Monday, April 16, 2012

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Vampire Sorority Sisters, Book 1

I'll be honest ... I planned on hating this book. Why? I just didn't think that I could take an interest in erotica about lesbian vampires in a sorority. Yall know I hate erotica with a passion so I was ready to put this in the crapper.

Happy I didn't.

I was first introduced to Amy. A blonde who I found to be the college roommate to our lead girl. And even though I knew loads about Amy, I didn't know anything about the lead. Her name wasn't given until a good piece in the first chapter and I had no idea what she looked like until well into the sorority of things. That put me off for quite a while. Amy is one of those overzealous, super perky, college freshman that want to get into everything. She drags her roommate, Ginger (a red-head), to random sorority events until she finds one she likes. Ginger wasn't into it. Besides, she had her own sexuality to figure out ... Until she found Alpha Beta Omega. A sexually free and ethnically diverse sorority with cool girls that Ginger and Amy genuinely began to like hanging out with. Soon we find that the sorority is a ruse for finding girls to feed their vampire sister-queens (and for the boys, brother-kings of Omega Beta Alpha). It's a life long commitment with apparently really nice benefits. I can't lie to you, if I were in their place, I'd totally take the bait also. Great sex, great fun, regular college life with the bonus of having being bitten (although thats pure pleasure) ... Wouldn't you take it? I would.

I hate Ginger. I hate her, I hate her, I freaking hate her. She's this sniveling toad of a girl who ends up with an amazing woman, vampire queen, she will soon call her girlfriend. It's the biggest mismatch in history. First, I don't find Ginger sexy at all. Even though I love red-heads, I don't find Ginger attractive. I think the problem was that I couldn't SEE Ginger. Now Camila, the vampire queen ... I could SEE Camila, I could hear and feel her. Camila is Mexican but before we found out what ethnicity she was, she seemed to be racially ambiguous, which I really liked. That gave the reader a chance to hash it out on their own. And even after I find she's mexican, there's still that ... Not so Mexican ... feel to her. She keeps her hair cut short, spiked and wears red lipstick, shiny pants and has cute feet, lol. I even hear this kind of deep smokey voice. I know a Mexican woman with that voice and it's sexy as shit. I can completely see this woman standing in front of me. I would stare like hell too. The bitch is beautiful and strong, not butch, still very soft.

One of the very few problems I had with this book was their were too many characters to keep up with. While I feel as though they were necessary to have, I just couldn't keep up. I kept forgetting what Kina looked like. Cleo is black? Benny is plus sized? Her step dad is who? Why is Sam a bitch? WTF Greg? I have ADD, I'm super scatterbrained so I was really straining to remember tidbits of info about everyone mentioned.

On to big things ... Greg is Ginger's lab partner ... I was ready to write Greg off until nearly the end of the book when the shit hit the fan. That one thing changed my mind about this story completely because when that one thing happened, power shifted in a MAJOR way and it changed Ginger for the better. Even though it changed Ginger for the better, she and Camila reversed roles. That, I didn't like. Ginger became to strong sure one while Camila seemed to sink as her emotions got the best of her. I understand how they could ... So much happened and she was going to break eventually but I didn't anticipate the break being this intense.

I'm seriously having a hard time not giving anything away. I'm tryin yall, lol.

Dalhelm ... He's like the big man ... The one you answer to. There comes a point where he needs to hand down some punishment to Camila but I couldn't help but feel like he's that super proud father who was faced with having to punish his favorite son. Yes, the offense was huge (by their standards) and she had to be punished but he didn't want to do it. Well ... Maybe he did because he had to but didn't actually want to. Thi sone is hard to explain. Anyhow, Ginger meets some biological family because of him ... Yay ... And ... The way Ginge's family was handled made me love Dalhelm all the more. I keep thinking that maybe I've read it wrong but it seems to me like he did Ginger a huge favor.

Now ... When a human is turned into a vampire, there are things that need to happen. The major one being, they are pronounced dead. With that, the family is notified. Without giving away who it involves, when it happened the second time, I cried a little, lol. I didn't react the first time maybe because I wasn't so connected to that character but with the second ... Oh man ... Knowing how important her family is to her given her circumstances ... You're gonna feel something for her and it'll hit you.

Like I said ... I planned on hating this book but I just can't. Yes, it's erotica, but I skipped over the gushy's and liked it a lot anyway.

3 1/2 Stars
IR; All over the place
Casting: Sarah Rue (Ginger), Camila Alves (Camila)

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