Friday, May 27, 2011

In The Beginning by F.D. Davis

A Vampire Series, Book 1

In the beginning, there was a mind f*ck ... No joke. It took me a long time to get into this book. At first I liked it, then I got bored only to like it again and then get sick of it. I finished reading the book earlier today and I'm actually pretty glad I wasn't able to write a review on it then because it would have been probably a 1 star review, but as I had to think of it, I realized how good the book was.

In my first statement, I referenced a mind f*ck that rivals, but doesn't overtake, the series finale of Fringe. Adam Omega is a thousands year old vampire who used to be a human priest. The love of his life, Eyanna, was about to be killed and Adam made a deal with the 'devil' to save her, but that required he turn into a vampire. After saving her, she kills herself because she can't bear to be with a vampire. In modern times, he comes across a woman named Eve, who he believes is the reincarnation of his deceased wife and that's where the sh*t hits the fan.

He'd been playing mind games with her for a while, but once he realized he could no longer keep himself from her, he decided to make his presence known. He begins to stalk her and eventually threaten her, her friends and her family if he does not get what he wants - Her. We come to find out that Eve, like Eyanna, has healing powers and believes she can find a way to heal Adam.

Without telling you what the rest of the book is about, Adam ends up talking his way into Eve's life and her undies in a way that will make you say 'WTF?' To be honest, I thought the dialogue and the actual characters were boring. The only characters that I had any interest in were Eric and Uriel. Aside from that, it was boring, but the story itself was actually really good. Had the dialogue and the characters been better, I would have loved it. I don't really feel like the characters, even Eve, were set in modern times ... Just judging by the way they spoke. I could understand Adam speaking the way he did, but not Eve. You basically couldn't tell one character from another. If you can look past that and really feed into the story, you might enjoy it. However, I don't think I'll be reading book 2. Maybe one day if I have money to burn and am bored, I may order the book, but I don't see that happening.

3 Stars

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carinian's Seeker by T.J. Michaels

Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 1

When I started this book, I was rather excited as I really fell in love with Dr. Carinian Derrickson immediately. Smart as a whip and passionate about keeping herself healthy, she maintains a rather strong appearance because of all the working out she does. She enters a gym, begins her workout and finds a tall rugged looking dark haired man staring her down. Jon Bixler aka Bix. He's a Seeker which is basically a bad ass vampire killer, who's a vampire. He kills rogues vampires or brings them to justice at the VCOE.

I really appreciated the way Carinian handled herself in the beginning of the book when she didn't want to get fully involved with this man, who apparently found her to be his mate, but once they began getting physical and feelings began to surface, Carin got soft and lost her appeal to me.

It reminds me a lot of If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl ... In the respect that Dr. Keller was a bad ass plastic surgeon who fought vampire Michael Cyprien tooth and nail when they first met, but at least Dr. Keller maintained herSELF even after she'd accepted that he wanted her and she agreed to be his. She never lost herself one bit.

Carinian did ... All of herself. The story was decent but VERY predictable. The sex went on way too long and it just seemed like some of it wasn't needed. I complain a lot about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books but at least the sex scenes were done in a way that I could stomach. They were short to average length and it wasn't overbearing. This was overbearing and too long.

By the end of it, I didn't find anyone in this book interesting and it's a pity too because I bought all 3 books for my Kindle and don't want to read the second. I may simply skip to the third because the Hatstep playboys seem to be fun.

2.5 Stars
IR: Carinian (aa) Bix (w)

Monday, May 23, 2011

No more shifters for me ... At least for a while

I realized that while reading Bear Necessities, that I'm tired of reading about shifting.


The mating.

I realized that during my read, I got really tired of these men finding their mate, becoming super possessive and ready to have sex and deliver a mate mark in the matter of just a figurative hour. When I read about vampires ... I don't have to deal with that. In many cases, their courtship is a lot like a humans depending on what you read, but the vast majority don't do the 'MINE' and bite you so no one else can have you all over a nice dinner and movie. I mean sure, some vamps do it, but at least they're smooth with their ish.

So hopefully after this next book I finish reading, I can find something vampire ... fae ... Demon ... Angels ... WHATEVER, as long as it's not animal shifting, to read cause I'm tired of this right now.

I actually think I'm going to re-read If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl ...

Bear Necessities by Dana Marie Bell

Halle Shifters, Book 1

This is my first experience with Bear shifters. I actually had the idea to do my own book about bear shifters but didn't find bears interesting enough. Anywho. Dana Marie Bell is an author who's new to me and I actually really love how she writes. Her writing is descriptive without being overbearing. So many times I'll be reading a book and the writer will want to throw in 10 and 15 dollar words, which is fine, but its a lighter read if the wording is something I would readily say in conversation. So Bell is great about keeping her writing flowy in that respect.

Anyway ... We start off the book meeting Bunny and Ryan. Bunny is a biracial bear shifter who is traveling with his cousin, Ryan, to visit his other cousin, Chloe. Upon their entry to this town, they both find mates immediately ... Bunny finds his and the sex begins. Meanwhile, Ryan is having trouble with his mate who isn't accepting of it since she's human. Over the course of the book Chloe is badly beaten and we never find out who did it ... SPOILER COMING: In my opinion, it was Gabe. He said something in this book to the tune of 'I already kicked her ass once,' and no one picked up on it. Aside from that, I have a real thing for Julian. He's a native american man with super long black hair and shifts into Kermode bear. I generally have a thing for Native's anyhow ...

The book wasn't all that interesting to me. I felt like the WHODUNIT kept going for way too long. There's also a second question answered about Gary, a rogue wolf who had been harassing Tabby. We don't find out why he'd been harassing her. When we were going to find out, the conversation was changed so this and the whodunit are things for book 2 but I won't be reading it. Why? THESE WERE THE LONGEST SEX SCENES I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! EVER! I nearly gave up around 70% in because each sex scene was just unforgivably long. I won't be reading book 2 when it comes out as none of the characters were interesting enough for me to want to continue to invest time in.

I thought Bear shifting would be awesome, which, in theory, it is, but the fight scene when Bunny shifted to bear, sealed it for me. It was so slow and boring ... I'll pass on this series.

1.5 Stars.
IR: Bunny (biracial b/w)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kyriakis Curse by Eve Vaughn

What can I say? If you want to see the word 'cock' a record amount of times then this is for you. I started this book with high hopes as I was really intrigued as to why the main character's (Paris) mate (Zahara) ran off and where she ended up, but as the book progressed and Sarah appeared, Paris' son Constantine, bedded this girl and then the story was non existent ... It was just sex ... What ... I couldn't continue. It was just ridiculous. Forget it.

0 Stars
IR: Zahara (aa) Constantine (w)