Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shadow Walker by Allyson James

Stormwalker Series, Book 3

Again, as with the last book, Janet will not be the person who is the Shadow walker. The cover is really misleading but the book is still good and my favorite so far. The Shadow we encounter begins in the form of something being terribly wrong with Mick. If I say what it is, it will give it away but it's a pretty big damn deal. In addition to Janet having to have to deal with Mick, there is a mysterious blonde who's a piece of work, the sister has shown up again, and there's a hotel inspector that's poking around her hotel and finding fault in things that were fixed.

1.) Nash is becoming less annoying and more ... Tolerable. 2.) Maya is good for girltime, that is all. 3.) The 4th book will be called Night Walker so I'm hoping we get to meet the nightwalker (vampire) that's been staying in Janet's hotel. 3.) Mick has begun to get mushy and it's bothering me. 4.) Janet is getting to be badass but she's suppressing it too much for me. She took a step forward and then a step back. 5.) Coyote is useles ... Kill him already. 6.) Grandmother Ruby reminds me of an old school Black grandma who didn't take no ish. Love her. 7.) I want only the best for the magic mirror. 8.) Cassandra, can you get more badass please? I really like you but you're not owning up to my unrealistic expectations of you (Vonda is what I want you to be, but not bad). 9.) If Janet could fight ... Like really fist fight, I'd totally be all over her. That's what keeps me from giving this series a 5 star rating.

Better than the last book but not by much. I still can't give it a full 5 stars because Janet can't fight to save her life, lol. I'm trying to really love her and I really feel like she's in a bind at times when their are so many things going on at once. I will be reading and wonder 'damn, when will she sleep?' I feel for you, Janet, but learn to use your hands minus the power within.

4 1/2 Stars
IR: A whole lot of Native American

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