Monday, January 2, 2012

Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead

Dark Swan, Book 4

I am so ... Fucking ... Disappointed. Normally I try to censor myself but yall ... I am so pissed right now.

Be prepared for a load of major spoilers. I'm too distraught to conceal them, I don't give a f*ck right now I'm serious.

I just can't ... I can't ... I just ... No.

I am pissed to the ultimate level.

I have waited so long for this book only to find out that this is the LAST book in the Dark Swan series, and that NOTHING gets resolved. I am so fucking angry right now. I need to calm down.

Hold on.

I'm so mad right now to where I feel like Richelle just said 'F*ck all of you, my VA series is where it's at, put this down and read that one.' It's like she stopped caring about the devoted fans she had for Eugenie. I understand that her other series has a larger fan base because it's YA but this right here is completely unacceptable. I paid money for this. A friend gave me the book as a late Christmas/Early birthday present but I was so anxious to read it that I purchased the damn Kindle version. I am pissed!

Ok. Spoilers!

Eugenie decides to leave the Otherworld in order to have her twin babies. Roland hooks her up with a lovely couple of shamans who can't have kids of their own and are happy to take her and the children in. *I'm so pissed write now writing this, you have no idea* Pagiel is the son of Ysabel who can wield some powerful air. He has befriended Eugenie because he and Jasmine have a thing going plus he supports the whole Storm King Heir prophecy. Alright, Eugenie has her children. They are born early and later she finds out that all the kingdoms are basically stuck in a perpetual blizzard. The queen of the Yew Land, Varia (who Volusian has a bone to pick with), is basically blackmailing and forcing support of other kings and Monarchs so that if they don't support her or do as she asks, their kingdom will be kept in winter. When Eugenie finds out about it, she goes over there, she, Dorian, Rurik, Jasmine, Pagiel and a few others put a stop it and all is well. While all this is going on, we get some back story on Volusian before Varia banishes him to the underworld. Blah blah blah, we come to find out that Pagiel is actually the first grandson of the Storm King because Ysabel is the Storm Kings daughter also. Apparently he really got around. So since the lands are barren, Pagiel has taken it upon himself to go to the human world to steal food and raid and blah blah blah thus bringing the prophecy to the forefront. Low and behold, Maiwenn's punk ass shows up and kills him after Kiyo's failed attempt so now everybody is pissed and trying to figure out how to deal with her. After all this, Eugenie goes back to the human world to get ready to see her kids and Kiyo shows up to tell her that Maiwenn thinks the son may still be able to fulfill the prophecy because it could roll to the next oldest grandson. *rolls eyes* Next, Kiyo tell her that he had a vasectomy so there is no way he could father her children. So now she knows why her twins don't look like him at all, because they're Dorians. Eugenie now makes the decision to keep the secret from Dorian, leave the twins in the human world until their teenage years, but go back to Dorian, be his woman, and split her time between there and the human world.

Pissed the f*ck off. What kind of bullsh!t!?!?!?

Ok ... Calm down ...

1) We finally find out the origins of Volusian and why the current mission is so important to him. It's all to do with a woman, as usual. But Volusian was my favorite character out of everyone. 2) Eugenie is an idiot. 3) Maiwenn is a bitch. 4) Richelle Mead ... I'm so pissed at you for this mess. 5) Who else wanted Kiyo dead? I know I did. 6) Who else wanted Maiwenn dead? I did. 7) Was there closure for this book? NO. 8) I just found out this was the last of the series ... I'm not happy about this. Not happy at all. So pissed right now.

2 Stars
Casting: Eugenie - Amanda Righetti, Dorian - Henry Cavill, Kiyo - Paolo Montalban, Maiwenn - Katy Perry


  1. *sigh* I'm disappointed to hear this but not really that surprised after the mess of the last book. I'll still buy it *cringe* as I'm a completionist and I've got the previous volumes but man, Eugenie was such an interesting character in the first novel (even Kiyo was tolerable). What the frak happened!?! :(

  2. I understand completely. I'm the same way. Start a series, MUST finish. I kind of feel like this book will be one that you really love or you really hate, although I've seen more bad reviews than good ones. I'm still just dumbfounded by it.