Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mortal Bone by Marjorie Liu

Hunter Kiss, Book 4

I think that out of all Liu's books, and this series of course, this is my favorite. I'd complained in the past that all of her characters were the same, no matter what the sex, background, race, whatever. This one showed me different.

The Boys, Raw, Aaz, Zee, Mal and Dek were always the most well rounded in the series IMO. They each have their own personalities and in this one, you definitely can see the difference. Before I get into the actual review, I must warn of spoilers. To read a spoiler, make sure you highlight the blank line so you can see it.

MAJOR SPOILER -> Crisis strikes when the boys are literally ripped from Maxine's body. <- END SPOILER. Because of this, we now get even MORE information on the boys, what they meant to the past demon wars and how they were handled. With that, their heart for Maxine is now worn on their sleeve and by the end of the book, they have to make a choice that will make you melt. I felt Maxine's grief, loss and heartache, not to mention Grant's internal conflicts on how to help fix things. Finally, we get to find out about that darkness that's hiding inside Maxine and how she chooses to deal with it. No longer is she running from it, she's embracing it but trying to be as practical as possible. MAJOR SPOILERS -> The reason behind Maxine being chosen for the darkness is simply because she would be the Hunter who could handle it. Not only that, but she and Grant make a conscious decision to protect their unborn child no matter what the cost. <- END SPOILER. Grant is showing an increasing amount of power and we don't yet know if that's a good or bad thing, especially when dealing with what he's gotten himself tethered to by the end of this book.

1.) I love that with each ending chapter, theirs a cliffhanger. Something gets said or something happens and you're like, 'OH SH!T' and then you hurry and flip the page to a new chapter so you can dig into it. 2.) I think because of the cliffhanger chapter endings, the resolute ending works even though you know another book will be written. It's a calm after/before the storm and when you put the book away, you're completely satisfied. 3.) Our Reaper Kings (the Boys) get to be the kings they were once before ... Or do they? 4.) Their decision at the end pleases me and the reason behind the decision will melt you heart. 5.) Jack reappears with information on something that pops up, but as usual, you're kind of like 'why didn't you say this sooner?' 6.) Blood Mama will surprise you, then again, after being dealt with by Grant, you kind of have no choice. I've always liked her. I know she's the bad guy but at the same time, she's nonchalant with her intentions, as bad as they are. 7.) The action was kind of MEH. Well, it was better than MEH when dealing with the boys but only MEH when dealing with Maxine. I still feel that even with all the power she supposedly has, she's not kicking ass the way she should be.

4 Stars
Casting: Maxine - Katrina Law, Grant - Simon Baker

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