Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Clarity by D.T. Stubblefield

The Society, Book 1 (?)

You know how when you go through so many books you can find similarities in covers. The cover model on this book is the same as the cover for a YA book not yet released called Echo. And that was the reason I purchased it.

Anywho ... Dark Clarity is about a biracial (b/w) 18 year old who got a full scholarship to college in Charleston. When her father drops her off, he gives her a gift. A ring that her mother wore. A ring that changes Vera's life. We meet a dreaded muscled up Bryce, mousy Claudette, and emotionally detached, but fine as hell, Gabe. The ring she was given allows her to see dark entities like demons, and also grants her power that had been dormant. Vera finds out she's a Watcher. She has special powers that allow her to battle demons. Yea this seems very cool but I just couldn't make myself really like the book.

All the elements of a great book were there but ... I just didn't like it. I don't know why. I just didn't like it. Vera is hard headed and snappy. I don't mind snappy but when you pair it with hard headed, it makes your eyes roll. Bryce was way too cheesy for me and I actually liked Claudette a great deal. One of the things that I didn't like was the fact that once Vera had to deal with the fact that she had a new life that demanded her attention, she never mentioned school again. At first, their was no way she would allow herself to forget how hard she worked to get a full scholarship, but then later so much goes on that she just says 'forget it,' and moves on to the current issue.


Their is a traitor in her midst. By the end, we find out who it was and it really wasn't surprising. But now, after a night with Gabe, she finds herself pregnant with a child who is half Watcher and a fourth demon (courtesy of Gabe). That poses a huge problem to The Society when they find out.

I'm not sure if their will be a 2nd book. Hell, I guessed at calling the series The Society. Their is virtually no info on this author out there that I can find so anything else with this series is up in the wind. Their are plenty of typos. Well, they're not exactly typos but it's easy to put PASS instead of PAST and their were a lot of those kind of mistakes. Words were missing and time was a big issue. It was never clear on how much time went by between events. But, even if their was a book 2, I won't be reading it. No shade to the author at all ... The characters and plot just don't keep me interested.

2.5 Stars
IR: Vera (b/w) Gabe (w) Bryce (b)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Don't Call Me Angel by Alicia Wright Brewster

Forsaken, Book 0.5

I always struggle with what rating to give books that are so short ... I really don't know.

Anywho ...

It seems like it took me 18 years to get to this. I'd been wanting to wait until it was almost the release of the actual book 1 so I don't get all antsy if I really like this prequel. I should have just not bought it. Six is a fallen angel who escaped from hell with her 'friend' Alden. Since this is a short book, I will try not to give away much ... It literally only took me an hour to read (is that fast for this? Slow? Who knows ...). Anyway, Six has to come to grips with the fact that she's been in hell for centuries since being cast out of Heaven and now is on Earth trying to decide how she feels about all the ungrateful people walking around there. Not only the people ... But she's not comfortable with any type of compassion she may have for whoever. However, she really can't help it since she used to be an actual angel before she was Six. The significance of her name being a number is important so I won't go there, lol.

I'm quite interested in how this series will play out. I absolutely love Six and everything she stands for. I love her internal struggles the most because it really plays out well in her day to day life; this new day to day life that she's living. I want to know more about her new friend, Cara, as well as the relationship she had with Luke (*fans self*). I'm sure our author will give us all that info in book one. Thank you for the prequel ... How it relates to book 1 is yet to be seen. I think this is the very first time I've actually read a prequel before the actual novel came out. Yay me!

4 Stars
IR: Six (brown skinned ... I'm calling her AA because she's not a sugar coated brown, lol). Luke (some kind of White but since he's Luke it kind of doesn't matter, lol ... I have a feeling I'm gonna love him).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Guild Hunter, Book 1

I'm probably VERY late to the party as far as being a fan of Nalini Singh. I've heard lots of good things about how diverse her series' are but never got around to it. I checked out the e-book from my library and was really surprised at how much I liked it.

Elena Devereaux is a white haired born hunter. She has an ability that allows her to really be good at hunting vampires whether they be rogue or need returning to whoever 'owns' them. Elena is needed on a hunt by the Archangel Raphael. Raphael is mister badass that you don't utter a bad word to or he will kill you without having to blink. We find that he hires her to find an archangel that has undergone a rather interesting transition. A transition that without Elena, they would never be able to find him and put a stop to him. Why? Elena has the ability to smell a vampire. And even though this guy is not a vamp, it proves to be very useful.

This romance that takes place between Raphael and Elena is rather interesting. It's definitely not a run of the mill romance which is what I liked most about the pairing. It's not mushy and overindulgent ... It's literally two stubborn people who are into each other ... And it really feels that way.

I loved the book and am looking forward to getting book 2 from the library. My only gripe is that their wasn't enough action. Well ... I mean their was ... Lots to really wet your senses with but I think I just wanted more combat. Maybe that's not it ... It seems like their was just 1 small thing that's keeping me from giving this 5 stars ... I just don't freaking know. Maybe it's Elena's family situation. Maybe it's Dmitri. Maybe it's Ransom Whitewolf. And none of these things are bad ... Something is just missing. I don't freaking know what. But at any rate, I'm definitely going to continue.

4 Stars
IR: Lots ... Elena is some kind of Persian/Moroccan. I believe Sara and Michaela are some form of Black. Ransom is half NA and half Dutch.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Aleatha Romig GIVEAWAY!


If you would like to win a copy of both books in this amazing series ... Please leave a comment just telling me why you're interested. One will be randomly chosen and the winners info will be sent directly to Aleatha who will send you copies of both books. Yay!
Deadline: Dec 24

Aleatha Romig - The Interview


1. I'm one of those weirdos who looks for books where taboo things happen. Consequences starts out with some heavy heavy stuff, and though it's written beautifully, it is a shock, but a good one that sucks you in. What prompted you to write Consequences?
First, Deva, thank you for having me on your blog!!!
Consequences started with an “idea” a “vision” of the opening scene.  It was heavy... I really don’t know where it came from.   I decided to write it down.  In my original thought I didn’t know why “Claire” was in the bedroom – I just knew what had happened to her and what was expected of her.  I know the subject is “heavy” and “taboo”... but I honestly read and watch a lot of stories that explore similar things.

2. How long did it take you to write it? How many re-writes?
Once I started writing “openly”, at first I thought my family would think I was crazy, I wrote the entire book in about five months.  Then the re-writes started... that went on for four to five more months.

3. Is there any part of Consequences you think you could have done differently?
I love my story.  It was my first attempt ever at writing!  Every time I went to a seminar or listened to a writer speak, I came home and added and subtracted.  Over and over I heard, “show -- don’t tell”.  To that end, I wanted people who read to “feel” like they were there with Claire – like they could “see”, “smell”, “touch”, “hear” and “taste” everything as she did. 

Honestly, I may have – okay, on some occasions, I did – overdo it.  One reviewer (I really do try to read them all) made a comment about  x-number of unnecessary pages about wedding dresses  Claire didn’t choose.  I went back and reread it.  She was right! Even I didn’t care about all the detail.  Funny thing, I told a friend and she said, “Oh, I loved the wedding dress part.”  So, I guess even though I would now probably write some of it differently, I would do it because I thought it made the book better, not because someone else didn’t like it.  I know I can’t make everyone happy.

4. John Hamm seems to be the Anthony Rawlings of choice among his fans. Is he also your choice? Also, is there any one thing about Anthony you think readers overlook (I personally appreciate the fact that he has a bit of chest hair)?
Honestly, I do like the pictures of Jon Hamm people have posted.  But, as I wrote Consequences and Truth, Joe Magellano has been Tony.  I even have pictures of him above my desk.  He will always be my Tony.
Something about Tony readers overlook... hmmm, the chest hair – I like chest hair! I like how soft it is and how it tickles your cheek...  so yes, I put that in my writing.  I regress, what I think is overlooked by many readers is Tony’s blind trust.  He doesn’t want to trust anyone; yet, when he does trust -- it is 100%.  Take for example his trust of Brent and Courtney.  He still has no idea what they did.  They are his best friends, he told them to stay away from Claire.  He never suspected they’d do anything other than what he said.  I won’t even start with the obvious person he has trusted for a long time! Poor guy – no wonder he has issues giving that trust to anyone else.

5. Since this series is a trilogy, do you have anything in mind for another series after this piece of amazingness is done?
I do have some ideas.  Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll handle writing “The End”.  After all these years I have a difficult time imagining not thinking about Claire and Tony.

6. I'll be honest with you. I generally stick to African American and Interracial books. However, a Goodreads friend was going on and on about the Consequences Series in her update feed and that caused me to purchase and now obsess over it. What would you say to those potential fans who just haven't decided to branch out of their comfort zone and check out your book for whatever reason?
First let me say – thank you! Thank you for giving Consequences a chance.  I guess that is all I can ask -   give Consequences a chance.  I feel bad when I read a review that is a DNF... or someone who “skims” and “the end makes no sense”.  Although I may use too many adjectives – all the information is pivotal.  It is there for a reason and if you pay attention as you read, at the end you will say, “OH MY GOD!  I GET IT!”  But that can’t happen if you don’t “give it a chance”.  So, when I say “I feel bad”, honestly, I feel bad that, that reader missed out on the experience.

