Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10

I can certainly say that I enjoyed this book much more than books 4-9 (with the exception of John Matthew's book, his was really decent). I enjoyed it to the point of nearly wanting to call it a page turner. Dare I say? It wasn't THAT good but I expected worse so I'm pretty pleased.


This book focuses on Tohrment. His wife (shellan) Wellesandra was killed and Tohr had yet to let go. Because he hadn't let go, it was keeping his wife in In Between (purgatory). In order for her to go into The Fade (Heaven/Afterlife), he basically needed to almost purge her from his life and move on. His saving grace comes in the form of an angel I adore, Lassiter, and No'One, who happens to be Xhex's mother and the same woman that Tohr and Darius had to bury many years ago. Despite the fact that I wanted to break No'One 's (who is renamed Autumn) neck multiple times, things ended up quite well. Now you know, that dealing with JR Ward, a woman has to be snatched away from a Brother so their can be a miraculous recovery ... Next!

John Matthew (btw, why hasn't anyone figured out he's actually Darius? And why wasn't Darius actually called Tehrror? Everyone else is called by a cool name) and his shellan, Xhex, are having marital problems. Mostly, John wants her to be safe and happy but Xhex likes to be a stupid dick and go fighting. I mean sure, that's her thing and that's why I loved her when I first met her but I just felt like the bitch was being unreasonable. Sure, I was a man in my past life so I see where John is coming from BUT I think Xhex could have handled this differently instead of acting like they're an estranged couple.

Layla and Quinn's relationship gets ever more complicated when Layla goes into her Needing (like cats and dogs go into heat) and she asks Quinn to 'service her.' I, personally, am a fan of Quinn/Blaylock so I want Saxton out of the way and I want Quinn to be able to have Layla because they're so tight (and hopefully Expecting) AND Blay because Blay is the only person he will ever love in that way.

What am I missing?

Oh, the conspiracy going on. To get Wrath off the throne. That mutherf**ker Xcore needs to die ASAP. Throe's head needs to be cut from his body and OMG if Xcore gets hold of Layla again, Quinn, Blay and John are gonna tear that a$$ up. Not to mention Tohr is already promised to be his executioner ...

What am I hoping for in book 11? I want Blay and Quinn ... Solely. I don't give two effs about the rest of them. I've been waiting on Blay and Quinn's story for a long time and I wont be reading another one of these BDB books until 1.)They get some diversity. Their are no black, latino, native american, COLORED Brothers at all. Not even a colored Chosen. 2.)I am reading solely about Blay and Quinn (I'll take John if I have to, but never again want to deal with his b!tch, Xhex).

JR Ward gave a pitiful excuse as to why their is no diversity. She can kiss my ass with that shit ... See, I forgot to censor myself. WTF Ever. I want some diversity. As a Black book/kindle edition purchasing female who has followed this junk since book 1, I am afforded a little diversity. Ward, get with it!

3 Stars.
IR: None at all. Everybody looks the f*cking same.


  1. Deva, love the review. these were my thoughts exactly. Ward said yesterday that Qhuinn and Blay were up next. We'll see how much couple time they actually get. Im expecting Rhage and Mary to pop and dominate the book like V and Butch did to Payne and Manny.


    Let me know if you want to check out the first book in my new series Better Off Red. I wrote it in part because Ward was refusing to write more diverse characters. All of my couples in the series will be interracial. First is a young white woman with a vampire Latina.

  2. Hey Rebekah, thanks for throwing up a hand to second my motion, lol. But yes, i would love to check out your book. If you want to do a giveaway or author interview for this blog, also let me know. Any way you need help getting the word out, I'll do the best I can.

  3. im blind apparently. where can i find your contact info?

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  5. Thanks. email coming your way!

  6. I just can't get enough of BDB. Loved Lover Reborn. Can't effing wait for Qhuay's book. You make an interesting point about diversity within the series though. I noticed that from some of my favorites, which is actually why I got the crazy idea to write fantasy myself. I think it'll take more authors of color to feature more books with color.

  7. I'm with you, Dicey. This series is exactly the reason I started writing. I just can't get over how anyone can create a world devoid of ANY ethnicity unless it's sci fi and their should be aliens involved.