $2.99 for the Ebook / $7.99 for the paperback

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