Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tornado Siren by Patrick Gabridge

I'd been holding off on putting my review up since there was a giveaway and such going on. Patrick Gabridge was nice enough to send me 3 autographed copies of his book for the giveaway. I trust they all made it to their destinations safely. I've only heard from 1 winner so far that they'd received it. Aside from the book, there was a Q&A and that is also posted on this blog as well.

Anywho ... One of the things I loved most about this book is the fact that I didn't know anything about our heroine's job. Victoria is like a tornado expert with a PHD. So while reading this book, you've got to pick up on her way of thinking in order to really relate. While out checking a tornado's path, she comes upon a set of footprints that would have been dead center of a tornado. The footprints gave way to no signs of struggle from this person like he was being lifted from the ground. Instead, they were firmly planted in the ground during. Now, Victoria is a scientist so she's nosey as hell. Trying to find out who made the footprints pained me because I felt like it wasn't important, but then again, I'm not a scientist. Later, we meet Ben Fulgar and his dog Kimet. Ben turns out to be the man with the footprints in the tornado's path. He also claims to be centuries old, a wanderer and knows nothing of modern society. Not to mention he claims that he can sense a storm and draws power from it. Victoria, like me, is like 'uh uh.' To make a long story short, she treks across Kansas for a week, roughing it and having to deal with a ton of racial BS before ultimately falling in love with this man and trying to decide on how to have a life with him.

1.) Walter and Martha are Victoria's parents. Her mother is black while her father is white. They seem to be polar opposites in style and grace but were my favorite characters of the book despite them only really being seen towards the end. 2.) I love that Ben has no race. He's described as having brown skin but not the same kind of brown that a black person would be and Victoria goes on to list why he doesn't fit in any other race on the planet. He's literally just a human being. Love that. 3.) The book starts out slow but once we find Ben, you can't put it down. 4.) The book is well written and you can tell that the author knows his sh!t. 5.) Maybe I need to re-read the book but I couldn't place when the story was supposed to have taken place. The racially charged scenes that involved Victoria, and the constant reminders of being black, were too big of an issue and it had me wondering when this was to take place. It felt like the 50s with some doppler radar and cell phones. 6.) Aside from the last point, the only other thing that bothered me is that we don't find out how their relationship will work. If Ben has been around centuries already, it stands to reason that he will be around centuries more. And if that's the case, how does he plan on building a life with a woman he lives who will be gone in the proverbial blink of an eye? Theirs no closure there for me and none in regards to Kimet.

Overall, though this is not the type of paranormal I usually like or read on a regular basis, this is something I recommend because it's just a great story.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Victoria (B/W)
Casting: Jessica Lucas, Ben - ?


  1. Sounds good. I will have to give it a read.

  2. Not done with it yet, but liking it. The author developed the heroine fully and also made sure you had some basis for comparison between how she encounters a tornado vs. how Ben, the mystery man, encounters one. So you can see there's definitely something remarkable about him; a compelling story.