There have been many discussions on the genre of my books.  According to my agent they are:  contemporary dark romance / psychological thriller.  Amazon lists them as thriller / suspense.  I believe the problem stems from me – I have issues with “following the rules”.  I’m a member of IRA and have been told a romance needs a HEA, I can only write in chronological order, I can’t have more than one POV in a chapter and my book wouldn’t work.  Well, I’m not sure, but according to the reviews, I think some people are liking it?  So, maybe it’s working?

Therefore, even if Consequences isn’t listed under a genre you usually read... or even if it is... I promise it is like nothing you’ve read before.  “Give it a chance.”


Until The Sun Falls From The Sky by Kristen Ashley

The Three, Book 1

I felt like I was on such a roll with this stalkerish domineering type thing (after reading Consequences) that I would branch out a little more. Thank God the library had it ... This is about a woman named Leah who is part of a family of human female concubines who have serviced vampires with their blood for about 500 years. Each woman is chosen by a vamp and Leah was apparently chosen by the head vamp, the one everyone wants their hands on.

Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you.

Leah pouted and whined and back talked ... She groaned and taunted and whined some more ... She did everything a 5 year old would do EXCEPT stomp her foot if she doesn't get her way. And this is the kicker ... this b!tch is 40 years old. I went through the first 10% of the book thinking this girl was 15 at the oldest because that's how she was acting. That was strike one. Strike 2 came when the head vamp, Lucien, was made out to be some badass but he actually liked Leah's childish ways. Strike 3 came when it seemed as though everyone had to respect Lucien EXCEPT Leah ... And the maid, Edwina. Shouldn't the maid be especially grovely? That's not even a real word but it is today. It's been a long time since I ran across a book I couldn't finish ... This broke the streak.

0 Stars.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Truth by Aleatha Romig

Consequences, Book 2

I said I wasn't ready for book 2 but I just couldn't help myself. Truth was just that ... the truth! Every thing you may have wondered ... All the tidbits of information ... Those small things you may have overlooked but shouldn't have ... the motives, the lies, the truth woven into the lie, who really is behind what ... Everything is here, in this book. The only thing it seems like is left for book 3 is to figure out how it will all be handled in the end.

A reconciliation occurs between Anthony and Claire. That is all I am going to say. Jesus help me. I got through this book so much faster than book 1 and my mind is spinning. I feel like my head is going to explode. When a certain big thing was revealed close to the end of this book, I literally started screaming about the person involved. I was so shocked, excited, confused and angry but so damn happy I jumped on this when I did.

It seems as though more goes on in book 2 than does book 1.

Claire gets bold. Mysteriously, she ends up out of prison and a new Claire emerges. This Claire is cheeky, brazen and more determined than ever before. Their were moments where she dealt with Tony that I wanted to clap. Their were moments where I shook my head and of course those moments when I was distraught and felt like she was making the wrong decision.

The mystery of Marie Rawls is uncovered and it will knock your socks off. Your socks will come off, feet will get frost bite and then fall off of your body. I am completely serious. Get ready to have your mind screwed with just as bad as book 1 but in a completely different way.

I can't tell you anything. I feel like I've told you too much already. This is ... Such an amazing follow up. Just ... Please please ... Please get this!

Book 3 is due out late 2013 or early 2014. The author, Aleatha Romig, sent me a message on goodreads and I nearly forgot to breathe. She graciously offered to do an interview and giveaway so stay close by ... You don't want to miss it!

5 Stars!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Consequences, Book 1

It's not often that I go outside of the norm and read something that could be remotely real. I was checking goodreads from my cell phone using the app and kept seeing updates from a friend about a book called Consequences. All of her updates were phrases that registered shock, anger and a full range of emotions. After maybe 3 updates, I decided to go on and purchase the book for my Kindle.

Consequences tells the story of Anthony Rawlings. He's a multibillionaire who stalked, drugged and kidnapped Claire Nichols. Claire wakes up in a strange bedroom. The main door is locked, she's groggy and in pain and desperate for answers. One inspection of her body in the mirror makes it clear that she'd been raped and beaten but yet couldn't remember what was going on. Anthony Rawlings swindled Claire into a bogus 'business deal.' He would pay off $250,000 in debt if she would do as HE pleased until he decided her debt was paid. Anthony Rawlings slowly and methodically mentally, physically and emotionally abused Claire with every passing thought. If she did not answer a question properly, or did not behave properly, she was met with the consequences of her decision. Often, it was rape. Romig never goes into detail but the intent is stated plainly. And each time Claire is defiled, a piece of me broke for her.

Never, while reading a book, have I wanted to cry for someone, found myself screaming at my Kindle, wishing for relief, wiping my forehead because I was so distraught, and overall perplexed that someone could be this way ... All at the same time.

This was a mind f*ck for the ages. Stockholm was decided upon AFTER Romig wrote this book.

I just ... I feel horrible for everyone Rawlings has in his life. Freaking horrible!

Every single thing was planned and calculated to perfection. Anthony Rawlings was a mastermind. He had one goal in mind and you must read the book to find out what it was. His use of Claire dated back to decades ago and you will be even more upset when you find out how he felt about her use in the end. I can't tell you one single thing that happened. I can, but I won't. You need to read this. You need to be shocked. You need to get upset. You need to experience the betrayal. You need to feel that whirlwind of emotions. And by the end ... You will NEED to purchase book 2. I'm about to do that right now.

I don't have the strength to start reading yet ... I just don't freaking don't.

10 Stars (5 :-))

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Embrace the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

Highland Warrior, Book 2

First I will say that this book is maybe the last in a series. I'm not completely sure actually. It came out in November of 2011 and the only other thing that's come out recently for this series is a prequel so I'm not sure if this will continue or not.

This book got tons of great reviews but I don't know why. Well ... Ok ... It was a decent read. I didn't really mind it but the heroine was the most annoying and hardheaded broad on the face of the planet. That is the reason why I literally took my Kindle and chucked it across the room.

This is the type of romance I can deal with. The sex scenes only last 2 pages or so and it's not in detail. Plus! The characters were interesting but I still didn't grasp the concept of a Highland Warrior. I mean ... I know what it is. I grew up watching The Highlander on TV but hadn't seen it touched really since then. Then again, this is book 2 and it's possible all that you would need to know is explained in book 1.

Shay finds out she's been lied to and protected her entire life. Cody is the boy who loved her, still loves her and is part of the clan of warriors that protects humans from dark forces like demons and vampires. Shay and Bree exhibit some really interesting abilities, we find out a lot about parentage, get to 'see' fine men in Kilts, and a crazy old lady who is really the only reason to continue reading the book. Anyway ... Their is a book missing. The Book Of Battles. It contains all the battles of old and battles to come. Dark forces want it because they need the edge, and both sides want Shay because she's important. The details really aren't important because it just goes back to the lies Shay was told that she spends about 70% of the book being mad and stupid about. Well yes the details are important but I never felt like it really took me by surprise.

Now, the reason why I say I'm not sure if it will continue is because I had no plans on continuing the series until I read the end. A warrior was captured by the Dark Forces and they're running tests on him. And it seems to me like the one person who isn't mentioned at the end of the book is probably the one they got. But I doubt we will ever find out. It's been a year since this book has been released and all Clenney has announced was that prequel and a brand new series that has nothing to do with this one.

Meh ... I won't miss it.

It's fast paced ... Not super fast, but it does keep you interested. The Scottish men are so very manly. I love. The female warrior is great and I would love to know about her. The old ladies are funny as hell and the villains were decent. The fight scenes were really lacking ... Really lacking! The last scene was done fine but all the ones before were just poop. Other than that, it was ok, but I wouldn't recommend it.

2 Stars
IR: Yea right ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison

Elder Races, Book 5

First ... I want to say that I am happy that The has introduced 2 new black characters that we will certainly be hearing more from in the future.

Second ... One can't speak correct grammar.

Third ... Their was also a third black character but I can't imagine hearing from her again.


I vowed not to read another Elder Races novel simply because Dragos and Pia were the only 2 I was interested in. I think I may read book 3 because, if memory serves me correctly, the heroine is an Egyptian vampire (i could be wrong but I remember the rest being Egyptian or some type of northern African) that will end up mated to one of Dragos' Sentinels. I haven't decided yet. I did get the book from the library and have roughly 10 more days to make up my mind before it's returned, lol.

