Sunday, January 22, 2012

Richelle Speaks on Shadow Heir

So yea, I was one of those people who was incredibly pissed about the ending of the Dark Swan series. Mainly because their were too many things left unanswered and I wouldn't have minded had it not been the end of the series. So I think she got tired of people yelling about it and decided to post this. Theirs more on her blog but this is what's important.


Anyway, if you've read SH, you probably know that the ending resolves some things...but not others. Obviously, this troubles some people since there's a big, big question left open there. I had a couple of reasons for ending it it in that OMG way. One is that I kind of like leaving a little mystery at the end, kind of like in the 1980s Flash Gordon movie when Ming's ring starts glowing. (IS HE REALLY DEAD? IS HE COMING BACK?). I don't always want to have every single detail neat and tidy at the end of a series. It can feel a little too perfect. I like to think about things afterward and leave a few open doors. Many have asked if I have plans, on some far off day, to wrap up some of the remaining mysteries.

My answer? You never know. :)


I, personally, can't understand why you would end a series (maybe) on that note but I'm not her. If she's happy, good for her, but since I'm one of the many who invested time (and money) into this series, I think my opinion is warranted. So let's hope that she reopens this case, but then again, I'm still so ticked about this that I may not be following this author by the time she decides to clear it all up.

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