Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Forbidden by LA Banks

Vampire Huntress, Book 5

Where do I begin with the disappointment? I'm not quite sure. Then again, I read this book in about a day and a half so it couldn't be that disappointing, right? Yes ... I skipped through a lot. This book was chucked full of historical facts, Bible facts and Banks' way of skewing the truth to make it into fact for The Forbidden. What she did was clever, I give her that, but a history lesson was not something I was looking forward to.

The end of days is coming and Armageddon is approaching. Carlos is a male Neteru and has virtually no time to come into his full range of powers, or as many as he can, while Damali has to come into more as well. This book litters our brains with more people to keep track of than you can imagine. Tara makes an appearance in this book (Rider's woman turned vamp) and is partnered with Yonnie so they can figure out why their are no more vampires left except them. Carlos is slowly gripping the fact that he works for The Light and has to learn not to miss what the dark side had once given him. Damali is still just as stubborn as ever, but the female Neteru council whips her ass down so good that I laughed a bit. More variables come into play such as Berkfield's family, Inez, a coven of witches, a cranky old man and a team member being killed at the end during the last battle of the book.

I thought the last battle was beautiful, it was basically the only good thing about the entire book. Sure, if you're a history buff and enjoy fact mixed with fiction, then by all means, enjoy ... But while weaving your way through it all, there is important information mixed in there that you may miss if too much is skipped. Again, the sex scenes are done beautifully (as opposed to vulgar rudeness that I've thrown away books because of) and don't make you cringe in the least. Although the book bored me to pieces, I kept pushing through it just because of the last battle and hint of 'WHAT WAS THAT?' thrown in with Carlos at the end of it.

BTW, Damali was a bad bitch again when she flew solo to go through the levels to get to the chairman. Proud of her again in that respect and is the only reason why this book gets 3 stars instead of 2 1/2.

3 Stars

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bitten by LA Banks

Vampire Huntress, Book 4

I know I said I wouldn't read any more of this series but I couldn't help myself. What I read in the Neteru Academy book kept the wheels turning so I had to pick up book 4 (thank God for half priced books). Let me tell you something ... I have never been so proud of a heroine in my life. When the book starts, we find out Damali has fangs ... *smh* ... And Carlos is clearly rattled, as well as the team, because they don't really know how it could have happened when she was not supposed to ever be turned. This new 'life' of hers puts her next to Carlos in the midst of a meeting of the 4 master vampires of the world, plus their wives.

The scene that makes me proud is when Damali punks the wives. It is GLORIOUS! I tell you ... I was so excited while reading this that I couldn't even breath (almost). There were so many wonderful things that happened in this book that I can't really say anything without giving it away. OMG ... So good ... Just so good ... Yall ... *smh* I'm going crazy right now. Love it, love it, love it.

5 Stars

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hunted by LA Banks

Vampire Huntress, Book 3

I think I'm going to take a break from the series for a while because now I'm getting all 3 books mixed up, lol. Anyhow ... I can't really say that this one is better than the rest, I think the information in this book was better although it was about the same repetative. The dialogue wasn't so bad but everything else was bugging me. *sigh* ... Ok let me really get to talking.

In this obok, the Warriors of Light have to head to Brazil to deal with some unmentionable bad where there was an open or partially open portal. Our Carlos is digging himself deeper and deeper and I kind of want to skip a few books ahead to see how it turns out (even though I already know because I read the Neteru Academy book 1). It shouldn't be a secret that he, indeed, lived through book 2 to make it to book 3 with another assignment and another card he's forced to play ... This book is full of drama. I actually like it because I can actually feel it. When Damali feels hurt, it really hits hard and the same with Carlos, it hits hard ... Just crushes you to see either one of them hurt in regards to the other.

In this book, we also meet a group of 'men' in Brazil and one has ties to Marlene that Shabazz is ready to beat the guy over. I thought that was pretty good ... Anything dealing with that part of Brazil was awesome. We got new info, met up with new things but didn't get to see the full extent of those guys, that was the only downside.

The final fight scene between Damali and were-'thing' was so lackluster that it almost made me angry. She got off too easy, the way they left the area was too easy ... Just ... Whatever.

At this point, I'm not sure if I plan to continue the series, but I really want to. If I could find a detailed summary of books 4-12, then I'd read that.

3 Stars