A friend lent me this. She told me it was worth the read and it sort of is. Dragos is still stellar, dead sexy, angry as f*** and very much a dragon. I love that Dragos hadn't changed simply because he mated. Hasn't changed a bit. He's learning compromise with Pia, but he's still himself. Anyway, Dragos has lost 2 Sentinels to mating and he now has to replace them. So he renovates and rents out Madison Square Garden to hold to-the-near-death fights between any wyr who want to be his new Sentinels. He gets 488 applicants and basically has to narrow them down to 7. The great part is, he makes his current 5 Sentinels fight in order to keep their spot. The big surprise? One of the applicants is Quentin, Pia's former boss.

While the games are going on, Pia goes into Elf land to repair the damaged relationship that Dragos broke when he went into their territory to capture Pia (book 1). That is how we meet a new band of wyrs who are all some kind of shape shifting canine (except 1). Eva is the captain of the group. She's described as a kinky haired (rolls eyes) Venus Williams-esque type with lots of muscles and closely cropped hair.

'I don't know nuthin about nuthin, Tink,' or 'I juuuust sayin.' All I was waiting for was for her to say 'boss' or 'massa' at the end of that statement. It wasn't that way with her all the time but when it was, it grinded on my freaking nerves so hard they almost snapped.

Eva was virtually perfect but Harrison had to establish that Eva is not the alpha, Pia is. So of course, she has cute Pia buck up to Eva and Eva back down. Not only does she back down but she ends up liking Pia. I'll let you make your judgement for yourself. I only like it because that means we get more Eva in the future.

Anyway, all hell breaks loose when she goes in to Elf land because somebody has decided to use a Deus Machina (God's Machine) to create themselves an army using the power of persuasion. It's pretty drastic. This thing, that's being wielded by a very old Elf, basically has these people walking around like puppets. It was pretty funny and a little unnerving at the same time. Now ... The name of the book being Lord's Fall ... Dragos actually fell from the sky. I will say that the big fight at the end was very lack luster and could have been better. The Sentinel battles could have been written out because I was more interested in that. Pfft ... Can't always get what we want.

Anyway ... I won't reveal the 2 new sentinels but it's kind of not a surprise. However, is 5 old sentinels did keep their jobs :-)

As for the other Black character we meet. He's a Pegasus. Freaking cool! He didn't speak but I'm hoping that in books to come, he's a regal bastard. They're supposed to be peaceful mediators or something of the sort so I look forward to the future.

BTW ... Prepare for the arrival of Peanut. The kid has chosen his name and when he will be born :-)

3 Stars
IR: Potentially one of Pia's new guards, Miguel, would have gotten with the black Elf girl but that quickly fizzled out. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beast In Him by Shelly Laurenston

Pride, Book 2

First. Don't be fooled by the cover. This is Interracial as our heroine is definitely Black.

Wild African Dog shifter, Jessie Ann Ward has come a long way. During her teenage years, a group of shifter Wolves terrorized the poor girl but the big brother, Bobby Ray Smith, of the wolf terrorizing her always seems to come to her defense. Years later they reunite and Jessica tries to push every thought of him out of her mind but fortunately, Bobby isn't taking 'no' as an answer.

This is the first time I've ever heard anything about a wild african dog. I didn't even know they existed. I googled it. They look like a cross between a hyena and a regular dog. So kudos to Laurenston for giving me something new. Anyway ... What I enjoyed most was the dynamic of the dog in the book. We know dogs are wickedly loyal and don't ask for much, very playful and can be emotional ... And Jessie Ann is all of those things. It was just too cute. When she heard something, she would perk up, ears wiggling and sniffing the air ... Adorable!

I don't have very many complaints about this book. I'm not COMPLETELY happy with it but I enjoyed it a lot. Their just seemed to be a lot not there. The world building isn't the best but the characters are very fun. I didn't mind the sex surprisingly so that isn't an issue. I just can't quite put my finger on what it was.

Bobby Ray is exactly the type of man I want. Big, country as hell, and cluelessly sweet at the same time. I have always had a thing for country boys and those Smith boys did it for me. I love that Jessie Ann is a hardcore nerd who wants to help like she wasn't helped when she was younger and I do love that she is just genuine in her excitement for nerdy things, lol.

I just checked the book list for this series ... It's an old series ... But I really hope she re-examines the Johnny/Kristen relationship. Other than that, I didn't find anyone else interesting enough to keep up with other than these two.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Jessie Ann (AA) Bobby (W)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wolf's Haven by Ambrielle Kirk

Wolf's Haven is a romance based around Tamara, young woman escaping an abusive relationship. Just as she decides to break from her abusive fiance, she meets a wolf who helps her flee to safety. The wolf turns out to be rising Alpha, Devin. A protective instinct possesses him upon meeting Tamara, that takes them all the way to claiming and then bonding with her.

I'm not a mushy girl so I take no interest in these types of romances but I am certain romance fans will love it. Their's foot rubbing, steamy baths and growling. I, personally, love reading wolf shifter books because of the growling. That just turns me on, lol. Not quite sure how it would work out for me in real life but hey ... For this ... It works.

Only one criticism I have is the the big fight is a bit anticlimactic. Our villain didn't seem much like a villain. He was just a guy with a big ego who wanted to be the boss and was quickly squashed. But their was no grand fight to read about. Just that he was pinned ... Then Devin and Tamara bonded ... The end. Literally.

It's a short read but a good one. I do encourage you to get it because, like I said, romance fans will love it. But when you're borderline boy/abusive man/alcoholic husband like I am ... That dog don't hunt, lol. HOWEVER ... I will say that Devin was pretty hot. In the beginning, he had sort of a distant honesty. His emotions never over took him so everything was said with that straight face, maybe a head tilt to think, and then he would answer. I think that's too cute.

3 Stars
IR: Devin (W) Tamara, (AA/NA)

Promo Spot: Wolf's Haven by Ambrielle Kirk

Genre: Multi-cultural Paranormal Romance
Pairing: AA/NA heroine and White/Italian hero

Tamara would risk her life to gain freedom. She's finally built up the courage to escape from a world of abuse by the hands of man who promised her the world. One night she makes a break for it, but her plans backfire. She begins to believe that she was never meant to be happy. When all hope of freedom fades, she stumbles across a wolf that brings her to safety. She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man.

Devin, potential future leader of the Caedmon Pack, returns to the foothills of his Virginia home after five long years as a lone wolf. Rivals within the circle challenge him and threaten to strip him of his true birthright. Being bound to lead the pack was not something Devin had planned for his life, but letting his people fall prey to turmoil under the rule of his cousin Darius is out of the question. The night of Devin’s rise to Alpha leader is approaching. Despite opposition, he’s gained an impressive following. That is until he brings a human among the pack.

Tamara can’t deny the attraction she feels toward Devin. The Alpha leader-to-be simply cannot resist Tamara’s lure. When they are together, their tribulations take the backburner. Their desire for one another grows as they consummate their passion in wolf’s haven. Will Devin forfeit the most coveted position within the Caedmon Pack to bond with his chosen mate? Can Tamara trust Devin with her mind, heart, body, and soul or will the memories of her abuse dissuade her from being bound to the wolf?


“You will do no such thing,” he said quickly. “You are under my protection. You will find safety, but you will not find it alone.”

His declaration was firm, as if there were no room for discussion. He was no stranger to giving orders. It was the very thing she was running away from now. Devin had good intentions, but was this hint of dominance a glimpse into who he really was?

“I don’t want to be a burden or the reason you receive reprimand from your pack, neither do I want to feel like a prisoner in your home,” she said, then picked up her empty bowl and walked to the kitchen.

She risked her life for the chance to make her own decisions again. There was no way in hell she would let yet another man make them for her. The reality was that a world of difference existed between Devin and Brad. She saw the honesty in Devin’s eyes, and the virtue in his demeanor. There should have been no comparison to Brad, but she had to be careful. Things weren’t always what they seemed. She’d been burned once before…

A heated body brushed across her side. The bowl slipped from Tamara’s fingers and hit the bottom of the sink. From the way her core warmed when he drew nearer, there was no mistake that it was Devin.

She held her breath, but did not turn around.

His hands came around her to grab the bowl in the sink, and he pressed his chest against her back.

“Don’t fear me,” he whispered into her hair.

She shivered, but it wasn’t from fear or the cold.

Devin picked up the dish towel and began to wash the bowl, leaving her no choice but to look. When he was done, he placed the dish on the drying rack. He took her hand and led her to turn around.

Her gaze was level with his chest, until he tilted her chin gently with a finger.

“Look at me, Tamara. Are you afraid of me?”

“No,” she whispered.

“The tension in your body tells me otherwise.”

How could she have forgotten they were pressed so closely together? His spicy scent drifted under her nose, mesmerizing her. It was familiar to her, yet it wasn’t a scent she’d known anywhere else but with him.

She shook her head. “I don’t know you.”

He closed his eyes. “Why do you smell so good?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your smell? Are you wearing perfume?”

She swallowed. “No, I don’t have any. Did you forget? You brought me here with just the clothes on my back.”

He took a deep breath and moved closer, positioning his nose against one side of her neck. At the same moment he brushed his face against her neck, her body became pliant in his arms.

