Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hands Of Flame by CE Murphy

The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 3

This book, just like book 2, made me tired. Margrit wheeled and dealed until death knocked on her door again multiple times. Overall, the entire trilogy was phenomenal. I've said in the past that I hate when the writer does a cop out and we find out that our heroine has some kind of already paranormal ability. Margrit had none. She was so human that she got her ass kicked several times, yet still lived to tell about it. We also solve the mystery of Grace O Malley in this book. It was underwhelimg as I've always had an idea, but it was nice to have that clarity.

The ending pisses me off as I sit here and type this because there's just so much more. Why wouldn't Murphy give us more? Oh but wait ... She did! In the form of novellas. So far she's done 3 of 6 novellas. 1 was about Janx/Daisani/Sarah, one was about Malik and one about Biali. I need to go all the way through her site to find out what is what and what I need to buy. In the meantime, if I get my hands on them, I'll surely offer an update.

If, somehow, CE Murphy does do another book with an ethnic character as a hero/heroine ... I hope her publisher decides to put proper representation on the book and not a cop-out white whatever. That bothers me.


I can't help but feel cheated. Although the book was wonderful, I felt like Murphy was deliberately setting all this information in a 3 book trilogy so she could be done with it and go back to her other, more successful, series'. So much more could have been written, explained and explored.

To tidy up some loose ends, Murphy gives us a very brief overview of everyone's new lives. Some that don't satisfy.

Chelsea Huo is still a bit of a mystery. We find out, just a bit, that she has something to do with a serpent who's basically the beginning of everything but we still don't find out what Chelsea is or how she lived through a Daisani beat down ... Then again, we don't really know if Daisani got to her first.

Janx and Kate have found a lovely father/daughter relationship in some deep cave set with liquid gold and tons of jewels.

It is insinuated that Ursula went looking for her vampire people that her father betrayed. She found them ... no telling what would happen if she could find a way to revive them.

Our man in Tokyo working for a small company ... Described as a little on the short side and not as handsome? Daisani ... Gotta be.

Some old lady in Brooklyn ... I'm guessing it was the old lady that Margrit spoke to at first when she was looking for the twins ... Isn't as old as she seemed. As a matter of fact, this British lovely apparently can make her old age fall away at will, and did so as she told someone on the phone to give love to her sister. Daisani and Janx fell for a mortal woman ... So if this is the woman they fell for, who is the twins' mother, what happened?

Of course, Margrit and Alban get to see eachother every night after dawn. But I can't help but wonder ... When Margrit gave Daisani some of her blood so he could live, did any of his (because of the fight) get into her mouth. I notice she licked her lips and tasted blood that was sweet. One sip for health and two sips for long life. We just won't ever know will we? *smh*

5 Stars
IR: Margrit (AA)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

House Of Cards by CE Murphy

The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 2

First of all. That is clearly a long-haired white woman on the cover of this book and I do not like that at all. However, it doesn't change the fact that Margrit is not white and the author continues to remind you of that like you've never seen a black person in your life (or mixed with black and white in Margrit's case). I'm gonna let that go for now before I get mad at this book.

Straight up, the book was great. I enjoyed every word of it (except for being reminded that she's black) and can't wait to start book 3. The House of Cards is Janx's establishment and at the end of the book, that place basically comes crumbling. We meet a Hawaiian selkie with a good amount of power who brings Cara Delaney back into our minds eye if even just for a little while.

Margrit is an excellent negotiator. She's had to play 5 sides since book 1 and she gets better in book 2. However, I gotta tell you, things didn't go the way I thought they would and that was just fine with me. There's more mind spinning negotiating going on from every side of the fence in this book. You gotta stay on your toes and don't even blink while reading it because you'll miss something. So much went on in this book that I really can't tell you a thing. BUT I WILL SAY ... Grace is ... Yea I don't know. We'll probably find out about her in book 3.

Enjoy it as much as I did.

5 Stars
IR: Margrit (b/w)