Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stormwalker by Allyson James

Stormwalker Series, Book 1

I'd purchased the entire series at once, MONTHS ago, but hadn't gotten around to reading it until I put it up as a challenge at IR & AA Paranormal (which I don't think anyone is participating in). This book was a tough read. It wasn't that it didn't turn out to be good, it was just that it was so slow moving into it, not to mention their were characters that I took no interest in.

Janet Begay is a young Native American woman who can harness the power of storms and use them for her bidding. Now you would think it would be amazing (if you want amazing storm power, see Eugenie Markham aka Dark Swan, but not the final book cause it's garbage), but since Janet is so ... Whack ... She kinda tries to deal with it in the quietest way possible. I mean sure, she has a reason. Her mother wants HER to be an all powerful badass (who wouldn't want that for their daughter?).

My main problem with this book is that I wanted the bad guy to win. That usually doesn't happen for me but with this, it did. I had nothing that really connected me to Janet other than the fact that she has mommy issues, a really hot boyfriend that I would love to take from her and a whole host of people in her life that don't matter. So why not let the bad guy win?

Her grandmother: God lover her. She's a fiery Native American woman with a lot of insight and a really cool trick. I dig her because she's very matriarchal but offers nothing to me other than her scowling she does when Mick comes around.

Her father: A boring man, probably beautiful, but a boring and plain father nonetheless. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but he offered me nothing.

Her 'friends': First there is Maya, the electrician, who I want to die a horrible death simply because she's a huge b!tch. Second, there's Fremont, the plumber, who's basically ... A sniveling man. Third, Coyote, a god who runs around as Coyote, then shape shifts into a naked man who wants to have sex with Janet while offering her advice.

Her boyfriend: Mick is a beautiful, magnificent, wonderous creature ... And I use that term losely ... Who should rid himself of Janet and find someone more worth his time. But I get it, the alpha male likes a strong female but VERY feminine. A damsel that needs saving. That's his Janet. I would really enjoy an entire book dedicated to Mick. His origin, what he's been doing with his time and what his future plans are.

Her mother: Goddess of Beneath. A witch of a woman who'd been inhabiting bodies of women in order to create a daughter she could use, because ... Well ... Janet wouldn't let her use her. Mother is very cut and dry, not really any depth at all.

A variable: Nash Jones, is a sheriff and a Null. A huge variable when it comes to the war Janet's mother is raging that she needs Janet to help her win. He's a single minded dick that I would like to die but live at the same time. I think I really just want him to open his eyes and stop being a dick.

Her: Janet ... Boring as sin. Apparently not as naive as she used to be, but still there is nothing interesting about her. She doesn't have a personality I like very much which is why I can't connect with her.

Overall, despite all the bad things I've said, the book is decent. I think that ALL the bad things I've said make for one big pile of shit that you can dig into. Yes, I actually put the book down for 2 weeks before I picked it up again, but after the halfway point, you can't put it down.

3 Stars
IR: Janet (NA), Mick (a mix of maybe Asian and White), all the rest are NA except Nash (W) and Maya (Mex).

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  1. Very good review. :-D I wasn't familiar with this series before, so thanks for mentioning it.