“There is a strong urge to protect you,” he said.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

A Novel of the Elder Races, Book 2

The reviews on goodreads for this book have been overwhelmingly good ... But I have no idea what book they were reading because I was obviously reading something else.

I was so excited to get to book 2 because book 1 was a great start. I was even excited to catch up with Tiago and find out what he's all about. Native American ... Huge ... Thunderbird (has thunder and storms in his body ... cool) ... Great! He's a hard ass with a nickname of Dr. Death. Fine and dandy. I loved it. But it started off soooooooooooooooooo slow. The book literally dragged until around 47% through. The whole deal with this book is getting Niniane (Tricks) to Adriyel (faerie land) so she can take over as Dark Fae Queen. That is a whole set of issues. Like I said ... I love that their was an issue and not just an off handed murder mystery to solve that may or may not have anything to do with the characters development. I love that Harrison stays with her characters 100% in that aspect but damnit ... Once Tiago decided he wanted to keep Niniane ... He turned into a freaking parakeet.

Not literally, of course ... But ... Jesus .. Even big bag Dragos (book 1) didn't turn into a damn puppy after he got his woman. He still remained a hot man with an attitude and temper but Tiago was virtually unrecognizable with his woman. It was disgusting. Where did all the man go? I couldn't even say AWWW. When the ish hit the fan at the end of the book, I didn't even freaking care. What kept me reading? Aryal and Rune ... Oh and the vamps.

Ok ... So what I know is theirs a novella (3.5) that features an African American (or so I'm told) and I'm wondering if I should buy. The complaints have been that it's short, even for a novella. And then here's my other issue. Another complaint is that I think he's a wolf shifter ... Why can't he be something cool like the other guys? *rolls eyes* The vampires in this current book have been Egyptian ... Thank God we got some color because apparently all the faeries in this book are pale with black hair ... You mean to tell me we can't have an Asian faerie? Black faerie? Latino? What the hell ... AND THEN .. When we do get a black person ... Why do they have to be a ghetto thug using slang? *hands thrown up*
:End Sidebar

Anyway ... We meet a group of vampires who are Egyptian so I'm kind of looking forward to that but after this insufferable book ... I don't know if I can continue. WELLLLLLLLLL ... The new Elder Races novel that came out yesterday features Pia and Dragos again. Since I like that couple, I may beg the library for it but ... Don't expect to see any more Elder Races reviews from me.

2 1/2 Stars (only because of the action)
IR: Vampires are Egyptian ... I just don't even care anymore.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

A Novel Of The Elder Races, Book 1

I was looking for some IR dragon fiction to read and this was a suggestion in my goodreads group. I'd started the book about a month ago thinking it was IR ... I don't know why. But when I realized it wasn't, I put it down and figured I'd start it again another day when I had nothing IR or AA to read. Thankfully, that day was yesterday and I finished it today. It was wonderful!

Dragos is a rich and hot tempered son of a gun. Pia is a gentle and trusting half-breed wyr (what she is, I won't be telling but it's cool) young woman who stole from the wrong dragon ... Dragos. When Dragos finds out something from his hoard was stolen, he goes dragon crazy and vows to make whoever stole from him pay. After finding Pia and deeming her interesting, he began to question whether he wanted to kill her for stealing from him. And during the time he needed to decide, many wonderful things took place.

This is a dragon! The cover model on the book is fine but he doesn't do Dragos justice at all. I'm pleased that an author has given us a white man with short dark hair and dark eyes. Such a turn on for me. I also love that Pia is a blonde/white haired woman of 5'10'' in height and 140 pounds ... And Dragos called her scrawny. I laughed so hard because that was my exact height and weight up until I was about 20 years old. Scrawny definitely cuts it for me. Dragos was written beautiful. His characterization was flawless. The things he said, his head tilting, his matter-of-fact tone or his dead serious one when Pia would be half-joking ... Everything about him was absolutely flawless. I came to like Pia. I didn't like her much in the beginning but the more I read, the more I liked her.

This is book 1 of a seemingly successful series. I'm not familiar with the author but she definitely isn't a novice and it showed. Now if only she would give me a BWWM full length novel, I would love her forever.

Anyhow ... I have no complaints about this book. The sex wasn't annoying or nasty ... The author didn't over do it either ... Everything flowed well, the story was great. I love that their was no crime to solve (you know how other paranormals have some other underlying issue like a murder to solve). Their was a PROBLEM to deal with, lol, but not a crime to solve other than who stole from Dragos ... But we're given that in the beginning. Damnit ... I don't even know how to really say how much I enjoyed it. I am definitely sticking with the series and am hurrying to purchase book 2.

4 Stars

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Sleepy Willow's Loosed Soul by Dicey Grenor

Narcoleptic Vampire, Book 3

Oh ... My ... F*ck!!!!!!!!!! That ending ... Oh my F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ... In this Sleepy Willow installment, we pick up where we left off as Willow was being kidnapped. From the very beginning of this book until chapter 3 or 4, I went through this rollercoaster of emotions with Willow. I was afraid for her, angry for her, nearly in tears for her, enraged with her ... Just everything. It was seriously emotional. I never thought things could get that 'serious' in this series. Of course, it's not like full on tear jerking drama, but I guess since I'm so invested in Willow, I feel for her completely. Once that moment passes we pull up on a lot of sex ...

Sure, Willow seems to be fueled by sex but this book seems to have more of it than the last. If I'm wrong, blame it on the fact that I have a terrible memory but I felt like this had more sex than story. Yes, the story that was there was great, but I felt like we were given sex to pass the pages. I never mind reading the type of chemistry Grenor creates but it just seemed like too much this time. But I will say ... Her fun with Conda was definitely worth the read.

Thankfully, she becomes that Maistress Vampire she's been wanting to be but with it comes massive responsibility  We get more info on the prophecy, what is expected for her and how she may react to it. I will say again ... That ending ... Was ... WOW ... I don't know why it rocked me so much but I feel as though since Willow has a lot of issues with religion in this book ... It's a big deal. The ending was love ... I wish their was more sustenance in this book but still good and can't wait for the next book.

4 Stars
IR all over the place

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Taste Of Fire by R. Tezak

What a surprise!!! This was the darkest, most lustful, sensual, gritty and sexiest book I've ever read. It was just ... I don't think it was categorized as erotic but it's one hell of a romance. The way the author pulls you into the words and how they wrap around you ... It was ... I felt like I was sitting in a room with a guy that I wanted, quite badly, and he was just taking his time in coming over to me. The closer he got, the more heat my body produced and the more I wanted him.


The feeling was so intoxicating.

Zara is a tall, gorgeous, African American woman with no memory. Her memory extends to only 4 years ago. However, during the last 4 years that she's been 'awake,' she has worked on earning herself a PhD, gotten herself a great roommate/bff , a set of 'parents' in her professor and his wife and ... Found a man she can't resist. That man is a Russian vampire named Jonah. He's rich, he's pale, dead sexy, a bit of a smart ass and the king of the double entendre ... Especially when it has to do with something sexual. Anyway ... Zara is attacked in an alleyway after work and that is where we're introduced to Jonah. He saves Zara's butt. It's obvious to us that he's a vampire but it takes a while for Zara to be open to that possibility. When she does become aware that he's a vampire, it becomes even more harder to find out that he is not only connected to Zara's past but IS her past. Her past love and everything in between.

As I said before, this book is dark, gritty and very sensual. The passion shared between the two is never nasty, the sex is never nasty ... For a person who despises reading anything with a hint of eroticism (me), I was gripping my chair and enjoying every single word of it. I have always been a fan of the LA Banks (RIP) wrote the sex scenes in her Vampire Huntress series ... This is about as close as I'm gonna get to that. This is so much darker and just so f*cking sexy that I couldn't think while reading. Damn.

Anyway, lol ... It had a few spelling and punctuation errors. Not many. Everyone was characterized and written beautifully, even annoying Detective Hadley. Their are some historical references ... Not a lot ... But their is a historical part to the book in the form of flashbacks. When you're dealing with really old people and you need back story, this has to happen. It was so wonderful. This is the first time I've dealt with a book that did flashbacks involving slavery and they didn't pull any punches. The book did slow down just a bit when the flashbacks started but did pick back up. They were all pertinent to the story. The ending was great. Our main problem was resolved and it gave us a small taste of what's to come in book 2. I freaking can't WAIT for book 2. CAN'T WAIT!

By the way ... I am completely a fan of vampires ripping neck chunks out ... It was done. *drops mic*

New favorite author on my list ... R. Tezak.

5 Stars
IR: Zara (AA), Jonah (Russian ... Well ... He spoke a bit of Russian and some French ... He's definitely white)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boyfriend From Hell by Jamie Quaid

Saturns Daughters, Book 1

I'd spent a good amount of time wondering if I should buy this book. $7.99 for the Kindle version. I've paid that before but refused to pay full price for an unfamiliar author and new series. Thankfully, I hounded my local library and got it that way.

