Sunday, June 17, 2012

x0 by Sherrie Cronin

It took me literally 2 months to get through this. At first I thought it was moving a bit slow and then it was jumping around too much as far as time went and the hyperlinks were a distraction but ... By the time I pushed through and finished it, I can absolutely say that anyone (other than me) who reads it will like it.

Why didn't I like it? Even though the author did a gigantic amount of research and even went through the trouble to link you to things so that you wouldn't be lost, I was still quite lost. My first problem was that I didn't know what anyone looked like. I had no face or even body to attach to a name outside of one of the obvious characters who was apparently not so delicate on the eyes. Second, the time jumps were not noticeable. And third, being that we have 2 things going on that eventually connect with the end, I didn't connect at all with the American portion of the book.

What I liked? The relationship between Somadina and her sister was beautiful. That was the only thing that really kept me going back to the book other than the obvious big bad wolf figure that the younger sister married.

If I say one thing about a major turning point in the story, it gives away something else so I'll leave that to you while you read. I will definitely say that when the s**t hit the fan, I was surprised by it all and happy I pushed through. With that said, yes I was happy I pushed through but it came a little too later for me. The paranormal element from the beginning is telepathy and for me, that doesn't 'take me away from life' as much as vampire or futuristic sci fi would. But of course, things hit you hard later in the book.

Over all ... No, it wasn't my cup of tea but I do recommend it.

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