Monday, April 16, 2012

Have You Heard About x0?

Somewhere between the world one knows and fanciful places is the universe of x0. Here, seven billion people lead normal lives and seven hundred or so do not. This latter group includes Lola, a Texan geophysicist who doesn’t believe in nonsense, and Somadina, a young Nigerian who thinks her abilities are perfectly normal. These women have at least two important things in common, and that much can forge a powerful link.
When Somadina’s sister becomes a captive, the young Igbo woman draws upon her power to find an ally. Too bad it turns out to be only this distant American woman who insists on ignoring her.
When an unexpected lay-off and a near fatal accident combine to reintroduce into Lola’s mind a rather disturbing phenomenon, Lola tries ignoring it. Medicating it. Analyzing it. However, it keeps getting worse.
Once Somadina accepts that her sister has become a strategic pawn in a much larger and more dangerous game, she knows that she must do anything to get the attention of this kindred, uncooperative lady.
x0 reluctantly emerges from the shadows, only because somebody really needs to step in here. Both women are far more powerful than they realize, and to make matters worse, a fringe fanatic may be on the verge of altering history.

Author's note: This work of speculative fiction is the first book in a series of six involving super powers and various cultures from around the world. Some of the hero's everyday life was inspired by my own work in the oil industry, and much of my knowledge about and appreciation for Nigerians came from my co-workers and friends in real life. The book can be found four ways. Find it at where it can be purchased not only for for Kindle, but also for download to a free Kindle reading application for your computer. You can go to Sherrie Cronin’s author page on Amazon to buy the book.
Or find it at where it can be purchased in 10 different formats including one for Nook, one for any Apple product, and those for several other reading devices as well as several different formats for direct reading from your computer. ( If you cannot find the book make sure that the “adult” filter is turned off as it this book has been listed as containing content not suitable for young teenagers.) Finally, if you want to sample much of the book for free, read chapters one through ten on the website Worthy of Publishing and leave comments for me.
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