Mary Justin Clancy (Tina/Justy) was minding her own business when her boyfriend decided to run her over with her own car in The Zone. The Zone is a place where chemicals have been dumped and it altered the terrain and maybe the people. That part I loved. While Max, the boyfriend, was accelerating towards her, Maxine verbally damned him to hell. When Max dies in a blaze after that car drove into the bank and caught on fire, he began popping up in her mirrors, from hell. Weird gets weirder when we meet a cat with really good instincts, an invisible thief, a chimpanzee and butt loads of 'agents' that are out to get Tina. Not to mention, every time Tina visualizes something, it actually happens.

The fact that something about being a daughter of Saturn didn't mean a whole lot bugged the crap out of me. It kept popping up, it's even the name of the series, but you really don't get much good information about it. Most of the info you get is that a Daughter of Saturn is a dispenser of Justice. I was really hoping that since the book was dragging so much, and it was the beginning of the series, that we would get all those bits of info out of the way so that book 2 could really get moving. Sadly ... It doesn't happen. The reviews on the book were so good that I was super excited to read it but now I'm wondering if we read the same book. Don't get me wrong, it's good and has potential to be great but I feel like I've missed something major.

For one ... Tina is supposed to be well versed in Martial Arts. Yes, she had an issue with her leg not working but I at least thought she could do something. All she could do was swing a tire iron ... Which I can do ... and stomp on some toes ... Which I can do. So the fact that she had all this martial arts training, meant absolutely nothing when it was needed. Also ... What was up with Andre and his hugging and what-not? No closure on that.

The murder mystery was actually quite predictable. We wanted to know who killed Max and did all the other damage. The answer was easy to get but we went 18 ways from Tuesday to be sure. The ending was VERY anticlimactic but the small twist at the end showed promise.

Overall, the book was decent. The characters were cool even though Jane was useless. I'm not sure if I want to continue with the series, though. However, I don't want to deter anyone away from trying it out. Give it a try, you may like it. The setting was my favorite and the band of characters were pretty entertaining but the heroine was just not on the level she should have been. Who knows ... Maybe it will be a slow burn like the Black Suns Daughters series. That one took a while but it ended up being really good.

2 1/2 Stars
IR: Tina is Middle Eastern ... Not quite sure what Max was other than white.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 5

I have read a lot of good stuff this year but nothing in my entire f*cking life will top this. I'm talking a full flat out f*cking war ... MORE THAN 1 WAR ... Swords ... Guns ... Flash bombs ... Look ... I can't ... This ... Oh my God ...

So ... Does anyone remember that 'hitman' that Jane killed in her hotel room in the last novel? That comes back to bite her HARD. It bites so hard that what she did starts a vampire war of nearly epic proportions. I can't f*cking think ... I can't ... Let me breathe. Let me ... Ok ...

Their is a lot of deceit going on in this book. I can't get my thoughts together ... SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At one point in the book, Jane was being so bad ass I slapped my knee and twirked my neck, then said in the most ghetto way possible 'Jane gon get them hoes! Go get them hoes, Jane!' I just ... I can't comprehend anything. Jesus!

This is the best in the series. I'm sure I've said it about previous books in this series but it really is. I'm not kidding.

Forget it ... I can't even begin to tell you what was happening. I just can't. Let me try ... Ok ... For one, Jane decides to get some people of her own. They come in the form of an ex Army Ranger and his little hacker brother. Both guys I find incredibly cool. Their is mounting tension between Jane and Derek ... Not in a good way ... But in a great way that will hopefully lead up to one hell of  fight that I would give a paycheck to see on PPV. Bruiser becomes even more sexy, if possible ... Rick makes a reappearance and is quite cutesy ... Jane becomes dinner ... She hulks up and gets rid of a major player ... I can't. I can't do anything else right now. I can't. I'm gonna read this again tomorrow. Sh!t. I can't even think right now.

Action, action, action ... So much going on and it's beautifully written, so intense and fun to read. Jesus ... WOW! I can't. I need to go to bed. I CAN'T SLEEP AFTER THAT!

She kicked so much ass ... Took names ... Got damnit! DAMNIT!

10 stars ... That just made no sense but you know what I'm saying.
Jane is Native American, the military boys are Black ... If Jane and Bruiser don't work out, I see potential with her biracial (B/W) Army man, Eli. *fist pump*

Monday, October 8, 2012

Queen Of The Storm by Molly Diamond

I've never been a fan of the black man/white woman pairings which is usually why I stay away from those. Why? I like to keep what I'm reading as close to my own life as possible, lol, so black woman/white man speaks more to me. I figured that while reading this I would get over it and I did.

Queen of the Storm is a futuristic sci-fi that takes place on Sister Earth. Sister Earth is just what you think ... A planet that KIND OF reminds you of Earth. Earth has been dubbed Wasteland Earth because man destroyed it. It's something I see in most sci-fi books that I read and it's something I completely agree with. Man is so greedy and power hungry that they end up destroying the thing they want control of the most. Anyway ... On a ship called The Red Storm, Jordanne Saunders is a first time Admiral with a big ship and crew under her belt. During the course of the book, we encounter quite a few Red Storms, some crazy sea creatures called Delphs that are no joke, a diary her grandmother left her, and some very snippy people who don't believe that Jordanne should be Admiral ... That the title was handed to her because of her famous family. A big secret gets uncovered that changes her life forever.

Now onto my review ... I must say that I really like the book but I despise Jordanne. If you're HBIC and walking around like you're HBIC and putting people in check like you're HBIC ... Then why all the whining!? She's one of the most insecure heroines I've run across and that is why I dislike her so much. She questioned everything about herself ... 'Did they hate her ... Would they listen to her ... Why are they listening to her ... Am I going crazy ... Maybe I'm not cut out for this ... I'm going crazy.' No, Jordanne, I'm the one who's going crazy.

Wesley Cofferdrake is her love interest. A dark skinned man with deep blue eyes and tight body. I never thought much about how dark he was until I realized how fair Jordanne was, so then I figured maybe the author wanted that drastic contrast of shades. After all ... My man is as pale as they come and I love it. He is found out to be deaf but it has no bearings on his job as a Delph Hunter. And by the end, him being said to be deaf is simply to throw you off his scent.

The writing is really good. I felt like I was on the ship with them. I could see, hear and feel absolutely everything about my environment which is incredibly important with a sci-fi. The only thing I had a problem with was the lingo. I don't know anything about ships and sails so that new environment was difficult to get used to but worth it. The Red Storms were magnificent as were the battles with the Delphs.

The characters ... That's where things kind of go to mush. If no names were ever mentioned, you would never be able to tell the difference between Wesley and Jordanne. Outside of the fact that Wesley had to read lips ... Everything was the same. Even with Bernice (the ships cook and bff to Jordanne's grandmother) and Dr. Elliot, the character work was lacking between the four simply because everything about them was the same. The way they spoke mainly ... It kind of felt like everyone was manufactured like a doll. Sure the bodies are different but they're all made out of the same material. The only person on that whole ship who had a real personality was Dot. However ... By the end ... When Jordanne got some really good information about herself, that's finally when she realized she was HBIC.

I'm not sure if this will be a series. I kind of feel like it won't because the ending was so final but I would LOVE to continue Jordanne's journey to her new home. That's where I want to be taken to next. So ... Molly ... What do you say? Do my old heart some good, lol.

3 Stars
IR: Wesley (dark skin), Jordanne (fair skin)

For more interracial books by FL Bicknell ... AKA Molly Diamond, Azura Ice, visit the links below.
    The Darkness of Sable:
    Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Going On?

Just wanted to inform you of what's on my plate.

I want to say thank you. To whoever reads this blog ... May think it's stupid or think I'm not even giving real reviews ... I'm not ... Like I said before, I started this blog solely because of my A.D.D. No matter how much I love a book, I forget absolutely everything and this reminds me of things. Anyway ... To those who follow this blog, to those who come to me for beta reads, to those who just want some exposure for their book ... Thank you, thank you. I never thought this blog would turn into an actual resource like that.

I've updated my TBR and Recently Purchased info on the side ...

Also ... I was approached by an author. Check this out. Her publisher sent her here. How freaking cool is that? Molly Diamond has an interracial sci-fi book called Queen Of The Storm and I'm currently reading that. I actually have a whole list of things I have to read on top of the new Jane Yellowrock book that just came out today. So I'm killing myself right now, lol.

I've had a Street Lit book on my CR shelf for quite a while but haven't been able to get through it. I warned the author that it's not a genre I even like so it may take a bit for me to get through it. It's been months and I feel absolutely HORRIBLE about not having finished it but I just can't get through it right now. I'll continue to try until I'm finished.

I have a big project due in 2 days that I haven't started yet for school. *sigh*

I'm about to start coaching a dance team at my niece's school. *laughs*

Hello Texas!

Those who requested books ... I promise I'll get them in the mail. I have a whole stack of stuff I need to mail off, lol.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Santeria Habitat Series: Zulu's Interview

Zulu is the founder of Mixbreeds for Equality and a huge character in the Santeria Habitat  novels—Caged View (Book .5),  Fire Baptized (Book 1), and The Burning Bush  (Book 2). He’s here today to answer some questions for us.

