Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sleepy Willow's Heartless Soul by Dicey Grenor

Narcoleptic Vampire Series, Book 2

First, let me say ... Don't use your IPad as a Kindle. Drains that battery about as fast as watching Netflix. Anyway ...

"Great. <--Sarcasm."

That tickled the crap out of me. Dicey has done it again! I'd been so consumed with my finals that I hadn't even realized that this book came out a whole 5 days ago. Not only that, but their are books I need to be reading that I was asked to read before this but when I heard this was out, I was on purchasing it and reading it in less than 2 minutes. Score!

I appreciate that Dicey really knows how to wrap up an issue. Cliffhangers always piss me off because a lot of times, the next book in a series doesn't come out for another year. Dicey basically gives us the beginning of a problem at the end of her current book and makes sure to wrap it up in the next one before introducing the next issue. With that said, at the end of her first book, Max came ... For real for real ... And while the book left me saying 'oh shit,' it never left me saying 'WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY IS THIS BOOK OVER?' Because I felt as though she gave us just enough to wet our lips but not enough to water our mouths. Perfect balance. Anyway, this book focuses on the issue of Max being around ... like at the club ... all while Willow attempts to find a way to get her heart back. Not only that but the word 'prophecy' is thrown around, 'army,' and Vlad getting a girlfriend.

Look ... I'm pissed about this. And although it seems as though Willow is not ... I dont fucking appreciate Onyx having Vlad. Why? Because even though he's technically a different guy, he's still in the same body and that isn't working for me. But it definitely does bring up a lot of juicy possibilities for future installments. Like ... Will Willow ever get jealous? Will Onyx not want to deal with this? What if Onyx decides she wants Vlad all the damn time? I will cut that ho ... Ok? I will.

Back to basics ... We FINALLY get some good information about Franco and it came at the perfect time. Because with this book talking Prophecy, we find out why Franco is so invested in Willow. Franco is probably the best card player in the series because he knows how to properly balance his allies, even the ones who could potentially become enemies. Then again ... Franco is EXTRA old so he's got tricks. Did I mention fine as hell? I didn't? Well he is ...

One thing that I really appreciate about Dicey is that when I read her work ... I don't think 'OH MUST HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY A BLACK PERSON.' She, Rae Lori, Kenya Wright, and Shirin Dubbin are great neutralizers. I say this because a lot of books that I've read, that are written by black authors ... I can tell the author is black. It just bleeds through the paper, but not with these guys.e I just appreciate them using common sense. Case in point ... "I mean, even when running from ____, you still kept your hand on your damn weapon. Didn't you?" YES, WILLOW (Dicey), YES YOU DO! It's what we're thinking when we're reading it or watching it in a movie but no on ever says it. Thank you for that.

1.) I'm glad Monroe has been dealt with in a way I felt he should have been, lol. 2.) WTF is up with Punch? 3.) Yea, Willow, I'd like to watch those two engage in a little kissy touchy screwy too. *wink wink* 4.) Looking forward to Conda's lack of swag now that his secret is out. It also makes me wonder how all aspects of his ordeal will change. 5.) Having a piece of information about the prophecy gives me hope that this series will run for a while considering all that Willow still has to go through just to do 1 major thing. 6.) Again, at the end of the book, we're left with a 'WTF?' moment but you're happy with everything so it doesn't even matter. 7.) SO GLAD Willow got a little bad ass now, thanks to Vlad. I'm sure she'll get better with time. I would love for her to just build some confidence.

Yes, this review is kind of vague but if I say one thing, it gives away 10 damn others so I can't really, lol.

5 Stars ... Duh

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  1. Thanks so much for reading and writing my first blog review for the sequel, Deva! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll be sure to link to this page from my website.

    "I will cut that ho ... Ok? I will."--LOL

  2. Wow! i never head of this!! definetly grabbing it!!!!


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  4. I need to read these books. your reviews have worked on me:)