Welcome Zulu!
So we all know you founded Mixbreeds for Equality (MFE). What did you do before starting MFE?
Sadly, I was a big addict back in the day. My favorite drug of choice was Red Rum (Vamp blood & cocaine). When I wasn’t snorting crap, I spent a large time trying to find other interesting ways to destroy myself.
I did a lot of underground fighting in Merc Dome (Lanore actually visits that unsavory place in Wildfire Gospel (book 3)). My pseudo-uncle Ray would bet large amounts of money on me during the fights. I won’t brag too much, but I won us at least a million during those years.

What can we expect to see in The Burning Bush?
In Fire Baptized (Book 1), readers are introduced to my supernatural caged city of Santeria. Lanore must discover a murderer before the sicko kills her. She also deals with MeShack and me as we battle for her love.
In The Burning Bush (Book 2), readers need to buckle in for an intense ride. Lanore and I are fighting a war against the Vampires. As you know, there are never any winners in war. All participants lose. There are also a lot of new characters in this book: my sister Cassie, Angel, Lanore’s dad Graham, Vee, and unfortunately a few of MeShack’s fraternity brothers.

Why do you think so many readers are Team Zulu?
MeShack had his chance with Lanore and ruined it. In fact, MeShack was in a relationship with Lanore for several years. It is only fair that I get a chance to spoil and treat her the way she was meant to be treated.

Have you been in love before?
Never. Lanore is not only the first person I’ve been in love with, but she’s the first woman I’ve been in a relationship with.

What’s two things fans may not know about you?
1.      I hate wearing boxers, boxer briefs, and pretty much anything under jeans/pants. I free ball as much as possible.
2.      I’m afraid of clowns. I don’t know why. Perhaps, it’s a repressed memory from my childhood, but anytime I see one I want to sprout claws and rip the clown’s heart out. I usually avoid supernatural circuses and kids’ parties if I know clowns will be there.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
That’s easy. Lanore, Ben, and I should be outside of the habitat, living somewhere out in the world, free of concrete walls and a barred ceiling. I would love to have a child with Lanore by then. Knowing MeShack and his premature mate claim on Lanore, I probably killed him already or trapped him in a place where he couldn’t get free.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nightwalker by Allyson James

Stormwalker, Book 4

This book literally snuck up on me. I don't know what I was waiting for but I blinked one day and there was the book on amazon. I'm being quite frugal this month. Theirs another book I wanted to buy but it was the first in a series and $7.99 ... Even though that's the normal price for a Kindle book, I usually stay away from full price Kindle books when it's the first in a series from an author I don't know ... But this book was $2.99 so I snatched it up in a hurry. Plus, I'd rather buy this anyway since I'm a big Janet Begay fan.

Janet Begay is a badass. Each book, she just gets more badass than the last. This book focuses on Ansel, the Nightwalker (Vampire) that is living in the basement of her hotel. Janet and Mick discover that he had to do with the disappearance, or possible death, of a woman. Later, they find that it has to do with a mystical pot that basically could turn a badass like Janet (or any other badass for that matter) into a near indestructible badass. And let me tell you ... It's legit. It seems as though each major supernatural wants this thing for whatever reason. A vamp is after it, mage's, dragons (for a reason unknown), the Gods, and even Janet's sister. What I didn't count on was the effect the pot had on really good people ... Even Janet had to fight the thing off, but not before it gave her a tiny boost.

Nash Jones reappears in this book to be his usual dry, but very useful self. I was pleased that Maya wasn't around cause she bugs the dog shit out of me and Mick is still just as sexy as ever. I have absolutely no freaking complaints about this book EXCEPT the ending. It just seem like it came down from this incredible high and crashed. It literally went from a 10, that was this really beautiful battle involving lots of people that Allyson James is so good at, to a 1 where I was like '...... that's it?' Although the ending chapped my hide, it didn't take away from anything else wonderful the book had to offer ... And that was everything.

5 Stars
Janet is a badass.
IR all over except their are no AA. I think I may ask her about that.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dragon's Heart by Laverne Thompson

Brethren, Book 1

I have been, for a long time, looking to get my hands on a really good piece of dragon fiction. I've been met with 2 dragons in other series' that I adore but would love for them to get a spinoff of their own. CE Murphy's 'Negotiator Trilogy' has a dragon named Janx that I really like. Also, Allyson James' 'Stormwalker' series has a dragon named Mick and his story was touched on really nicely during the course of the current series. Both dragons I really freaking love and am stoked to find out that CE Murphy is expanding her series to dig more into those sub characters.

I'm a little off topic.

Dragon's Heart is the story of Mya and Draakar. Thousands of years ago, dragons roamed free on the Earth, only to be pushed out by man with the help of a dragon they end up calling The Betrayer. When the dragons decided to leave Earth for their home realm, Akgon, some decided to stay behind and assume normal human lives. Skip ahead a few millenium and we find that The Betrayer, who was thought to be dead, is alive and on Earth. Along with that, the Dragon Lord, Draakar, and his son, Talon must travel from Akgon to Earth at great expense to find their truemates. When a Dragon finds his or her truemate, their powers are intensified and they become completely interlinked. Mya is a business owner visiting Ireland who walks up on a boy, Talon, laying in an area surrounded by some raised stones. Soon after, her inner dragon is awakened and after a ton of annoying questions, she gets over it and the story moves along.

1.) First, Mya annoyed me to no end. I swear she asked 25 versions of 'who are you' and 'what am i' and 'huh' to the point where I was ready to throw my Kindle away. Thankfully, she became bearable as the book went on.
2.) I loved the hero, Draakar. He was a massive man with jet black hair that fell waaaaay down his back. The same went for Talon. Though younger, he had long blonde hair that I would probably want to roll around through naked. Thank you, Laverne.
3.) I thought The Firsts were utterly useless. Basically, they served as the royal guard. They were hyped up so much but when it came down to it, they couldn't do jack.
4.) All you romance lovers out there will love all those mushy moments that come later in the book when Mya's guard is let down. I hated it, only because it REALLY slowed the book down to an unbearable speed. On the flipside, the sex scenes were nicely done and I could get through those with no problem but JESUS ... If you're gonna be mushy, don't slow down my life to do so.
5.) I'm not a fan of the ending. It was pretty anticlimactic and could have been done much better. I think getting to the end slowed down too soon and way too much. Their was still time for something else to kind of gut punch you with before the book ended but it didnt. I mean ... They dropped some nice info about the next generation but it still didn't help with the ending. The only thing that saved the ending was the Epilogue. That Epilogue is the only reason I'm really looking forward to book 2. I would, of course, buy book 2 anyway but I am very interested in Talon and his truemate.
6.) Someone finally met me on the court. I always talk trash about how if a guy is so badass and all powerful, why can't he just do wtf he wants? Drakaar hits the ground and creates himself a castle ... Like a boss. He creates money ... Like a boss. He creates a company to back up that money ... Like a boss. He implants memories and work experience and the entire 12 freaking yards ... Like a boss. If you're gonna be a boss, do it the right way and Draak did it the right way.
7.) Their wasn't enough time spent in dragon form. The authors description was dead on because I could really see the dragon forms and my mouth was watering but I never got to eat my dinner! Well ... The appetizer came and it was hot and nice but not the entree. I still want my food, Laverne. Bring me my food!

**) One tiny complaint I have is about Mya. Yes she annoyed me but the way she looked bugged me even more. This is no shade to the author because PLENTY of authors cop out this way. Why does Mya have to have those nice bouncy curls for hair? Why can't she have regular black folks hair like I have but lay that mess with a relaxer from time to time? I've always felt like authors either go completely natural and rock the locks or they go with a hair type that's anything other than the hair type I have? I, in no way, have that 3C or 3D type hair. I'm a definite 4A and want to see some relaxing going on or some straight textured hair. Dang! Come on authors, meet me on the court for this one!

Overall, it's a decent piece of dragon fiction and a series that I will stick with.

3 Stars
IR all over the place

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Burning Bush by Kenya Wright

Santeria Habitat, Book 2 (release date Sept 19)

First, I want to say thanks to Kenya for providing the ARC. I would have purchased it anyway had I not been given it because I'm addicted.

Book 2 is chucked full of shit, son! It definitely outweighs book 1 all around and was so happy to read it. A definite page turning that took me only 1 day to get through because I had nothing to do and wasn't going to do JACK until I finished it.

Annoying Habbie Rivera is back again, giving Lanore a new crime to solve. Why? Because he's painfully incompetent and likes to blackmail mixbreeds apparently. A burning bush with a girl in the center is put on the doorstep of the 'police station' and Rivera calls Lanore to figure out what's going on. I will remind you that living in the Santeria habitat, race isn't an issue, but what kind of supe you are is. If you're a mixbreed, you're at the bottom of the pile and get no recognition. The same goes for the police work. A well-to-do pureblood comes in, dead, in this burning bush and that's when Lanore gets called ... Not when the mixbreed, dead, inside the burning bush came days before. B!tch. Lanore is now out dealing with these murders while a cute blonde, Cassie, is tailing her. Cassie happens to be a big fan of Lanore, proves to be helpful, and is the little sister of Zulu. Watching her with Lanore was so much fun and I wished I could get more in the future.

The lingering issue of Zulu's claim is still hanging in the air and KIND OF gets resolved ... Yea kind of but not so much. I like it that way. I sense hesitancy on her part but satisfaction on his. And then ... There's Meshack ... Who still claims Lanore is his mate. Yall know I'm team Meshack but after Zulu is rocked with a tragedy and goes into Prime mode, I fell in love. With Prime. Prime is intelligent and dead sexy with it.

Aside from Cassie, we finally get some Graham. Oh yes, you're gonna love Graham. Graham is Lanore's dad and a strong-as-sh!t son of a b!tch. I just kinda felt like NO ONE could do anything with this man. Granted, what was going on annoyed me ... I still like home and hope to see more of him in book 3.

Hey Kenya, when's that gonna come out? :-)

Dante is a big part of this book and for some reason, I actually ended up liking him by the end of it. Weird ... I still don't know how but I want some!

Keep your eye on a couple of familiars, have some tissues handy and put on your big boy pants!

Dare I give it 5 stars? It's more like 4.75 due to the fact that Lanore can't fight. But I'm giving it 5 stars anyway.

5 Stars
IR all over the place

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caged View by Kenya Wright

Habitat Series, Book .5

I generally don't like to review Novellas because I felt like their wasn't enough to review and therefore my star ratings were always low even if it were good.

I finally met my match.

It's no secret that I stalk the author, Kenya Wright. I've had the pleasure of being a beta reader for her upcoming book, Burning Bush (that review will follow), and served as an extra set of eyes when it comes to artwork (along with other people but I still feel special, lol). With that said ... Even though I love her work ... I didn't plan on really getting into this Novella.

Caged View serves as a prequel to Fire Baptized which is why it's labeled as the .5 Habitat Series book. It's free on multiple websites so you don't lose a thing by checking out this free quick read. We get into the minds eye of 4 people: Meshack, Zulu, Lanore and a new character from her upcoming YA book, Cameo, who is a mixbreed with a really cool 'talent.'

First up, Meshack ... I didn't think I could love him more than I already did. We get some gritty background info on him, some that was already touched on in Fire Baptized, but having those details drives the point home. I felt for Meshack every step of the way. Even when he was 'distracted' by Lanore, I still felt he should get everything he wants, do whatever he wants and suffer no consequences. You will not be disappointed with this story.

Next is Zulu. The Heart Ripper is his street name and it speaks volumes in this novella. It's actually quite poetic the way he gets things done and thinks it's no big deal. In Fire Baptized, with Zulu, we got Ray ... A fairy who kind of takes Zulu under his wing but ends up kind of working for him. The relationship they have is actually heartwarming and really makes me miss Ray when I remember book 1. The thing I love most about Zulu is he reminds me of just a guy whose clueless when it comes to women. Despite his look and demeanor, he really seemed to be a fish out of water when dealing with Lanore and I loved every bit of it.

Lanore. My home girl. Anger management and all. We're kindred spirits apparently. I didn't enjoy her story as much as everyone elses but it was still good. I love her 'fast hands' and how she deals with Meshack. I even enjoyed the moment she decided she wanted to date Wallace. Why? Because I could completely relate. There comes a time in every woman's life when you decide to deal with whats in front of you to make the best of it, and hope things go well.

The newest star, Cameo. Her story is the shortest of the shorts because this is actually an excerpt from the novel Chameleon. So of course, you can guess what Cameo's deal is. I don't really like to deal in YA. Theirs no reason for it considering I stick to Paranormals where none of that is possible but completely possible at the same time, lol. But because Wright has given me some good material to start off with, I will give the YA book a try. Besides, I loved the excerpt and am now waiting for Cameo to get on her 'job.'

If you've never read Fire Baptized and don't know if you want to invest yourself in this series, this free read is a great way to start. I, for one, am glad this came out after Fire Baptized as a prequel. It gave me something to hold onto while waiting for book 2, Burning Bush (which is out Sept 19). I am begging you to give this a shot if you haven't already. I know many of you have, but if you're new ... Check it out. Plus ... Book 1 is .99 for your Kindle. Can't go wrong. Come on guys, get with Santeria!

4 Stars
IR all over the place

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cimmerian City by Rae Lori

Cimmerian Duology, Book 1

As a fan of Rae Lori's Ashen Twilight series, I was looking for something just as good and I got it in Cimmerian City. This is a sci-fi that literally throws you for a loop. You don't get to ease into the futuristic world, you're thrown into it.

Raven Blackheart has her life taken from her. She and her love were minding their own business when they were viciously attacked by what folklore would call a vampire. Fast forward a decade and everything has changed. Coolest thing that made me giggle? Sound waves in place of water in your shower. Freaking freaking cool! I just WISH that could happen. Anyway, when Raven 'blinks,' she's in the future and being used by an ambitious guy with a lot of money, a lot of power and a lot of secrets. Why? Because she's 'special.' Special enough to do his dirty work. Just as she starts to settle in the dirty, two breaths of fresh air enter her life and help her sort out the truth from everything else going on.

The premise is cool. I love sci fi that makes me say 'that could totally happen.' A giant technology corporation is basically starting a voyage to a new world because something in the current world is seriously screwed up ... Seriously ... How many times have people said, in general, 'let's go live on the moon ...?' If I could get away from all the bad of this world and start completely fresh somewhere new, I'd totally go for it. And in this books case, it's what may end up happening.

I'm going to stop the cap there because I don't want to give anything away so I'll cut to what I really thought of the book.

I loved it.

But ...

And there's always a but ...

I hated our lead ... Raven Blackheart.

God ... The mushiest woman on earth who cries to herself every chance she gets ... Drove me crazy. I put the book down for a day because she was getting on my damn nerves! How can she be called the 'heroine' when she's always crying? What's worse is she's a total badass. She's got crazy skills but I can't get past her awesome skills because of her mush factor. It was confusing me! You can move this fast ... Whoop this much ass ... And then go cry about it? What? How does this work?

I love the fact that when people were threatened, they actually were killed. Their was no 'all bark and no bite' in this book. They brought the pain. The sci fi elements were really cool. Enos is the new love of my life but I can't seem to hold onto Russell. He got too mushy too fast and that bugged me but hopefully it will keep Raven from crying so much in book 2.

Definitely recommended. Will be purchasing book 2 when it comes out and trying not to cringe at Raven the whole way through.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Raven (NA? She seems a little dark for NA) Russel (Asian)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Promo Spot: y1

Zane is a twenty-four year old who just wants to be himself.  He doesn’t believe in magic, and he’s gotten a whole degree in neuroscience just to try to figure out how he can alter his body the way that he does. Unfortunately, that degree has landed him in the sales department of Penthes Pharmaceuticals, and the more he learns about the company’s secrets the more uncomfortable he becomes. Good thing he has always excelled at blending in. Then upper management discovers him and his life gets far more complicated.

A sales boondoggle in the South Pacific lets him learn that he isn’t alone, and that others have problems far worse than his. As his new friends flee those who would control their lives, Zane would like to help, and their freedom-loving philosophy of y1 calls to him.  But first he has to deal with a murder charge, an unsavory boot camp manager, and serious repercussions from the fact that not everyone at Penthes likes him, or wants him to knows the mysteries that the company has worked so hard to keep hidden.  In fact, it may take all the talents he has just to keep himself from going from a murder suspect to a murder victim.

y1 is the sequel to her novel x0.
Visit the y1 blog at http://www.ytothe
y1 is available for Kindle at
and will be available for FREE on Sunday September 9.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Post from L'Poni Baldwin

10 Reasons why I choose SPACE DRAGONS (and other ramblings of a teenage girl)

Hiya. In my stories for The Society On Da Run, there are three main species that dominate the world (and humanity): alien Owls, Crotonians (insectoid-aliens) and Space Dragons. Yes, DRAGONS. The series is not primarily romance. There is a lot of sci fi, some very obscure fantasy elements (very very minimal because I don’t like fantasy that much), multiple references (especially to Brony fandom, which I am a part of), and much much more. I’ll admit the romance is becoming a bit too strong, but the series is worth a go.

I collected all of the stories into a single book called Dragons & Cicadas, which is also called Tarnished: Tales of Broken Dragons and 300 Other Stories. I’ve been working with it since age ten and I’m going to tell you why I chose space dragons, dragon shifters and interracial relations.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Queen's Howl by M.T. Harrte

Alexis Wolfe Series, Book 1

The author, MT Harrte, sent me an email with this book as the attachment and asked for a review. I was actually quite happy she sent me the email because I was in a reading funk. Seems like I read and read and read and then I stop because nothing captures my attention. So thanks to Harrte for sharing her debut novel with me.

This book focuses on Alexis Wolfe. She's the Alpha wolf who is next in line to be Queen. Now when I say queen, I say like big time sh!t. She's ruling over basically all supernaturals in her jurisdiction. This book starts out with Samirah who is the queen at the time and has no intention of stepping down. This vampire is a b!tch tried and true so I continued the book waiting on this heaux to be killed. Alexis has a mate, Mason, and then her Beta's are her best friend Olivia and Palo (who is the brother to Mason) ...

Theirs some scandalous mess that goes on all through this book. I thought I wouldn't like it in the beginning but it ended up being a page turner which is why it's almost 4am and I'm typing this review. It simply couldn't want until morning.

Anyway, our first big problem is presented in the form of Samirah, who is the queen and a vampire, who doesn't want to give up her seat as queen even though her 1000 years of rule is over. Alexis begins to garner the support she needs to get Samirah off that throne but Samirah ends up going missing and that leaves Alexis to take the thrown despite her 'medical condition.' Also, the author has given us a new 'breed' to work with called the Xithor who will prove to be a worthy ally (or enemy depending how you look at it). I'm going to stop with this botched synopsis because anything else that I can say will ruin so much else in the book.

First, let's start with the bad ...
1) Their are quite a few grammatical errors that are noticeable because it messes up the flow of reading the line.
2) The character descriptions were lacking. I really had no idea what anyone looked like. I kind of had to figure it out myself. Alexis was said to have dark brown skin, almond eyes and locs. I do believe something was stated about her having nice hips but other than that ... She could have looked like the werewolf she turned into for all I know. That was a problem seen across the board.
3)This was a relatively quick read and I can dig it but the word count could have been expanded had we gotten more world building. This book really needed it when dealing with the other supernatural colonies. She did a good job with what she wrote but more would have helped to give us a better feel. This could also be seen as a good thing because of the fast pace of the book.

The good ...
1) Alexis is a character that I like. Because of that, I'll be staying with this series however long it runs. She reminds me a lot of myself. She's nice when she should be, tries to be nice when she shouldn't be, and when you 'take her there ...' That b!tch is bad! Heads will roll when you piss her off. Love her.
2) I love the men she has in her life. Ethan, Thadius and Palo really grew on me as her go-to guys for everything.
3) This book ended way too quickly. It's not a good thing but not a bad thing either. It's a bad thing because we get a lot of pertinent information so close to the end so we've got this cliff hanger (the kind I dont like) that will rock my brain until book 2. But still ... I like 1 of them a lot, the other is just ... Meh.
4) Even though the writing could use a little work, the book was never boring. It was fast paced with no dull quiet moments ... *claps* ... Their is nothing worse than a great book that continuously slows down for whatever reason. Although, some things weren't explained well enough and I ended up having to go back and re-read some scenes to make sure I caught all of what happened. But still ... Good fast moving story that kept me entertained.

This is MT's debut novel. I thank for her reaching out and sending this to me and I really look forward to book 2 and the series as a whole.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Alexis (AA), Mason (Samoan) And plenty of other folks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Haunted by Jeanne C Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 8

I can't believe this is book 8. I feel like I just started reading the series last year. I think I DID start reading the series last year but that's besides the point.


Anna, Max and Culebra are tasked with taking on a boss in a Mexican drug cartel. This time around, we get loads of information on Culebra, say hello to some new family for someone and say goodbye to a person I'd silently complained about since book 1. And just in true fashion, when you start to think this person isn't so annoying, they're gone. Bummer too, I had a little hope for something good to come of the cartel experience.

Ramon, a close friend of Culebra, shows up not far from Beso De La Muerte, warning him of a coming danger. Culebra sends Anna away and she becomes worried. Calling in help from Max, they follow Culebra and Ramon, then begin a journey into Mexican drug territory where stories and alliances are flipped 5 ways from Tuesday.

I don't know what to say about this mess ... Not mess ... The book was great. Damn good. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. In the beginning, Anna is being high and mighty and I'm ready to beat her to death, then she turns into the bad ass Anna that I like so much and all is forgiven. Despite all the good things that happened, all I can think about is the one who left us. Lord knows I didn't want this. Well ... Had this happened a book or 2 sooner, then fine, but not this one. I think because things were finally at a good point did it become harder to say goodbye.

Stephen ... This bitch. I hate it. I hate his sister. I hate Stephen for not allowing Anna to get a word in edgewise. I hate his sister because she's a bitch.

I loved the ending. It warmed my heart a little to know that Anna had something positive waiting for her.

I honestly don't know what can happen in books to come ... Yea no ... No idea ... But I'm anxious to see. Do we have to wait another year? Looks like it. All of the books have been coming out around the same general time frame. *sigh* What a wait! Anyhow ... Thanks to the author for making this book worth the wait. Can't wait for book 9.

4 Stars

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Wants A Book?

I am cleaning off my shelf and getting rid of this stuff. The books are ...

1. Love At First Bite - A collection of short stories from LA Banks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Squire and Ronda Thompson. (IR)

2. Dark Lover by she who will not be named.

3. Lover Eternal by she who will not be named.

4. Three Days To Dead by Kelly Meding

5. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

6. Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren (IR)

7. Alpha Female by April Christofferson

8. Soul Song by Marjorie Liu (IR)

9. Salt and Silver by Anna Katherine

10. Moon Shadow by Lucinda Betts (IR Erotic)

11. Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman

12. Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom (Historical ... Not Paranormal)

If you would like a book free of charge ...

a. Please be a follower of this blog. I'm going to be selfish and say that if you're a long-time follower (or even a member of my goodreads group), you will get priority over those new folks who join just for the free book.
b. Leave a comment telling me what book you want.
    If the person above you chose the book you want, please pick another.
c. Email me. Please include your mailing address. My email address can be found on the right sidebar 'about me' section.
d. This post will remain relevant until the last book is gone.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out For Blood by T.P. Miller

What is the best way for me to start this?

Members of my goodreads group had been telling me to read this. I went to amazon with the intention of buying it but it told me I'd already bought it ... In May. Great! I skipped a couple pages back in my Kindle and there it was! Once I found it, I realized why I hadn't dealt with it. The cover art ... It's horrible.

I'd been really wanting a good vampire read because I hadn't had one since May when I read the second Sleepy Willow book. Even though this book was riddle with a bunch of head scratches, it was good.

Let me warn you. Their will be eighteen thousand spoilers in this review.
Let me warn you. Pt2. If you are as big a fan of LA Banks' Vampire Huntress series as I am ... You will have trouble reading this, I guarantee it.


This book reminds me of what a Vampire Huntress rough draft would be. The similarities were so overwhelming that I ended up comparing EVERYTHING. Annoying as hell too when I was really trying to enjoy it ... Which I did at first ... But then these things happened.

1. Apparently, somewhere along the way, they were deemed as the Chosen couple who would basically save the world. Sound familiar?

2. Weapons of choice. Ramsses, in this book, has a weapon that reminds me a bit of Carlos' weapon. And in similar fashion, Nef's weapons will remind you of Damali's weapons.

3. Battle bulking. Ramsses battle bulks ... As does Carlos Rivera.

I promise the book is good. Their are just a few things I have to get out before I scream.

4. Friends. While Damali had an expert team of friends/guardians, Nef/Ramsses team of friends/guardians are kind of a bootleg version of them. Very bootleg.

5. The Kings and Queens. Nef, Ramsses, Carlos and Damali all had relationships with the Queens and Kings of old who were advising them on their journey.

Is that all? Ok I think that's it ... Their may be more but I can't grab it all right now.

On to the review!

The book itself is good. It's a relatively quick read with your basic vampire stuff thrown in. I think one of the few problems I had (that had nothing to do with the VH similarities) was that the planning was terrible. Have you ever read a book where plans and stories were woven so smooth and executed so nice that you just nodded your head? Yea that won't happen here.

Their was literally a scene where the new guy offers to hook them up with someone who can help them get some weapons. But the thing that tickled me was that he told them he'd let the dude know and then get back to them. And then a week later, they get with the dude to talk shop.

So if you're going to deal with a threat right now ... Don't you need something right now? I wouldn't have minded if they had to wait the week to get the weapons but they had to wait the week just to TALK to the dude who could get the weapons.

As I was saying ... All plans made to take down Damion, a senate level vamp (who's position is a lot like Master Vampire), were just elementary.

Cleo ... Predictable.

The vial of powder stuff that slowed down Nef ... Terrible.

Ok ... I know this sounds bad and had I not ever read a VH book, this would have been great.

So again I say ... If you were not an LA Banks fan or not a Vampire Huntress fan, then you will like this book and I absolutely recommend you get it.

But if you are an LA Banks or VH fan, your brain will be put to work. The similarities will drive you mad and ultimately make you put it down just so you can clear your thoughts and start a clean slate.

Get it? Yes.

3 Stars.